Digicel Offers Free Netflix With Internet Sign Ups

August 20, 2014

netflix logoDigicel is giving Bermuda the opportunity to enjoy Netflix for free. The new Netflix offer, that launched Monday, offers customers free Netflix for 6 months with an Internet subscription and 12 months with an Internet and Access subscription, with no contract.

Netflix is an on-demand internet streaming media service available at Netflix.com. It features television shows such as; House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Suits and Scandal; and movies such as Hunger Games Catching Fire, and Wolf of Wall Street.

Netflix can be viewed on Computers, Smart TVs, Tablets and mobile phones, which means it can be viewed anywhere that has an internet connection or Wi-Fi.

“Online services such as Netflix are changing the way people in Bermuda consume media,” comments Alistair Beak, Digicel Bermuda CEO. “As more and more individuals are moving away from dated cable TV services, we decided to offer customers the fantastic line up of movies and top TV series’ provided by Netflix for free when launching our combined Home Internet and Access service on one bill.”

Digicel customers can now choose to receive two Internet access options – DSL [Digital Subscriber Line] or VDSL [Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line], directly from Digicel. Both are reliable broadband access options that run through telephone line and are available for Digicel Internet customers at speeds ranging from 6Mbps to 25Mbps.

Mr. Beak continues, “Not only can new customers benefit from the entertainment and savings of receiving free Netflix, but our existing customers can also add Internet Access to their accounts and enjoy Netflix on us.”

Customers can sign up by visiting a Digicel store or by calling 500 5000. More information about the Digicel Internet and Access can be found online at digicelbermuda.com.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Archie says:

    Is it the full US version of Netflix?

  2. Archie says:

    The non US version is only $9 a month ….

    • Sun says:

      Except for everything is either in Spanish or you can change the language to English and subtitles appear.

      $5 a month for a VPN blocker (unblockus.com) you cant go wrong.

  3. Mumbojumbo says:

    Island wide coverage for ipad ,tablet and notebook for the price of internet package is what is needed we are only twenty square miles ,there is no reason why we should have to pay for itemised half services bits and pieces!

  4. Umm.... says:

    Ok, but this is only for people who get their access through BTC. I absolutely hated BTC for access. They always blamed the ISP, even when I had switched ISPs three times. Switched to Cablevision and no longer had problems with my ISP. Go figure. Sound like a good deal, but you should have gotten in bed with a better access provider. Also, is the Netflix content US or Latin America?

    • Come Correct says:

      We are considered by Netflix to be a Latin American region so without a VPN you won’t get rid of the Spanish subtitles and won’t be able to get English subs on non-English movies. Even for $7.99 a month I find Netflix to have a pretty poor selection.

  5. Bermuda Girl says:

    Netflix only cost $7.00 per month. It’s not even worth it.

  6. Existing Customer says:

    What about existing customers? Everything Digicel does is for new customers. If they treated their long-time customers properly, then maybe they’d get new customers from the word of mouth. Instead, they constantly do gimmicks to get new customers. What happens to their existing customers? They change the price of their data plan with no notice. I was paying $45/month for my data plan and now I’m paying $60/month. Such a greedy company. I can’t wait til my contract is up!