Hurricane Sends Carnival Splendor To Bermuda

July 4, 2014

Hurricane Arthur has forced Carnival Splendor to change its July 5th scheduled call at Saint John in Canada and the cruise ship will now be visiting Bermuda on the same day instead.

The Carnival Splendor which last visited Bermuda in June of this year for a one day visit, is now scheduled to arrive early Saturday morning and spend the day here with a 6pm departure time.

The latest National Hurricane Center update [12am] showed Hurricane Arthur making landfall in North Carolina with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph while traveling towards the north east at 18 mph.

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  1. X man says:

    It’s allways nice when we get an extra bonus like this.- glad to have them! – we have all the tools in place
    to make the Visitors from the Carnival Slendor a most enjoyable and memorable vacation.– so they can return!

    • Kunta says:

      As long as they don’t have their cabins being searched for a joint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cleancut says:

    Time for Chris Furbert to round up his merry men.

  3. Another example of, “in every bad there’s some good” :-) Equally happy for them that are aboard The Carnival…now having some unexpected pleasure in visiting Bermuda. Too bad it’s only for one day:-(

  4. hmmm says:

    Welcome to Bermuda Cruisers !

  5. nuffin but the truth says:

    Good, rock needs every penny it can get right plp spent it all mon!

  6. Double M Quad Twos says:

    I shall get my newly acquired minivan limo out and use my tour licence to show these junior yatchsmen and women around the island and look to visit every watering hole along the way and get swizzled up with them amsterdam larger! Then will take the hotties fish feeding on my jetski.