Report: “Fled To An Exotic Island In Bermuda”

August 29, 2014

According to a report from the English language Serbian news site Inserbia, “Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic and his wife Katherine fled to an exotic island in Bermuda although their debt for electricity amounts to over six million dinars [69,000 dollars]“.

The report said the debt for electricity for White Palace and the Palace where they live, amounted to 6,178,335 dinars [USD 69,251.8] in March this year, which they said is “shocking considering that the Ministry of Culture pays 40 million dinars [USD 448,352.80] per year for the maintenance of the White Palace.”

The couple recently vacationed in Bermuda, and had high words of praise for the island, saying that they “fell in love” with Bermuda and that arriving here is like “arriving in another world.”

9-minute video with the Royal Couple filmed on August 25th:

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  1. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    Guess royalty is not what it used to be?

    LOL welcome to my world