Summer Employment Programme Underway

July 14, 2014

The 2014 Summer Employment Programme [SEP] organised by the Ministry of Home Affairs is now well underway, with 150 Bermudian college and university interns working throughout government, the private sector, and the island’s local non-profit and charitable organizations.

A spokesperson said, “Today [July 14], Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy met with Markus Raynor-Brangman, 22, who is currently enrolled in the Government’s Summer Employment Programme working as a trainee pastry chef at The Reefs.

“Mr. Raynor-Brangman is currently pursuing a degree at Johnson and Wales University in Baking and Pastry Arts, Food Service Management, and has just completed his first year of studies.

“He began work at the Reefs in the first week of June under The Reefs’ Executive Chef, Douglas Sisk.”


“My experience at the Reefs is going really well,” Mr. Raynor-Brangman said. “I have met many interesting people, developed a different perspective on working in the kitchen, and I’m learning something new every day.

“A typical day at The Reefs involves me doing prep work for the Sunday brunch, crafting various salads and making chowder and sushi. When I am working in the pastry section specifically, I usually prep and bake the pie dough and cookies as well as help to craft any pastry item that my chef requires, such as the ice cream sandwiches.

“The location and timing of this summer placement was perfect. I am going into my second year of Baking and Pastry at Johnson and Wales, and working at the Reefs for the summer will further help to prepare me for the upcoming school year.”

“Upon graduation, Mr. Raynor-Brangman hopes to gain international experience by working as a pastry chef in different countries around the world, before bringing his acquired knowledge back to Bermuda to share with the community. He also hopes to work for a wedding agency abroad specializing in creating wedding cakes and cup cakes.”


“What I love about what I do as a pastry chef is the precision of it all,” Mr. Raynor-Brangman said. “You really have to pay attention to detail and honing that skill is definitely something that I am enjoying, not to mention I love the creativity in designing various pastries. It’s art you can eat.”

Minister Fahy said, “Markus is the prime example of a student whose placement through the Summer Employment Programme syncs perfectly with his chosen field of study. Through the Department of Workforce Development, students are selected to participate in the programme based on academic merit, full-time enrollment in a college or university, community involvement, a formal interview, and written essays detailing career goals and educational pursuits.

“Participants are provided exposure to employment opportunities where they learn leadership and decision-making skills and are given access to real-world work experience, training, and support.

“The SEP continues to be a very positive and worthwhile initiative and it is evidence of this government’s continued commitment to provide development and training opportunities for all to support a sustainable workforce.”


“Some of the academic programmes that interns are enrolled in include the fields of International Business and Insurance, Law, Hospitality, Business, Health, Graphic Design, Sciences, Education, Advanced Automotive Technology, Engineering, Television and Film Production, Arts and Communication, and Information Technology.

“Over the course of the summer, each student will complete the 10-week programme with 100 percent placement in their fields of study. For their efforts, they will receive a reasonable stipend.”

Minister Fahy concluded, “This Government is heavily vested in our young people and that is demonstrated by our commitment to and support of the Summer Employment Programme. The programme was expanded last year to include 150 students, with the same number of students also being employed this year.

“It is important that our students are exposed to various work environments which stimulate their career interests. As a result of this meaningful work experience, it is our hope that students will gain invaluable skills that they can use both abroad and in Bermuda.”

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  1. Keep up the good work O.B.A! (Contrary to what some others may wish to believe…)

    • frank says:

      both governments had this summer employment program so ray it is not political ok

      • Granted, they both have and there’s no denying that…All I wrote was, “keep up the good work O.B.A!” (Note:emphases on “keep up”)

      • Charles says:

        Rays to busy picking potatoes for his next harvest. Trolls do that now and then.

    • Grateful Student says:

      More like keep up the good work to Ms. Teart at Workforce Development who does all the organisation for this programme!!!

      • Hmmm says:

        Well done to ALL involved in this program.

        Thank You

  2. Rhonda Neil says:

    I am so glad the plp and the people stood up, and forced the OBA to keep this program for Bermudians only…..

    • somuchless says:

      And you have to make this political too. Looser

    • Equal Opportunist says:

      Xenophobe. Children of PRCs should have the opportunity as well, especially if they were born here and call Bermuda home. Their parents likely contribute more to the economy than you do.

      • Coffee says:

        Umm.. I don’t think so ! And this isn’t some , I did more than you contest . Who cares what contribution some one made to this country , they were paid to do it , and if not they were thanked . I’m reminded of the saying ” you may not get all you pay for , but you’ll pay for all you get .”
        These people could go anywhere in the world , they all already have a passport , why are they correct to force themselves on Bermuda ?

  3. REAL deal says:

    Was it Minister Fahy who wanted to take jobs away from Bermudians and give to the children of foreigners?

  4. Jim Bean says:

    OBA expanded it from 100 to 150. OBA broadened and expanded this. Rhonda – wrong again!!

  5. indi says:

    No wonder single parent and people who actually need jobs can’t find them…. Let them kids go real people need real work.

    • Creamy says:

      So you’re against the summer employment programme?

  6. Silence Do Good says:

    Wow unbelievable how some persons will make it political.

    Try congrats to the kids, this programs and the employers who particapated. What some of the young adults will learn is: what you learn in the text books is not always the way it works in the real world. Keep trying to change the world for the better.

  7. Student says:

    But you get paid at the end of the summer .. And they pick who they want ;;;. # FED UP

    • Grateful Student says:

      It’s first come first serve and then they pick you depending on if you fit the criteria… All students know that. Wake up earlier December 1 and register this time!

      & FYI you have the option of being paid at the end of 5 weeks now.

    • California Student says:

      Not true! Guess you had a GPA lower than 2.5, correct?

  8. Need Peace says:

    @ Equal Opportunist – You sound like a simple opportunist! Also you sound selfish! It it a great opportunity for Bermudians! They need to be uplifted. The PRC parents also had the choice to contribute in their country of birth and still can after they receive their pensions acquired here.

    • Jim says:

      Wow, there’s the authentic Bermudian hospitality!

      Go sit on the wall with your brown bag, and solve some more of the island’s real issues lol…

  9. REAL deal says:

    next time all the jobs going to prc’s children, so go wear your blue if that’s what you want for your children.

  10. California Student says:

    S|O to Mrs. Judy Teart!!! This wouldn’t be made possible without HER! 150 students when the programme can hold a max of 200. So many students don’t have a GPA of 2.5 or higher so they get turned away. Young bermudians need to stop acting like things should be handed to them in thier own country. You are not titled to anything. To the students that are working in the programme, keep up the great work and continue to strive for success.

  11. Set A part says:

    Many people have an opinion about the summer employment programme, but very few actually know the process and hard work that goes into helping all potential applicants gain work exposure in the field that they are studying in. This programme was designed to assist young Bermudians by preparing them to be productive citizens and make positive contributions to Bermuda’s future. As a summer student I would like to thank Ms. Teart and her team for taking the time out of their already hectic schedules to secure job placements for all students who have met the requirements. So to all those who were wondering, the summer employment programme is not bias and does NOT “play” politics.

  12. bluebird says:

    So you are all “BITCHING and MOANING” while our ecconmy is still going down for the (6) sixth year.
    Amazing !!!!!
    Goverment “SOON” will have to take a $300Million dollar hair cut to balance the budget to be able to get any additional loans.It will be forced upon us unless like Greece we are willing to pay 24.9% interest
    per year.Private enterprize has already taken it’s haircut,there is no more to cut or to give.
    That is about a 40% PAYCUT Ohhhhh! i can hear the squeeeeling now.

    • Set A part says:

      I think we are just highlighting young people participating in the summer employment programme…but thank you for your completely inappropriate comment.