PLP: “People Have Sent A Resounding Message”

July 16, 2014

“The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party is grateful to the people of Bermuda for joining with us as we demanded respect for Bermudians, the recall of the Governor and the dissolution of Parliament alongside free and fair elections,” said PLP Chairman Maynard Dill.

Mr. Dill continued, “The people have sent a resounding message, but we must not lose the momentum of this historic march. While we await the removal of Governor Fergusson, we will work with you to use our strength of numbers to make change happen for Bermudians in this country.

“We thank you for your courage, your strength and your support and anticipate that you will stand with us as we move toward building a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.”

Mr. Dill was speaking after yesterday’s [July 16] protest march, which saw large crowds of people descend on Government House.

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  1. In the moment of decision…the best thing to do is the right thing to do,the worst thing to do is nothing…T.R.

    • Kunta says:

      Don’t underestimate the Power of the people, those who were looking for a low turnout got de shock of their lives, and its gonna get BIGGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        You sure about that, everyone that was there yesterday now know that Mr. Bean and his shadow cabinet deceived them and abused their trust for their own ends

        • Hmmm says:

          Manipulative scumbags using people, decieving people. The PLP leadership and all those who were a part of changing the reason for the march need to RESIGN.

          Makes me sick, how can anyone trust their intentions going forward.

          • Kunta says:

            Good that it makes you sick and your condition is gonna get worst. LMFAO
            Like de scumbags that deceived de voters now they’re kicking themselves in de @$$

      • Dylan says:

        It was but 2% of the population. That is not ‘The People’
        It was a glorified moving picnic complete with vague political rants.

        If the PLP really wanted this passed, they would have tabled a better notion. There is something terrible fishy about all of this, and it’s not for the good of the ‘people’.

        • Onion says:

          The “resounding message” is that the vast majority of the population still oppose independence.

          The PLP have made a mockery of history by using the injustices of the past as an excuse to push for independence.

    • Luis Suarez says:

      They most certainly have. 1% of us are willing to walk on a shameless PLP rally, whilst trying to remember while we are here, and how to spell it.

      And when we get home we’ll take off our green t-shirts, and dig out those mythical land deeds.

    • July 17, 2014
      I’d copied and pasted this letter written by a “Mr. Joe Wakefield” Now, whether or not it’s a fictitious name, I don’t know but what is written makes plenty of sense. Just read for yourself.

      Raymond Ray

      Dear Sir,
      Nobody seems to have addressed the matter of finding out the facts needed for a Commission to work.
      Firstly the title deeds and Parish Records would have to be researched to see who lived on the lands that were “grabbed:
      That in itself would be a serious undertaking
      As a conveyance lawyer I did some complex searches during my busy years (one in fact re the title of a roadway outside of a house owned by a close relative of Walton Brown and on that persons behalf). After that is done and presumably the property values at that time have to be determined.
      Was there negotiation or compulsory purchase?
      After that anyone claiming compensation would have to show their family tree which would involve the register of births deaths and marriages
      That would be the initial stage — a prima facie case.
      For a hundred thousand dollars the PLP could do that; they could get donations from rich PLP like Ewart Brown and Zane Desilva; surely they would want to kick into the fund. This appears to be a burning issue with W Brown and Marc Bean but it may be political play acting; if it is not the latter then they should do what they consider to be the right thing and put your money on it.
      Once there is a prima facie case even if it was not for compensation but just for the historical record, a further attempt to get a commission going would be far more likely to succeed.
      Just one more paragraph on property values.
      If my memory serves me correctly I think that the price paid by Mid Ocean Club to the Bermuda Development company was 151 thousand pound sterling; that included the golf course and the building land surrounding it.
      I do not know what state the parish records are in (remember there was no Land Tax then — the parish overseers collected ten shilling a year from some and say 2 pounds for the larger properties).
      The parish records are poorly kept on a shelf in the registry and the metes and bounds of the properties will be vague at best without further evidence.


      • hmmm says:

        There you go PLP, what is stopping you doing this?

        Being that Walton Brown was involved per the letter, surely he was aware of this.

      • WTF says:

        Joe Wakefield is indeed a “real” person, a lawyer who has practiced in Bermuda for several decades and specialized in conveyancing (real property) law. He certainly knows of which he speaks.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    I thought the March was for Justice for those who were adversely impacted by various alleged dubious land purchases? This isn’t even mentioned in Mr Dill’s comment so that shows how little the PLP care about the issue. Clearly it was just an excuse to rally the supporters. “Dissolution of Parliament”. Where did this come from? So much for supporting Democratic rights of voters. These new MP’s masquerading as the PLP are a disgrace to its founding members and ideals.

    • Kunta says:

      It was also for all de other BULL S— that de O.B.A/ubp have F!@#ed up on, de dubious land purchases was de straw that broke de camels back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jt says:

        the…not de

        • Kunta says:

          DE is Bermy talk, FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • jt says:

            the…not de…duh

          • Luis Suarez says:

            Kunta. I can’t speak Mandarin, thus I avoid forums where Mandarin is spoken.

            Think about that for a moment.

          • Redo says:

            It’s also “illiterate talk” so who’s the fool?

      • Come Correct says:

        So the plp lied?

        • What’s that saying, “fool me once, your fault but to fool me twice well, that’ll be my fault”.
          Come now all of you that were in attendance at the “rally” in front of Government House, did you believe for one moment that the Progress Labour Party got you together for anything but to create a crowd and make noise by banging on a(singular)drum and clanking on metal objects?

      • sonso says:

        You keep adding an “a” to the end of your name!!

        • truth be told says:

          DE is not Bermy talk you fool! stems from the cotton picking old south massa!
          you can’t get anything right including spelling your name,it’s C not K and there is no A.

      • hmmm says:


        There was no UBP back then…..

        Where is your anger for the PLP spending like its fashion and putting us into an economic mess?

        Where are you complaints for the PLP not addressing the land issue in the 14 years they were in power ?

        where is your anger at this………………?

        ….March 19th, 2011 – Junior Environment Minister David Burt told the Senate of Government’s sympathy for descendants of families who were forcibly removed from Tucker’s Town in the 1920s.

        However Senator Burt argued it’s now Government’s job to look after the people of today meaning it needs to try to revitalise tourism with the Rosewood Tucker’s Point development.

        Anti-racism group CURB had objected to the Special Development Order for the hotel’s expansion, pointing to the history of the site, where dozens of mainly black families were evicted more than 80 years ago in the interests of tourism development backed by Parliament.

        Opening yesterday’s debate in the Senate, Sen Burt said Government “hears and understands the cries” of those campaigners.

        But he added: “We are unable to undo the past but we can certainly take steps to ensure the future wellbeing of our people.”

        - LaVerne Furbert – “I find that very strange because in my research I found that many that lived in Tucker’s Town didn’t live in Tucker’s Point property they lived in Mid Ocean Club property.”
        She said it was important for people to understand that Tucker’s Point consists of different areas. She said the people that were moved out of Tucker’s Town were slapped in the face a long time ago and many had since passed away. “In fact they do not even have he a face any more. They have souls, but do not have a face.”
        Sen Furbert also hit back at claims by the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce that Tucker’s Point has foreign investment. She said most of the Island’s hotels had some kind of foreign investment agreement, including Elbow Beach and 9 Beaches.

      • I don't think so says:

        You really are an ignorant Kunta?

    • Hurricane says:

      @ Ringmaster, you obviously thought wrong because this march had nothing to do with justice for those adversely impacted by various alleged dubious land purchases. It was to do with the governors response to vote in the house regarding a commission of inquiry into those alleged injustices and the PLP’s subsequently refusal to sit in parliament until he he removed.

      • Creamy says:

        What, the response where he said that if you word it clearly he would act upon it? Is that the response you’re talking about?

      • Ringmaster says:

        In that case the PLP have disrespected the landowners and later generations who they used. If the PLP boycott Parliament until the Governor is removed then it will be many years until the PLP sit in The House. Unless and of course they will climb down and go back. There must be some serious heat on certain past MPs and dubious dealings for so much effort being given to divert attention.

        • Hurricane says:

          Maybe so, I don’t speak for the PLP or support them on this decision, I simply wanted to clarify this march was not about what you “thought”

        • hmmm says:

          It is suppossed to be the last session before summer break, so the PLP are just boycotting their holiday to be on holiday.

          Talk about smoke and mirrors .

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      And the truth comes out, how many do you think would have shown up if they knew there presence there was going to be used by the PLP to destabilize the country in such a deceitful fashion. Mr. Bean and his shadow cabinet are now all tainted as liars by this deception, bitter advocates against democracy.
      Of course the PLP want to try and force an early election, they want to try and prevent PRC’s legitimate and rightful claim to status, status that the PLP granted them. Deny citizen of this country the right to have a say in their future. They want to prevent the OBA from fix the mess they made. And to do this, they have lied to the people of this country, they used the victims of the historic land injustices, they used those who only showed up last night because they thought they were standing up for democracy, they used everyone there in a sham march for democracy, when their intent all along was to undermine democracy. In the last week, we have seen the PLP now bring the greatest shame to politics in this country. ‘We had to deceive you” all over again. Congratulation Mr. Bean, so long as you and the members of your shadow cabinet are members of the PLP (as MP’s or otherwise) I will now never waste my vote on your party.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Guess what mouth peicesof the PLP will not comeout and condem the missleading of the people now will they.

        LOL Integrity was so important just 2 or 3 days ago when it was them saying the OBA had none (not saying they do as they are all politicans). The hypocracy of it all “do as I say and not as I do” went thought all of Dr Browns leadership and the PLP have not looked back since.

    • looking and listening says:

      The PLP of many years ago us not the same as the PLP of today! The PLP if yesteryear truly cared about a particular group of people because it was needed then. The PLP if today care about no one but themselves. Lois Brown, Freddie Wade and others from that era sincerely cared about the people. The PLP of today are selfish and self centered caring only about self and what they can benefit. Egos and alter egos abound amongst them. Compare the politics of then to the politics of now and you will will see the difference. Using the past is an excuse and insult to those of us who have transitioned. Education is the key not psychological imprisonment!!!

  3. Coffee says:

    I stand with you ! We removed Cannonier because he was a disgrace to our country . Before public entities are sold off piecemeal to private enterprise , before PRC’s are granted citizenship , we shall remove this sham of a government . The writing is on the wall and WE shall have the last say on these matters , and we resoundingly in unison so Hell No to the foolishness of a bastardized UBP subsidiary party .

    • Cardine Alice says:

      That’s what parliament is for. Not mob rule.

      • sonso says:

        Exactly, by the sounds of that comment, one wouldve thought we were living in Jamaica? I really still do not understand all this hatred that is being roused up by the PLP party. This issue has escalated into something so ridiculous and it is truly is unfathomable how focused the country seems to be on it!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I take it you still suffer from the notion that the Governor rejected the commission, rather than the fact that he couldn’t do anything with the motion because the PLP failed to write a motion that he act on. The motion required specifics for its funding, those specifics can only come for the legislature as the Governor cannot direct the use of the government finances.
      I take it you actually think Mr. Bean has any desire to protect democracy, even though his current action are to dismantle it for their own political ambitions, and not for the betterment of Bermudians.
      Congratulations, you are now among those that actually choose to wear the blinders put on you by your masters in the PLP oligarchy. The PLP are even less fit to lead this country now, than they were 2 years ago, Mr. Bean doesn’t want Bermuda for Bermudians, he wants Bermuda for PLP.

      • fred says:

        Mr. Bean is unable to write a clear and defined motion because he lacks the ability…

      • looking and listening says:

        @build a better Bermuda. You are absolutely right. Somebody told the Opposition that life is a piece of cake when you have political power. Why do you think the PLP of now have been behaving ridiculously since their 2012 fall from grace. FW, LBE and the most admired EC must have busted open their graves by now.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Pretty nasty little rant.

      Why are you against human rights?
      Why are you against due process?

      I assume you support the homophobic leader of the PLP?

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      and you say the PLP is not Tea party like………….


    • Unbelievable says:

      calm down TCF

    • I don't think so says:

      Sorry Coffee

      But due democratic process has already determined what the majority want, not what your narrow-minded “WE” want.
      If you choose to make every effort to run this country into the ground, then the blame lies with you and not the current government.

  4. It may take a little time…only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday…

  5. swordfish says:

    dream on,the governor will not be going anywhere and a quote from Ewart Brown “this to shall pass”

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Make change happen for Bermudians???? No thanks, you already changed Bermuda enough with your 14 yrs of terror, and all we have to show for it is, we are BROKE, HEAVILY IN DEBT, MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT and RACIAL TENSIONS at the highest levels we have ever had!!! Also good luck with removing the Governor????? If anyone should be removed it would be the plp for the betterment of ALL of Bermuda!!!!!
    OBA, now would be the time to get to the bottom of the plp malfeasance!!!! Get moving on it!!!!!

    • Kunta says:

      Hey dip stick RACIAL TENSIONS have been in Bermuda since Black people got here .

      • Kangoocar says:

        Didn’t someone else tell you that you keep spelling your name wrong?? I understand you are simple but, for the last time, stop putting an A on the end of your name!! That is more fitting for you!!!

        • Kunta says:

          Deviating from de topic, classic example of defeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • jt says:

            Defeat or the feat?

          • Creamy says:

            Deviating or the viating?

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            so you admit you have no argument and have lost every debate since you started posting…under this name………..


      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Yes, but the PLP don’t want to heal them, they want to exploit them for political gains, keep Bermuda divided, and keep emotionally whipping their supporters in line.

  7. Um Um Like says:

    Respect must be earned. You can’t successfully demand respect from someone.

  8. lifetime says:

    The OBA better be shaking in their boots!

    A one term government they will be!

    PLP will win the next election!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Why’s that??? Because two thousand old and uneducated plp supporters show up to something that most don’t even understand??? It is always easy to get the empty cans to make a lot of noise, but thinking that makes an election, proves nothing other than you are delusional at best????

      • Hmmm says:

        Go easy, many people were there because we would like a commission to investigate.

        There are more than that who want answers to those questions.

        I didn’t march because although wanting the answers, I thought the Governors request for more defined terms and guidance was fine.

        PLP and government should have sat down with him with any evidence in hand and gone through focusing the commission.

        I’m glad I didn’t go as the March was just an emotion fueling rampage to try and POWER GRAB. Next he’ll be demanding a General Election.

        Lunacy Destabilizing Bermudians and Bermuda’s recovery.

        • Kangoocar says:

          Not sure if you are aware yet? But he IS now demanding a new election!! This lunatic needs to be stopped!! I am positive now that the OBA has in fact commenced the investigations on the prior plp malfeasance and arrest/charges are imminent!!! There simply is no other explanation as to why they want to dissolve parliament now!!! Their only hope is for themselves to get re elected and stop the investigation!!!!!

          • hmmm says:

            I found out later and commented so nearer the top.

            The PLP are desperate absolutely desperate.


            • Kunta says:

              @Kangoocar you stated old and uneducated people you should’ve made that statement in person PUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Come Correct says:

                Then you should come out and make your comments publicly, especially the one about Cole Simons. You do do nothing on here besides make hateful, divisive comments. Get a clue, nobody wants to hear your BS, you are a toxic person. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

              • Kangoocar says:

                How do you know I wrote that?? Did someone read it to you???

                • Kunta says:

                  You all talk a lot of S— hiding behind ya computers but talk that S— in public when de People are in Mobilization Mode, I guess if you came in close proximity you’ll probably turn red and faint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      If that should happen it will no doubt confirm the conclusion the FCO will make about Bermudians (in general) after getting up to speed on this whole sham of an issue.

      It must still be an absolute shock to many that the PLP , once in , didn’t remain ‘in’ forever.

    • jt says:

      If that’s true most Bermudians should shaking in their boots.

    • concerned ambassador says:

      I can’t see how you can make that statement. Unless the plp change their leader and the racial tone, I cannot see them regaining power.
      I as a black man feel embarrassed and offended by Mark Bean’s tone and dialect.
      The other day on the SJ show, I recall him calling black people that didn’t vote plp the in the last election “suck tails”. That’s no way to talk to ppl whose votes your going to need in the next election.
      If you take a look at the demographic make up of this country, the plp will need votes from blacks and whites to do it. With the reverse racism and the insults that are being displayed, I don’t see them getting in any time soon.

      PLP please change your tone.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        They did try that for a few months while the Jetgate was on but when that failed to get more than the premier to resign due to that issue they needed to rally these selves again and they knew just how to o it. Why do you think they want Shawn to resign still it s not for what is right it is about the slim majority in the house the more OBA resignation the closer they get to being able to defeat a major money bill or other important legislation and put a noconfidence vote in and force an election they basical told us that is what they wanted to do though Walton Brown’s interview when they first lost the election. In reality they want to steal the government. How can that be democratic?

        LOL and i thought they said the OBA has no moral ground to stand on and in fact the same is true for them as well. Irony.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      well that would be the second time a government was in the shortest before that is the PLP term in power shortest in Bermuda’s history ….so far…


  9. Kevin says:

    I wish that those who initiated yesterdays march would have put half of that same energy in Bermuda and “All of Bermuda” when they had the opportunity. I am somewhat confused when i hear well there is a new leader with new ideas, because what i see on the news are the basically the same faces that were there 5-6-7 years ago. What is there to be accomplished by this inquiry that we don’t already know …maybe some were not given adequate compensation. I wasn’t there 100 years ago and i am sure property prices have increased significantly but is the goal to right the wrong or to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure we all are aware that to this day the same compulsory acquisitions take place and those who are affected are compensated on the days value. Lets spend time and energy on getting Bermuda on track and getting Bermuda back to work …i don’t see where this yes important but no not now we have bigger problems to correct.

  10. swordfish says:

    someone must have been handing out the koolaid at the march yesterday.I thought it was about land grabbing now they want to dissolve parliament.Actually it must have been the afternoon tea .

    • sonso says:

      dont forget they are awaiting the recall of the Governor! makes you laugh, honestly!

  11. Thin End says:

    The PLP called out the Kool-Aid drinkers to protest the Governor’s statement and assistance to the PLP in asking them to formulate an intelligent proposition for him.

    THEN – the PLP produced a great laundy list of OTHER reasons why the marchers were marching – without having told the marchers!

    “We had to deceive you – again” in order to get you to march?

    Will their deceptions never end? Kool-Aid…refreshes the bigotry that other drinks (an education) fail to reach!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Lets drop the kool aid label shall we. After all if they where not aware of the real reason for the march then they were fooled by the PLP elite and PR machines that work on here and other media. Just shows the PLP are good liers and that they have no issue misleading their members. Interseting that seems to be a patern ever since “we had to deceive you” statement and has been the MO going forward.


  12. Bermuda Boy says:

    People have sent a resounding message to the world, Yeah right. Letting all mankind know that Bermuda goes from crisis to crisis thanks to the PLP/BIU. If I thought for an instant the PLP/BIU were trying to help, I could understand their point. But they go from a meeting /walk up to Govt. house to complain about what they call land theft to discussing independence on the way down, what will they complain about next. Give someone else a chance Marc, you are doing a shi$$y job. Maybe a woman would do better.

  13. Chaos Theory says:

    Do I hear “power grab”?

    • Peace says:

      That’s what it looks like now. The PLP don’t care about the actual issue. If they did, why did they recently sell Morgans Point? If they did, why did they not bring it up before?

      - The PLP say the vote was unanimous, but it was divided.
      - The PLP say that the governor shut them out, but he just asked for clarity.
      - The PLP say that this is a fight for democracy, when really they want independence.
      - The PLP say that this is a fight for democracy, but apparently they want to dissolve the democratically elected parliament.

      It looks like they are incredibly power hungry.

      • stan1976 says:

        I think that the PLP do want to be independent. Then the leader will be the first President. However, i am quite sure that they do not realize how much worse Bermuda will be in if that happens. First, we will have to pay money to the UK to become independent. We also will have to get our share of the UK public debt. And yes, we do have some of that. Considering we are a BRITISH OVERSEAS TERRITORY! Second, our tax base will fall. Do you think International Business is going to want to stay in a place that is not on stable footing? No, which is why you see a slow drain going to other jurisdictions. Thirdly, once IB leaves, the unemployment rate will go up. Also, foreigners will be sent home as well. Which i am sure that a few people wouldn’t mind. However, remember that most jobs that foreigners do are the jobs that most Bermudians do NOT want to do. Like working in kitchens, laundry, grocery stores, landscaping, etc…Bermuda is cutting off its nose to spite its face. We will wake up and see this, but it will be way too late. Unfortunately, in my opinion, when we awake, we will be on the same monetary level as Haiti.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          not all foreigners will go home the PRCs will most likle become full Bermudians at that point vote and all.


    • WTF says:

      Indeed !!

  14. Dragon says:

    Great stuff!

  15. Blue Familiar says:

    I might remind those who are celebrating that the message sent was not by ‘The People of Bermuda’ but only by the portion who attended the march the rest abstained from attendance for, no doubt, a variety of reasons.

    In 2012, there were more than 40,000 registered voters, even presuming that number is now half (which I’m fairly certain it isn’t) ten percent does not even come close to a majority.

    Apparently the rest of us, the true majority, made a statement that we had other, apparently more important, things to do.

  16. Steve Davis says:

    3% of the population turning out does not quantify ‘the people of Bermuda’.

    The two main issues that the PLP are stirring the pot with are both issues that were well within their grasp and both of these issues are a direct result of their poor governance.

    PRC: Legislation drawn up and passed by PLP government, result a loop hole that is now the law. WHY is this the OBA’s fault?

    Tuckers Town: SDO granted despite protests by the community under the PLP, issue was never addressed or pursued by the PLP Government of the time. WHY is this the OBA’s fault?

    Both situations have been sensationalized and met with extremism from the PLP Leadership. A reaction that resembles Mugabe like behavior.

    • Unbelievable says:

      That’s a great summation.

      Hey PLP supporters, look at this! Please wake up!

      • Ringmaster says:

        If you take a portion snapshot of the picture and then superimpose it over the whole, there are way less than 1,000 people at the march. Estimates of numbers of people are always grossly exaggerated.

  17. furby logic says:

    And what resounding message is that?
    The contents of Bean’s 8 page rant are top secret – so much for transparency!
    The people who marched don’t know the contents, they just put their faith in one more demagogue.

  18. TSOL says:

    The people have spoken? A couple of hundred people, (2000 people weren’t there no matter what the other media says). Probably 1% of the voting population showed up. There was no resounding message by the “people of Bermuda”.

  19. Unbelievable says:

    So not only does the PLP want to deny people the vote who probably should have the vote in Bermuda (much like the Republicans have done in denying a lot of people the right in the US) they also want to dissolve Parliament – a legitimately elected body.

    The PLP really has very little shame.

    Bob Richards, we’re waiting for you to take these suckers down.

  20. Steve Davis says:

    “When the southern African country of Rhodesia was reborn as Zimbabwe in 1980, democracy advocates celebrated the defeat of a white supremacist regime and the end of colonial rule. Zimbabwean crowds cheered their new prime minister, freedom fighter Robert Mugabe! Under his leadership for the next 30 years, Zimbabwe slid from self-sufficiency into poverty and astronomical inflation. The government once praised for its magnanimity and ethnic tolerance was denounced by leaders like South African Nobel Prize-winner Desmond Tutu. Millions of refugees fled the country.

    Less 20 years ago, Zimbabwe was one of the breadbaskets of Africa, exporting maize and meat to its neighbors; today, there is no commercial agriculture to speak of. As many as three million Zimbabweans have fled to South Africa as migrant workers. Life for most Zimbabweans revolves around economic survival.”

    Lessons to be learned Bermuda! How far is Bean willing to take his ego!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Thank you Steve, your point is valid but unfortunately it will sail right over the heads of the blind sheep??? I will add one more thing, Rhodesia at least had something to offer its neighbors ( maize and meat ) we have nothing to offer but a bunch of simpletons that think they are all that??? My God the ignorance level in certain sectors of Bermuda is astounding????

      • Bermuda says:

        Why ate you saying certain sectors as if your painting all black people with the same brush of ignorance? If all Blacks showed support for this March, threw would easily be 20k-30k at the March and not less then 1k.

        • Kangoocar says:

          Can you please point out were I mentioned race???

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            It’s a natural infrence in the Bermuda context. His comment is he is activly trying to paint you as a racist proble due to the fact that you openly do not support the PLP. See my comment to him.


        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          I see your point but really either you except the term or you don’t the PLP use it all the time so chances are he hear it on the talkshow where that term is commonly used to paint many people from whites to blacks that may not support the PLP. Think about it.


  21. jt says:

    “The People” have not sent a resounding message.

    “Some People” have sent a message.

    • Hmmm says:

      One person sent a message, the rest of the people thought they were there for other reasons.

  22. warlord says:

    half the people there don’t even care about the issue at hand.just wanted to be seen there so they could have something to talk about in the morning

  23. Huh says:

    Thank you Mr. Dill for explaining to everyone that the march was not at all about an Inquiry into past compulsory land purchases/grabs. It was about the PLP MP’s creating chaos and confusion to grab back the Govt. for themselves. Some much for democracy. Wonder what people like Patrick Tannock are thinking right now?

  24. mufc says:

    Blind leading the blind.god help us i need some tea

    • Sad says:

      It want just black Bermudians who were paid for land at tuckers point. There were white, black and Portuguese in the area. Even Laverne Furbert, Chris Famous and CURB have acknowledged this fact. Actually you should read an article today in the paper in which a former PLP MP noted his ancestors lost land and they were happy with compensation. So it’s not so black and white or cut and dry as you and others are trying to make it it to be. Learn our history first.

      And where was our ‘outrage’ when yor beloved PLP passed the T. Point SDO or when they have away Morgans Point?? Or should we talk about the Ombudsman report ‘A Grave Error’ in which she laid the blame at the then Min. Of Environment for being slow to react which resulted in the demolishing of the tomb stones? Guess who the Min. Of Environment was then?

      You didn’t care then and you don’t care now. It’s all a game to you and you don’t care who gets hurt. Which will be all of us at this rate.

      A march for democracy with the intention of over throwing a democratically elected Government. See the irony?

    • sonso says:

      As opposed to the honest immaterial truth?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I take it you still suffer from the notion that he rejected the commission, rather than the fact that he couldn’t do anything with the motion because the PLP failed to write a motion that he act on. The motion required specifics for its funding, those specifics can only come for the legislature as the Governor cannot direct the use of the government finances. Congratulations, you are now among those that actually choose to wear the blinders put on you by your masters in the PLP oligarchy. The PLP are even less fit to lead this country now, than they were 2 years ago.

      • Ex-Expat says:

        You are absolutely correct with your last statement BaBB. Unfortunately, if all of the KoolAid drinkers come out for the next election – as opposed to 2012 – I fear “paradise” will be lost forever. Fingers x’d from afar.

        • Cleancut says:

          I think that when people start to see the progress that this Government is making the PLP will not win another election for a very long time. The PLP realize this and that is why you see what is going on with them today, it’s now or never for them. Expect a lot more trumpets other than the Sherri J show and the “Peoples Campaign”

          • Double D says:

            It is that and the impending prosecution of certain current and former MPs regarding their shady dealings while in power. From what I understand the forensic accountant has made some interesting revelations and as such the PLP must create a distraction/circus to deflect from their thievery and dishonesty.

            As one newscaster recently revealed that there is at least one arrest warrant out for a certain MP, but I have heard at least three are pending.

            Stay tuned and lets see if the PLP is true to their word abuot combatting corruption:)

          • jt says:

            That along with the fact that some of that unaccounted for $800 million may well now be accounted for.

    • redbeard says:

      I was actually there at the start of the march when the chant started “PLP PLP PLP ALL DE WAY”. a lady in front of me turned around to one of the green shirted minions and said” thats not right, this is supposed to be a march for everybody about land reparations. keep your politics to yourself” I didn’t see her again after that as she got quickly shouted down and it became very clear to all that this was a march for the PLP faithful. some of us left at that point.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Thanks for the clarification and thanks for leaving!!

  25. Alvin Williams says:

    EAST IS EAST AND THE WEST IS WEST and never the two shall train-Rudyard Kipling-British writer; poet and apologist for British colonialism. Bermudians will liberate their country despite the intervention of the governor on the side of those who will stand in the way.

    • mufc says:

      Alvin and the chipmunks

      • Kangoocar says:

        You are insulting the chipmunks, when you associate them with our beloved alvin!!!

        • Dennis Wiliams says:

          You’re a chipmunk…. and each and everyone of those who think like you are chipmunks…I love my dad and so does his other children and grandchildren…one day we will meet…and then I dare you to run your mouth….

          • Kangoocar says:

            Obviously you are a threatening person?? ( fruit never falls far from the tree ) but I can tell you, it would be more advantages to your cause to knock off the, fighting battles that already have been settled thing!!! Your dad and now obviously you, need to stop looking backwards, the sun is a lot brighter when you actually look at it!! Hope I helped you????

            • Dennis Williams says:

              Lets be clear… you choose to throw out insults behind a pen name… you and others like you would not say any of the things you say if you had to write your real name…coward…further more you don’t know squat about me or my political beliefs so don’t assume. The things you all say does nothing to help move Bermuda forward. You and your kind love the past and wish you could go back to those days….I have many friends all around the world black, white and all kinds in between….so don’t think the likes of you can enlighten me about human relations….we will meet one day……

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        But everytime I read anything he says I hear alvin’s voice from the chipmunks. Needless to say i laugh so hard I stop reading his posts.

        LOL they never make sense anyway and are usually race baiting.

    • Sad says:

      Liberate it from what?

      • Anbu says:

        From the opressive rule of the white man. Smh. Come on now. Dont u know that bermuda is the most opressed country in the world? Where have u been? Alvin knows it all. Just ask him. He’ll fill u in

    • jt says:

      Explain to us again the benefits of “liberation” = independence Alvin. Some concise bullet points would be helpful.

      I’m sure you see this as inching ever so close to your dream, but in reality I sure the vast majority of Bermudians remain opposed…as always. The ironic part being that the poor fiscal position the PLP left us in has more than assured that this will remain the case.

    • Yahoo says:

      Alvin, you are Example 1A showing why EDUCATION and not land/power grabs should be Bermuda’s #1 priority!

      We can’t afford another illiterate generation…

      • In fact, illiteracy is now a problem world-wide. In most European countries, and in the United States, children leave school as functionally illiterate readers and incompetent writers at a rate of at least 15% or more. And the rate seems to increase which is the most inexplainable fact.

    • Hmmm says:

      So let us assume we go independent, how is that better…what happens then Alvin?

      Come on spit it out. You are so lusting after it. Tell me what happens.

      • Yahoo says:

        After going independent, all REAL Bermudians will wake up in bigger houses, walk out their door to brand new cars and drive to their new companies where they are the CEOs.

        They will then go to lunch where they will be waited on by PAPER Bermudians before going to the airport to watch a plane full of PRC holders on one-way tickets “back to where they came from”.

        Alvin, of course, will be the President of Bermuda.

    • campervan says:

      Rudyard Kipling and Alvin Williams, two extremist has-beens from ancient history.

    • Bye darn de rerd says:

      And when Bermudians have ‘liberated’ their country, Alvin, what follows? Like the Falkland Islands, don’t you think that the British Government want rid of this little irritation, miles from civilisation? its your people who want it Good luck to you in your quest and hope you don’t get another land grabber like Michael Misick, to take the reins!

  26. Tiger Lily says:

    I’m kind of amazed that Walton walked all the way up that hill…

    BTW…Wayne, you look real pretty in that green shirt….I remember when you bled UBP blue…you sure must have had a real reincarnation experience ? BTW….Where was Kimbo Swan ? Zane, you feeling a little lonely up there ? I see all the ones who use race as a political tool…but where were the brains behind those 14 years of economic prosperity…

    I’ll give you one thing…you sure can get a few sheep out in a hurry !!!

    I’m wondering just what kind of a land grab all of you would have made …IF you’d won…right, Ewart and Derrick ??? I think Tuckers Town would have paled in comparison…but no doubt you would have shared all the wealth with ‘the people’ right ???

  27. James Herald says:

    This has NOTHING to do with justice. The PLP has tried several things to get the emotion of kool aid drinkers going and this is what has stuck. Nothing more & nothing less. PLP want to perpetuate the lie that land was stolen from blacks. It is simply not true and they know it. It is yet another example of them thinking that if they tell the lie enough times, it will become the truth.

    The thing is, even if a commission of enquiry takes place, kool aid drinkers still won’t believe it has ever been resolved.

    Best of luck PLP – this was a huge mistake because you lost the public’s attention regarding the PRC issue. THAT WAS A REAL ISSUE!

    The Tuckers Town issue will die – because it is a lie – or you would have done something about it between 1998 & 2012.

    PLP – Pathetic Pot Party.

  28. Peace says:

    What in the world is going on? First you say you are standing up for democracy, which was a load of BS. Now you want to dissolve a democratically elected parliament?

  29. aceboy says:

    Brother Maynard lobbest his Holy Hand Grenade and the people did feast upon the ewes, and lambs and the sloths and the orang-utans and the fruit bats…

    This too shall pass.

  30. John E. Thorne says:

    The PLP is a joke and with all due respect anyone who agrees with their current stance needs to get their head examined. I am currently in Haiti doing some volunteer work but better find somewhere hear to live because the PLP will ruin any chances the OBA has of turning things around after the PLP bankrupted the country thanks to Ewart, Paula and company. God help us.

  31. truth be told says:

    the people sent a message ?…a very small amount of people have been on a walk…that’s all…the majority of Bermudians did not send any message.

    • Yahoo says:

      Actually, the vast majority of Bermudians sent a strong message by not showing up to show support for this PLP rally.

  32. Satisfied ? says:

    Well heartfelt congratulations are in order to each and every demonstrator yesterday.

    Well done to you all!!! I am sure you must feel fulfilled.

    Oh by the way, the rest if the world is watching this and you know those investors who were thinking about considering Bermuda again…well

    Political instability equals uncertainty. To make the point clear to those that aren’t normally in business…. That means the money thinks twice before being deployed/invested here

    So you guys potentially made a BIG difference to those of us in need of jobs and relief.

    Satisfied now.

  33. Dragon says:

    The PLP,attempting to brainwash their followers,kind of like Jim Jones in Guyana.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      or the pied piper of hamilton …lol

  34. Really says:

    What we could have done with Beyonces million hmmm

  35. Peace says:

    From the big picture, I was able to count 285 faces. Yes I actually sat and did a tally. Was there actually 7 times that amount present? Where did this figure of 2,000 come from?

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      Arbitrary judgment from the opinions of a couple of different factions.

  36. just saying says:

    I am really sad to see that Bermuda is struggling to keep it’s people (all people) employed, housed, fed, educated and with a lack of a united plan to bring the country up from it’s knees…I feel there most definitely needs to be an enquiry but we need to make sure that the information submitted is water tight…until then it would be a further injustice to those who lost out…It would be more sensible to focus on doing this rather than whipping up a frenzy….Our country is drowning and we need to make sure it floats again.I think this should be the most crucial item on the agenda while burrowing away and formulating a substantial document to submit to the Governor..the wrongs of the past must be amended…but we must get all our people employed, fed, housed, educated…the amount of energy Marc Bean has to spout out his hatred, the further down we slide…we all need each other ..we elected you to represent us Mr. Bean..remember that because just like we put you in , you will be kicked to the kerb. The old guard of the PLP must be shaking their heads..they worked so hard and must surely weep at the standard of their reps in the house today…

  37. truth be told says:

    ……………..”People Have Sent A Resounding Message”

    (the many thousands of people that did not march)

  38. Rockfish#2 says:

    I cannot understand how Bean can lure otherwise reasonable, rational people to line up and do whatever he says. That includes his fellow MPs.
    Hopefully, they now realise they were used in order to push a different agenda from the original. If their employers used that tactic, all hades would break loose in the workplace.

    A long hot summer lies ahead!! Then what?

  39. GOD1ST says:

    People have sent a resounding message, I agree with you Mr. Maynard.
    In addition to that i think the writing is on the wall once again .

  40. 32n64w says:

    If this protest was about Bermuda why were there so many green shirts and PLP flags? Or was it concerned only with ‘real Bermudians’?

    PLP – party before country since 1998.

    • Rich says:

      There is a great of merit to your position but if your honest, you would agree that this is just politics as usual in this little island.

      This is a country that has always been divided by colour and socio-economic standing. I had so hoped that we would have evolved by now, but sadly that has not happened.

  41. Amazing says:

    Wow. Cool down.
    A few facts.
    PLP knew all about the prc loop hole for over a year
    before they lost the election. FACT.
    The PLP had 14 years to sort out the st George’s
    Land problem. FACT.
    It’s that simple.

  42. Farmer Giles says:

    The PLP is acting like a crazed dog chasing a garbage truck. Loads of noise, bared teeth and frantic running. Now, once this crazed dog catches the garbage truck, what exactly does it plan to do with it? – other than saying to it’s audience – “Looky. I caught me a garbage truck!”
    Perhaps the PLP puppeteers should find a crazed dog and ask for some advice…
    PLP are playing a very dangerous game with everyone’s livelihood. Furthermore, they’re making decisions and having them enforced by emotional manipulation of the blindly faithful.
    Good luck. It’s making to be a very long, hot and troublesome summer. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the next step is to call for a general strike.

  43. Observer says:

    Thousands of people marching for a 100 year old problem which is being used to mask the urgent financial crisis we are facing. I trust that the Bermuda public sees this for what it really is. I want my people to think for themselves. History is full with people who have made the mistake of following blindly like lemmings. I will ask, what is more important to you, foreign direct investment that will provide jobs for us all or an effort to rile up the masses to achieve political points while foreign investment stays away? What does that quiet voice tell you is the right thing to do?

  44. aceboy says:

    Bean has now called for Paliament to be dissolved.

    What an absolute joke.

    His party put Bermuda where it is today. Why on earth would the reins of power end up back in his hands less than two years after they lost the election?

    Some democracy he wants. 2,000 people out of 60,000 cannot control this island. The OBA were elected…this is a coup he is attempting.

    OBA, this is what playing softly softly with their previous shenanigans has gotten us. You should have called for a commission over all the suspected corruption under the PLP but instead “played nice”.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      they should do it now while the PLP are out vote on it and get on with it.

  45. Wise says:

    This is your resounding message:

    “I AM STUPID!”

  46. Wise says:

    someone throw the PLP on another island please where they can hoot n holler their racist crap somewhere else!

  47. Ann says:

    Someone did ask the question concerning The money the PLP wasted on Beyoncé? Did anyone even see her? Surely that would have been plenty of money to get the Ball rolling on this major concern that the PLP have. What about all the waste on the Love-festival! How about the fact that they sold the Hamilton Harbour that they don’t even own and now want money back. These people are such a joke, that anyone with a 3rd grade education can see. So please let them keep going we all need some form of entertainment and guess what it’s free!

  48. Life will become a burden of existence unless you learn to fail gracefully. There is an art in defeat which noble souls always acquire; you must know how to lose cheerfully; you must be fearless of disappointment. Never hesitate to admit failure. Make no attempt to hide failure under deceptive smiles and beaming optimism.

  49. nuffin but the truth says:

    yes indeed the plp have sent a resounding message,

    ‘WE Failed but we had to lie to you!’

  50. JH says:

    “The people have sent a resounding message”. Yes Mr Bean. A message based upon a lie. Yet another lie that PLP hopes to make the truth. You aligned yourself with all sorts of racially divisive things until one of them stuck – and this is it.

    Only thing is – it is still a lie. It will always be a lie. You will ultimately fail – until you start to tell the truth.

    PLP is finished.

  51. redbeard says:

    I was actually there at the start of the march when the chant started “PLP PLP PLP ALL DE WAY”. a lady in front of me turned around to one of the green shirted minions and said” thats not right, this is supposed to be a march for everybody about land reparations. keep your politics to yourself” I didn’t see her again after that as she got quickly shouted down and it became very clear to all that this was a march for the PLP faithful. some of us left at that point.

  52. Come On Man says:

    Mean while a Malaysian passenger airline has been shot down over the Ukraine killing over 295 on board. And the Globalist love devide and conquer. We and our futile problems.While the world is leaving us behind.

  53. Come On Man says:

    DEMOCRACY.Definition of democracy: government in which the people hold supreme power, through their elected representatives.the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives. A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them. The doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on whole group

  54. Triangle Drifter says:

    So maybe a couple thousand of the easily misled & entitled speak for the rest of just how many thousand others who live here?

    How does that make “People have sent a resounding message”?

    I don’t know about the goings on of over 80 years ago. There have been more than enough time to settle anything from way back then. I sure would like an inquirey into the crooked goings on in the past 20 years.