Two Cruise Ship Visitors Taken To Hospital

August 1, 2014

Two visitors who came to Bermuda aboard the cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway were taken to hospital on Wednesday [July 30] for unrelated health concerns, with Bermuda Radio receiving a call for assistance and ambulances being subsequently dispatched.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Center spokesperson said, “On Wednesday, July 30, at 8.38pm, Bermuda Radio received a VHF call from the cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway, berthed at Heritage Wharf in Dockyard.

“The ship requested an ambulance for two persons: a 60-year-old-male with very high blood pressure, and a 36-year-old female suffering from dizziness.

“Bermuda Radio called Fire Dispatch, who confirmed they already had received the request via the ship’s agent.”

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Comments (4)

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  1. cromwell says:

    This is why we need a well appointed medical clinic at Dockyard or upgraded facility at the West End.

    Maybe the OBA or Premier Dunkley could allow a private facility to operate out there!

  2. Terry says:

    One should never be taken to a “clinic”.

    Hospitals are where people should be taken for evaluation and treatment.

    ‘Clinic’….Something seriously wrong here could overdose, infection, trauma from a fall/wound, heart attack…..why was this person not taken to a/the hospital……………

    Rum all around.

  3. Honestly says:

    Title and statement mentioned the 2 were taken to the hospital.

  4. juicy says:

    The winds were out of the South South East….lets hope it’s not the contaminated sewage from the ocean….any warnings signs the day of the Beach Fest?