2 Boats Disabled During 1st Day Of Cup Match

August 2, 2014

Cup Match boating plans did not quite go as planned for some spectators, with two boats having to be towed into shore on the first day of the holiday.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Center spokesperson said, “On Thursday, July 31, at 5.16pm, Bermuda Radio received a VHF call from a pleasure craft broken down 200 yards off North Shore near Clayhouse Inn. The vessel had three adults on-board and requested a tow to Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club [RHADC].

“Bermuda Radio called on the services of Sea Assist, which proceeded to the scene, and by 7.00pm the disabled vessel and crew were safely alongside at RHADC.”

Outlining the second incident, the spokesperson said, “On Thursday July 31, at 8.32pm, Bermuda Radio received a VHF call from a pleasure craft which was disabled in Castle Harbour, south of Longbird Bridge, near the airport. The vessel had four adults and four children on-board.

“Bermuda Radio commenced VHF broadcasts requesting any vessels in the vicinity to offer a tow. Eventually a passing boat was hailed and offered to tow the disabled craft to Tuckers Point. By 10.30pm, the pleasure craft and its eight occupants were safely alongside.”


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  1. Double M Four Twos says:

    This time of year always brings out the amateur boaters, many of whom are quite clueless. Prepping for a day on the high seas is not limited to ensuring an ample supply of Amsterdam lager or Coors Lights. One must check and double check all safety equipment and ensure that engines are serviced and in good working order.

    • Observer says:

      Double M? Obviously your living in a perfect world. Circumstances such as these can occur anywhere and anytime. To suggest that these people are amateurs is ludicrous without knowing who they are. Wake up and smell your dead roses.

  2. RICH says:

    i do agree with you mate , however an engine failure can occur at any given time.

  3. Sick of negativity says:

    How do you know if were amateurs?? Do you know all the facts and were you there or do you just talk for the sake of talking?? It’s called machinery, they break down, have defects and the list goes on!! Give them a break!!! That’s why we have resources that HELP!!

  4. Castle Harbor says:

    Those people in castle harbor had been there for 2 hours and were told to wait it out until someone could come tow them… I was on my way home from Dockyard and happened across their boat. They were fine except they ran out of beer.