Town Hall Meeting On National Training Plan

July 16, 2014

The National Training Board and the Department of Workforce Development invite members of the public to attend an upcoming Town Hall Meeting to discuss the National Training Plan.

“This will take place on Wednesday July 23rd from 5:30pm until 7pm at the Cathedral Hall, Hamilton,” a spokesperson said.

“The Plan covers topics such as the number of jobs available in all of Bermuda’s economic sectors and highlights the existing requirements and pathways that will enable Bermudians to pursue these opportunities.

“The Plan offers several recommendations to develop our workforce in each economic sector in order to reduce our reliance on overseas labour, including:

  • Expanding entry level positions including internships and apprenticeships;
  • Highlighting pathways that exist for those wishing to pursue careers in the International Business, Hospitality, Construction and Health Sectors;
  • Introducing numerous careers ‘road shows’;
  • Implementing grassroots trades education in schools;
  • And offering incentives for various sectors.

Panelists will include members of the National Training Board. For more information call: 297-7714

The full National Training Plan Part I can be read below [PDF here]:

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Comments (8)

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  1. swing voter says:

    I wonder if at least 2000 would bother to show up….SMDH

  2. Steve Davis says:

    This is currently more important than both the PRC issue and the Tuckers Town issue! Let’s hope that we get more interest from the public than the PLP Tea Party.

  3. Funny says:

    I can’t believe there are only 2 comments on this and a few hundred on others.

    You’ve been crying out for a plan to get Bermudians back to work and not even 3 people could be bothered to post. And still not even a post of substance.

    Bermudians need to get their priorities straight or figure out what is their actually priorities to begin with.

    Rant over and now back to your daily dose of rantings, ignorance, hate and intolerance. And that goes for both sides.

    Thanks to all who contributed to the report and look forward to reading part 2.

    • Work Ethic says:

      That’s because a lot of the Bermudians who complain about there not being enough jobs for Bermudians would rather sit at home all day trolling Bernews comments than actually go to work.

    • swing voter says:

      moan groan complain, woe is me! some ppl are just stuck, even 14yrs of being ‘in charge’ didn’t jump start their ambitions to improve. some won’t recognize an opportunity if it walked up and slapped them in the face ;-(

  4. Just a thought! says:

    I surely hope this plan includes Bermuda College as the only post secondary institution on the island. We as a people do not appreciate and value it as we should.

  5. Prc taxes and tuckets town taxes pay for NTB.

  6. RowingaBoat says:

    What they should do is drug test all of their young adults enrolled in their scholarship programs.

    Some of them forget that social media goes farther than just their friends list.

    You will be surprised who fails.