Photos & Videos: Theatre Boycott Anniversary

July 4, 2014

Continuing with the celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the Success of the Theatre Boycott, Imagine Bermuda hosted a night of entertainment at Harbour Nights on Wednesday [July 2].

Shortly after an appearance by the H&H Gombeys Troupe, a street drama skit chronicling the Theatre Boycott, was presented with performers including Altonio Roberts, Nishanthi Bailey, Laurel Burns, Ty’esha Oswald, DeAzha Chambers, Raymond Johnson, Jennie Foster Skelton and Stephanie Matthews.

55th Anniversary Theatre Boycott Bermuda, July 2 2014-10

The night continued with appearances from Toni Robinson, CedarBridge Academy twins Rashae and Rashaun Bean, and The Three Kings Band who were joined by Hamilton Town Crier Ed Christopher.

A spokesperson for Imagine Bermuda said, “The Theatre Boycott began on June 15, 1959 with the intention of overturning formal segregation, a system based on the denial of the essential humanity of all.

55th Anniversary Theatre Boycott Bermuda, July 2 2014-13

“That success was achieved peacefully in two short weeks through the conscious efforts of ordinary people, choosing to do extraordinary things.

“This Anniversary offers an opportunity to re-affirm that we all are part of the human family, joined by shared and equal fundamental human rights. It is important that the up-coming generation are aware of their essential worth and their value to the wider community.”

Street Drama – Directed by Nishanthi Bailey:

Toni Robinson:

Twins Rashae & Rashaun Bean:

Ed Christopher & The Three Kings Band:

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Comments (16)

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  1. I must first extend my gratitude to them that had taken part of this special event at Harbour Nights, bringing people of all walks of life together to celebrate the peaceful retaliation of racial segregation here on the Island of Bermuda…”The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” That was literally, “the first step”.
    As an individual who was born and raised during them years I vividly recall much of what had / was happening to many families. Coming up during them year we of Portuguese decent were third class citizen here on the Island and because of being “classified” as 3rd. class citizens.We weren’t nether black nor white and subsequently segregation was something we also endured for many, many years. I today while viewing the skits etc. did shed tears of mixed emotions but simultaneously felt proud to know this, that much can be achieve if only “people” on a whole stood together without behaving like crabs in a barrel attempting to get out and stepping on one another :-(

    • Kunta says:

      What’s funny is that while PORTUGUESE were third class citizen’s and were not considered White, blacks fought for them(Dame Lois Brown Evans)and now they’re considered white or excepted in white society they still don’t acknowledge Blacks as social compatriots or hire Blacks in construction(there was a time when Portuguese girls were disowned by their families because they were in relationships with black guys.
      Blacks have always fought for Equal Rights and Justice in this Island and for Portuguese too and I have never seen them join in the cause, now they’re established and Blacks are still being treated like S—.

      • Kunta, I suggest you open your eyes…I’ll say no-more:-(

        • Kunta says:

          My eyes are open , the problem is the TRUTH is an offence and not a sin, I have nothing against Portuguese its just their History has never been favorable towards Blacks as they were instrumental in the early slave trade, even though they have Moorish blood in them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Kunta, the very import thing you,(and others) are over looking is that the “black tribal leaders” were the ones that exchanged people for goods or whatever it was they’ll receive for capturing others to sell/swap.

            • Kunta says:

              Black Leaders being a sell out is nothing new, its still happening today and further more there were different forms of slavery dating back thousands of years ago but were more civil (Chattel Slavery and Bonded Labor)the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Native American Indians used this method rather than the Barbaric method used on the Africans by the Portuguese, Dutch, French and British.
              And as if being stolen from your Homeland, culture and language being stripped, family’s being separated, millions murdered, generations working for FREE and a people classified less then a dog not bad enough, African Descendants in the Western Region have been Fighting for Equal Rights and Justice for Centuries and still Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Come Correct says:

                Do you not know about the Barbary slave trade or do you conveniently leave that out because it doesn’t suit you silly racist rants?

                • Kunta says:

                  I conveniently left it out because that doesn’t effect my lineage of Historical struggle, if you want to take up that cause and it effected your lineage then go for it, but I’ll Champion de Trans-Atlantic Holocaust as that’s where my identity was in TRANSITION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Toodle-oo says:

                    Just remember , you’re benefiting from everything that was done before you got here . Without the struggle .

                    • Kunta says:

                      We are all benefiting, especially de Europeans who went around and looted and plundered and then having people working hundreds of years for FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Come Correct says:

                    Thought so. The level of hypocrisy is stunning. I don’t actually need to take up any cause because I’ll never change anything that happened centuries before I was born. I prefer to acknowledge it but live for today.another thing, don’t ever compare anything to the holocaust, you don’t have that right.

  2. James Herald says:

    Kunta: It must be exhausting carrying around that chip on your shoulder 24/7.

    I feel very sorry for you. All you need to be free is to cast away your own shackles.

    But then, what would you ever talk about?

  3. Keven says:

    Wow, what a load of sh@t. Your four fathers would be proud of your efforts to move your families forward. This kind of mind set is nonproductive. Understanding history or picking out the most dreadful parts is only invites negative thoughts. Not common around positive, forward thinking people. So the next time you feel hard done by, remember if you are unhappy with yourself you can change that. If you are unhappy with the world then there is herb for that.

  4. @ James Herald, 9:51 am. “You’ve hit the proverbial nail upon its head” I also feel you when explaining to “Kunta” how is he that is his own worse enemy…Sad yes, but also true :-(

  5. James Herald says:

    Kunta: You have my sympathy – you clearly cannot have a decent conversation without bringing slavery into it. Very sad – let it go or your hate will kill you. You are wasting your life hating.

    You probably think “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” is a racist song. Make sure your PLP membership is paid up – that membership card might be worth something someday – when you are the only member that is.

    Like the PLP itself. They got in on a racist platform, called the race card at every possible moment, and lost because people finally realized they were of no substance. The only thing they did, and did well, was moan about whitey. If they’d actually done something while in power, they might still be in power.

    Kinta – Don’y get sucked in by this. You still have time – to see the light. Or you can just moan and moan and achieve nothing. Your choice.