Deacon: ‘Sometimes You Have To Laugh’

August 15, 2014

[Opinion column written by Jeremy Deacon]

Sometimes you just have to laugh. I did when I read this from Zane DeSilva

I know the PLP has been trying its hardest to rewrite a lot of history, but this is quite a bizarre attempt.

It overlooks the fact that the PLP built this development in order to house two Bermudians – how much did that cost the taxpayer?

It negates the fact that the couple has been given an amazing offer to move to another house, and it also overlooks a past PLP failure in housing. Remember the lottery winners who were promised low-cost housing?

How late and how scaled back was that? What did the development of so much low-cost housing do to the price of the homes of so many Bermudians?

By alluding to the Tucker’s Point land grab – Mr. DeSilva said, “Reverting to the tactics of those who displaced Bermudians so others could profit is not a better way.” – Mr. DeSilva tries to steer away from objectivity to pure emotion.

And for him to say this – “The Marshall family have played by the rules, worked hard and achieved a goal so many of us share. Now in a typical OBA move of money over Bermudians, they are being deprived and forced to give up all that they have worked so hard to achieve.” – is sheer misrepresentation of the facts.

After all, the couple are not being made homeless; they are being asked to move to another house that they will still own. They are, however, being made pawns in this game.

No one has come out of this very well – the PLP started it by commissioning the work [what happened to the promised hotel there, by the way?], the OBA continued it by claiming it was going to fall into the sea only to decide it was okay for a tourist condo development.

Time for us all to move on?

- Jeremy Deacon runs public relations firm Deep Blue Communications, as well as writing his blog Bermuda Blue.

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  1. Chris Famous says:

    “It overlooks the fact that the PLP built this development in order to house two Bermudians –”

    Jeremy Do you really expect anyone to take you seriously making such statements?

    • Heavens says:

      Mr Famous that’s not what he meant and you know it. He meant the PLP built it and only 2 people live there. C’mon man… it’s Fridee, take a chill.


        Ummmmm if that were true then why did he say “It overlooks the fact that the PLP built this development in order to house two Bermudians – how much did that cost the taxpayer?”

        If he did not mean that, then why did he say that?? Regardless of what he meant, say what you mean, not mean what you say!

        • Anbu says:

          U mean like the plp say when the refer to “real bermudians” right? How does that foot taste?

        • Truly Facts says:

          It is east to see why those of privilege would see it as a great offer. As they have had many advantages for years, and others never had the same start. How dear such folks be given the opportunity to live and have water rights?

          I hope that the couple does get a fair offer and are not moved like folks in Tuckers Towns. The PLP did at least look out for the average man, while the OBA seems only to be protecting their own interest and a certain sector of Bermuda. The OBA seem to be doing little if nothing for the people of Bermuda who is less advantage. After all there are still no jobs.

          • And the facts are .... says:

            “I hope that the couple does get a fair offer …”

            So being given another property that’s worth $200,000 more than the inflated price they paid for their existing unit isn’t a fair offer? Or government offering to purchase their unit for more than they paid for it isn’t a fair offer (especially since the real estate market has collapsed in the interim and the market value of their unit has fallen – in fact you could argue that, since they’re the only buyers and no-one else wanted to purchase one the “real” market value is zero)?

            Tuckers Town is a separate question but the archives show a very different story than the one you’re suggesting.

        • Creamy says:

          The PLP did build it and only ever housed two Bermudians. What is it that you find confusing? That he explained it clearly?

        • bermuda born says:

          ur an idiot

      • sonso says:

        Famous is notorious for taking many things out of context for the purpose of exaggeration. This is a case in point, as per the norm!

        • Truly Facts says:

          History tells us much, and if you do not know your history one is deemed to repeat the pass. Seems like the UBP or should I say the OBA are repeating the past. Moving folks from prime land area for almost nothing. History tells us much. Chris Famous seems to be right here. After all folks like you of privilege are likely to believe such a narrative as Deacon. It the same story line.

          • Steve Davis says:

            Lol! Moving folks from a prime land area! The land is worth nothing until they move!? If those people had stayed on the salt drenched rotten farm land in tuckers town, then another area of the Island would have been developed and worth a high value today!

            The value of the land is dependent on who wants to buy it and who wants to live there. Simple economics.

            If these people continue to stay in the mainly derelict housing block which was a massive loss to all Bermudian tax payers, then their property will most likely decline in value along with all low cost housing units that age in a declining economy. Or they can move to a property and make a 30% ROI, unheard of in the current local housing market!

            If you really are that naive to understand that if they do take the offer it is a win win for them and Bermuda, as the Bermudian gets the economic benefit of a a new tourist development, the purchase of an asset paid for by the tax payer that continues to contribute to the national debt and also a nicer place to live for the Bermudian couple.

            But once again, all dependent on people with money making that happen. If not, then the land is and will remain low value. Just like Tuckers Town was.

          • Edmund Wells says:

            “Moving folks from prime land area for almost nothing. ”

            Truly Facts-

            This comment shows your willingness and intent to ignore the facts in this situation.

            Your dishonesty shows the true nature of your thinking.


          • Kunta says:

            @ Truly Facts, not only in Bermuda they did it, but in de America’s, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course Africa.
            Quite frankly they cant help it its part of their D.N.A.

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              Your right, it is done in many place around the world by people of all races. You are wrong with respect to it being DNA, it is in fact in human nature. Course, every post you have ever written reflects your singular view of the world, and never the full picture.

            • Elizabeth Trumparani says:

              Kunt – ‘its part of their DNA….’. You are the most offensive person on this blog – go watch Roots

            • Creamy says:

              Compulsory Purchases happen everywhere.
              There’s nothing immoral, illegal, wrong, or racist sbout it. It happens everywhere. The sellers are always unwilling.

    • aceboy says:

      And yet you expect to be taken seriously when you keep repeating the same untruths about PRCs in your columns.

    • Franklin Jr says:

      You’d rather sink the island than let the OBA make an inch of progress? Get a grip on reality man

    • Steve Davis says:


      It only currently houses two Bermudians and costs the rest of us taxpayers by contributing to the national debt. It is a failure! A PLP failure! No two ways about it unless you are completely deluded.

      Now take that project as an example and times it by 100 and you will find out why we are in unsustainable debt, why pensions are underfunded, why the Island is in recession and why property values are declining. It is all very simple really. The PLP failed because they let emotion and greed get in the way of economic and fiscal responsibility.

    • Derek A. G. Jones says:

      Chris, it may not have been the intention of the PLP to build it for two Bermudians but that’s just what ended up happening. What’s wrong with pointing that out?

      The irony is if the Marshalls take the offer and move to a new location the property has the potential to be developed into a successful resort hiring numerous Bermudians who will then be able to buy houses all over the island. The only question I have is, what’s the hold up?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Where exactly did he get his statement wrong, the PLP pushed the development ahead, against the advice of experts and advisors, and how many people live there? It cost Taxpayers $45M for a low cost residential complex that houses 2 people. All that Mr. famous is doing is playing silly bugger with statement context to try and ignore the point being made

    • Kunta says:

      What he is really saying is that the Marshall’s will devalue the market, its subliminal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Wow, again, you must have pulled a muscle with that stretch. Guess what, it didn’t take the Marshall’s to devalue that development, it did it on their own. They were built when there was no market for them, they weren’t needed, everybody that knew anything about housing in this country warned against them. But the PLP went ahead and what do we have now, a low cost housing development that those who need it can’t afford; and those that can afford it, don’t want. We have a development that is sucking money from government that could be better spent on rebuilding a better future for our children.

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    Not that it’s the only point you make , but did the OBA ever really say that they would fall into the ocean ?

    They did say it was an utter waste as the real estate market was tanking ,and an eye sore and a white elephant .

    But people who are interpreted as being their supporters saying they were going to fall into the ocean does not constitute the OBA actually saying such . And BEST and Dr Wingate are not the OBA .

    • Jeremy Deacon says:

      Sure, point taken, but as you say they did say it was a waste of money…..

      • Heavens says:

        well yah! it WAS a waste of money! …. we all know.

      • Creamy says:

        The OBA did assert that it was a waste of money, and they were right. Don’t think they ever asserted it would fall into the sea. That’s a PLP myth.

        • Ian says:

          So your saying it was just the scores of brilliant OBA supporters asserting that it would fall into the sea, despite now being in full support of its governments predictable moves to endorse its conversion to a hospitality property?

          But Ian, they say, the OBA are cleaning up another PLP failure… or… “Sometimes you just have to make lemonade out of PLP lemons.” or… “We still have concerns regarding the safety of the project.” (we just choose to shut up about it now)

          Fresh batch of Kool Aid coming right up!

          • Creamy says:

            So the OBA never actually said it, but other people did. Is that what you’re saying now?
            I’d just like to make sure I’ve got today’s version straight.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            C’mon Ian . We can only assume that you rightfully weren’t so angry when the UBP was voted out and we all collectively owed government about $300 each.
            I guess that $40,000 we EACH now owe government is making you a very angry man.

            • Ian says:

              Toodle-oo, my gripes lay our governments actions, namely PLP/UBP/OBA/etc. As it relates to the likes of 40k debt “per capita” or wherever else in the 1st world, I would likely look toward the likes of the banking sector and the Lehman Bros / Enrons of the world. Its the local town idiots that find it easier to attribute Bermudas current debt levels ENTIRELY to the extremely small-time internal affairs of our local political parties.

              • Creamy says:

                Haha. Clueless.

                Ok, genius. Describe the link in your mind between Enron and Bermuda’s debt.

                This I’ve got to see.

                • Ian says:

                  Uughgh… there is not link between Enron and Bermuda’s debt Creamy…

                  Funny how most highschool kids have the capacity to recognize the emphasis here is on unethical conduct by large corporations…

                  Really dont know why I bother with you…

                  • Creamy says:

                    So you bring up irrelevent issues. Enron etc, Nothing at all to do with Bermuda or its debt.
                    But you will bring up anything to avoid the PLP debt issue. I get that.

              • Toodle-oo says:

                You can say what you want , you’re just very angry that ‘your team’ hasn’t got their hands on the wheel right now .
                And anyone who thinks that they ought to ever get the chance again is politically illiterate.

              • LiarLiar says:

                What the hell does Enron and Lehman Bros. have to do with our debt that was caused solely by an overspending Government?

                Please enlighten us plebs you oh so ‘real’ Bermudian you.

                • Ian says:

                  Wow… these are the folks fighting the OBAs corner…

                  • LiarLiar says:

                    What does that response have to do with my query?

                    You made a ‘factual’ statement and this is the ‘response’ provided when asked to clarify your statement. Look if you can’t form an intelligent and/or articulate rebuttal just say so and I will understand.

                    So I ask again what does Enron and Lehman Bros. have to do with Government overspending?

                  • Creamy says:

                    Nah. Just calling you out on bringing up stupid irrelevant stuff.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                OK Ian, I think see where you are trying to go with that statement, but you seem to have ignored the fact the at the time the markets began to crash, our government of the day, the PLP, took zero action to brace for the inevitable. Instead they to increase the budget deficit, and the only defence the Finance Minister could give for not taking any action, was that she was ‘just a cog’. And even after she was then elevated to Premier, no action was taken, jobs began flowing out of the country and the government initiated zero incentives to try and keep these valuable jobs in our economy. The government kept telling us things were turning around, when in reality, they kept going down. Budget after budget, was a ‘wait and see’, a lie to us that they were a government that was acting in our interests. The truth was, the PLP were even more clueless and in disarray than the UBP were in the lead up to ’98, and the truth is that the PLP are an even less effect opposition now than they were in the lead up to ’98. Because despite the monumental evidence that their notions of how to run a government are failures, they still act like it is the government this country needs.

          • hmmm says:

            Stop trying to deflect from this PLP disaster.

            PLP told us we wanted them and did not listen when we said we didn’t .

            Guess what we the people were correct and the PLP were wrong (They don’t listen to the people…they like to pretend that they do, but this proves they do not).

            Just like Ian (PLP) does not listen when proven incorrect.

            • Ian says:

              Rich coming from a dieheart supporter of the guys who pulled a referendum on gaming, shifted gears from suspending term limits to removing them altogether, used a surrorgate premier to win an election knowing it wouldnt happen with a “UBP” MP on the front lines, are lead by a Premier that thinks marches of thousands and disquiet as merely signs of “healthy democracy”,endorses the granting of back door status granting to PRC holders despite election campaigning (appealing to the sentiments of a majority) that suggested status would not happen under their tenure etc etc etc…

              You people look more ridiculous with each passing day of denial and dishonesty.

              Learn how to call a spade a spade hmmm-ypocrite.

              • Creamy says:


                Oh, hi Betty.

                • Ian says:

                  lol… the Betty conspiracy! She trademarked “dieheart” recently??

              • hmmm says:

                I’m a supporter of Bermuda and it’s future for Bermudians.

                Currently the OBA are working hard to give us all a chance, whilst the PLP are causing divisiveness and trying all kinds of nonsense to steal back power.

                The PLP will not have my ear until they stop play with gutter politics. It’s killing us as a nation of people. the hate they are desperate to generate is shameful.

          • Ian says:

            Oh lookey lookey… latest Bernews article titled OBA: “Trying To Turn A Lemon Into Lemonade”


          Yo umay need to re-read the comments given by them at the time.

          • hmmm says:

            The OBA didn’t say it.

            Folks may have on message boards, because ethey were concerned by the report BEST put out.

    • flikel says:

      In the run-up to the election, many OBA candidates did state the cliff will erode and the units will fall into the ocean. Perhaps, the OBA did not issue a formal press release, but this sentiment was echoed directly by many of their candidates.

      I, along with many other voters, heard this… and some of us, did believe this.

      I do not have an audio recording, nor do I have any other form of tangible proof. But, I do know what I heard.

      By reading the various blogs, it seems lots of other people heard the same thing.


        Yup, now they’ve developed amnesia!

      • Creamy says:

        You heard this from “many OBA candidates”?

        Ok then. Give us a list. Names, along with the dates and time they said these things. If you personally heard them “many times” I’m sure you can tell us when, and in what context. It sounds like you spent a lot of time with OBA candidates discussing this.

      • got it says:

        What was said is long term the cliff is eroding so for anyone buying the homes cliff side it is a gamble. It is very likely that in 20 – 30 years the integrity could be compromised. If you look at old structures where the Golden Hind was you can see how coastal erosion is very real.

        So from a home ownership point of view long term, it is a gamble. The tourist idea makes more sense as and long term issues regarding cliff errosion can be managed better.

        • Ian says:

          Oh yeah, thats what was said…
          OBA supporters are ALWAYS sooo purely objective and well reasoned.

      • Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:

        I honestly can not remember who said what about the cliffs eroding. Could’ve been OBA people, could’ve been others, probably was both.

        The fact is… without better reinforcement and constant maintenance, that’s exactly what is likely to happen to that site.

        The owners of the property would be responsible for that work and expense.

        Would I prefer it to be a group of hard working Bermudian homeowners who are paying off mortgages who weren’t full apprised of what would be involved? Or would I prefer it to be an entity that was fully apprised of the situation, has researched the cost, and will be making money from the property and so will be able to afford the expensive relatively easily?

        Easy answer for me. You may see it differently.

      • hmmm says:

        Stop making thing up…THE PLP FAILED the people …end of !

      • Wanderer says:

        @Flikel: “…nor do I have any other form of tangible proof. But, I do know what I heard.”

        This, my friends, is a statement of one of the biggest problems in Bermuda–people taking what they have “heard” as gospel truth.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        I think you are correct, my first impression was that the danger is certainly there. My current impression is that the danger is still there. I am sure many from all sectors of our political and social spectrum share this sentiment. Remember, that 12′ erosion barrier wasn’t in the original plan, but was a quick reaction, a ‘as low a cost solution as possible’ the original developers took to make it look like were taking the concerns seriously. However, the current prospective developers are aware of this and it will fall to them to take further measures, the liability will now be with them and not the government. Whoever said that the units would fall into the ocean is really pointlessly moot to the government turning around and selling them to a developer, as the developer is not walking into this unaware. They know what needs to be done, so there really is no hypocrisy or flip flop in whether it was or wasn’t an OBA view that the cliff face erosion could eventually pose a threat to the front units, they have an informed potential buyer.
        But I a sure many will still ignore this point, and continue to try and flog this as some sort of example of OBA hypocrisy

    • Unbelievable says:

      First of all, just because someone or many people said that the thing would fall into the sea, it does not make them an OBA supporter. I’m certain that there were people from that area who are PLP voters who possibly said the same thing.

      Can’t believe how things get twisted so fast.

  3. Say What? says:

    Jeremy Deacon is so lame and BORING, it’s not funny.

    • Double D says:

      One would assume a ‘lame and boring’ person wouldn’t be funny.

      Great and intelligent rebuttal by the way.

    • Joonya says:

      lame, boring.. who knows, maybe.. BUT he speaks frankly and thats what I like.

    • Ed says:

      Stop making boring comments

    • Longtail says:

      Right… so lame he even forgot to mention all the Bermudians who were ‘displaced’ by the PLP on Albert Row and VIctoria Row!

  4. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Thank you Double D – I take it you were referring to the article and not the lame and boring lol….

  5. Mumbojumbo says:

    Hey Jeremy….they are also pointing out the difficulties of taking care of the transportation on six thousand visitors on more than one occasion during the day….when while on their watch …it was worse….when they were supposed to be vigilant in this matter ….we had a bus driver ,on more than one occasion tell the visitor that there was no room on the bus and that it was there for locals only!……neither here nor there really….stupid is as stupid does….it is “not” a political iszue .Rancor is a distraction and a debilitation in that….the issue is more important than the rhetorical goins on surrounding it…..I would ask all the talk just plain stop….get on with solutive import and reason…..I’ll tell you what!….You are employees talking ,posticulating and posturing,WHEN YOU SHOULD BE WORKING. De people who by the way ….pay your wages….Require….you emphicise task and solutive directions or be quiet…..your wasting time that you sgould be working.

  6. Not The Um Um Show says:

    Little known fact: Zane has been auditioning to be a cast member of Not The Um Um Show for several years now. This time he was tasked with writing a topical news story that nobody would take seriously – and that would make everyone laugh. Typical Radio Mowhawk Stuff.

    I think he’s almost there…


    • Ian says:

      Gotta love the Um Um jokes… Makes it so obvious your either an expat, foreigner, PRC-holder, “paper Bermudian”, “the obnoxious Bermudian” (or spouse of one). Namely the people who without fail will support any wrong doing on the part of the OBA provided it serves their interest and who furthermore believe the interests of real Bermudians should be governed in accord with their anti-Bermudian perspectives.

      • Creamy says:

        Isn, when you sweepingly call someone “either an expat, foreigner, PRC-holder, “paper Bermudian”, “the obnoxious Bermudian” (or spouse of one)”, presumably you’re referring to Rev Tweed. I guess he would fall into that basket of racist hate you’ve got there.

      • LiarLiar says:

        I guess you never heard of ‘Not the UM UM Show’ then inna? Ask your parents about it you ignorant and intolerant ‘real bermudian’ you.

  7. Terry says:

    Welcome back Kotter; I mean Chris.
    Spot on Jeremy.

    Must be Butterfly emergence time. (Operation Cacoon).

    I need a rum.

  8. Unbelievable says:

    Mr. Deacon is right. This just Politics 101. Zane DeSilva and the PLP really has no room to talk.

    The Marshall family are either about to be pawns in this little silly political game or they are holding out for some real big new terms. If not, they will have a hotel built around them.

    As for why the OBA has decided to go ahead with this “ocean-threatened” piece of land, I bet whoever is taking it over will have to come up with a way to reinforce the cliff. The story is not written. r would we rather have just had the entire property be demolished since it was deemed “unsafe”? See what I did there people?

    But yeah….bad move on the part of Zane.

  9. Cow Polly says:

    I say call their bluff,leave them in situ and build the hotel around them. Bet they’ll be eager to take up the original offer when they realize there’s nothing left on the table.

  10. Onion says:

    There has been massive work done to shore up the cliff face after concerns were raised – and more work will be done by the new developer.

    Those who were concerned about erosion have been 100% vindicated.

  11. Terry says:

    Just bulldoze the existing frontal/seaside buildings into the ocean; (after removing chemicals, wiring et al.

    Then give Zane a contract to use ‘Dynaplp’ to break down the existing remains of the cliff face.

    It will be full of sand in two weeks and you can catch parrott fish and S.i.T. blibberers there.

    Then hire Korreehah Crane people and a little cage……vola…………

    Anyone feel like a spliff and a rum?

    Got sum in might cabin…………………………..

  12. Starting point says:

    I assume these operate as condos, if that the case then the membership pays a maintenance fee to keep it clean etc. Therefore the current membership is the couple in question, they can pay to have the entire property maintained.

    They will sell in a heart beat then.

  13. Miguelito says:

    Please leave the couple (who bought) right where they are. No need to make offers of another home. Just work around ‘em. Let them stay right there.

  14. shirley Richardson says:

    I believe that the Marshalls have every right to get a just deal, it appears that this gov’t is trying to sell Bermuda to the highest bidder.
    some of the comments are just down right hateful. If some of you are so concerned about tax payers money and how it was spent by the PLP, I haven’t heard one of these so called bloggers express any concern about

    ex-premier Craig Cannonier staying at Clifton rent free, on tax payers
    money, where is the outrage? at least the Marshalls paid for their home at Grand Atlantic, but of course Craig is an exception, Dunkley said he is still living there, because he was the Premier, and he deserves respect. I say bull**** It is quite obvious that whole deal is just a part of the “SURROGATES AGREEMENT”.

    Now I’ll wait for the haters response.

    • Creamy says:

      So what’s your position shirley on people who obtain Bermuda Status after living here a long time and contributing to the island? What’s your personal view of that?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Here we go with another fabricated story…..the “SURROGATES AGREEMENT”.

      Now that’s going to catch on and be used to no end.

      I wish some people would just accept the fact that the Grand Atlantic was just a bad idea that came at the wrong time. The PLP were bad managers of Govt and that’s why they were removed from power. For the love of God just admit that much instead of making up conspiracy theories.

  15. Alvin Williams says:

    Well if some want to blame the PLP for developing a housing development for two people; I say the whole country should take the blame for financing a housing estate for one man his wife and perhaps a dog. That’s right I am talking about government House and the over $ 1 million a year the country pays for his accommodations and not to mention that the British maintains a diplomatic presence in our country and does not have to pay one penny; something that it can not get away with in another country.

    • Creamy says:

      So you admit that being independent would add to our costs.

  16. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Good day all

    I’m glad that my article spawned so many comments, it shows debate is alive and well (though some of the comments are debateable….)
    Any ideas for another column?

    • Coffee says:

      Yup , like when do you expect to re-establish yourself to the benefit of your home country ?