College Offering Free GED Practice Tests

September 15, 2014

Bermuda College — in conjunction with the GED Testing Service based in the United States — will be offering free GED practice tests to eligible students later this month in efforts to increase test takers numbers. The “See for Free” programme will be held between September 22 and October 3 at Bermuda College, the official GED testing site in Bermuda.

College Registrar, Ms. Carleen Place said it is hoped that the initiative will grow test-taker confidence, educator confidence, and increase the level of test takers. “The GED has proven to be viable and accepted option for Bermuda’s students, who for any number of reasons do not possess a school leaving certificate,” said said.

“This “See for Free” initiative, introduced nationwide by the GED Testing Services, allows students to see if they are ready to pass the GED test, identify the skills they need to work on to pass the test, and will give students access to a personalised study plan advising them on specific areas to study”.

A spokesperson said, “To be eligible for the two-week offer, students must be at least 17 years of age, not enrolled in an accredited high school, and residing in Bermuda. In 2013, there were 160 graduates of the GED in Bermuda.

“The GED test was revised recently to make its focus more compatible with college preparatory materials. In the “See for Free” programme, students will also be able to learn about training centres and classes offered at several Adult Education Centres in Bermuda, as well as other resources to help them prepare for the test.

“For its part, the GED Testing Service noted that it is the only nationally recognised high school equivalency programme, developed for today’s “tech-savvy world”, and lives up to the expectations of employers, colleges and the test-takers themselves.

“GED is so confident in the GED Ready™, they are also offering a Practice Test Guarantee*.  If students take GED Ready™ and score “Likely to Pass”, GED guarantees students will pass the GED® test. If they don’t, GED will pay for their retake. Students must take the GED® test within 60 days of scoring “Likely to Pass” on GED Ready™ for the guarantee to be valid.

“To learn more or to schedule a free GED Ready practice test, persons should contact Ms. Carleen Place at 239-4049 , or”

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  1. WhistlEBlower says:

    More than anything the PLP offered it citizens along with the Grief counselling last week!!

    Keep progressing OBA strategist!!!

  2. each one reach one says:

    How did this become political? Politics has its place, but the above comment by Whistleblower was just not neccessary. We must create a cadre of young people who are capable competent and prepare so they can create the kind of Bermuda we can be proud of and maintain the kind of Bermuda we have worked so hard to build.

    Hats off to the college for creating yet another layer of educational opportunities for Bermudians to succeed outside of the Traditional class and school enviornment.

    To those who continue to try to divide the island in unhealthy ways I say, STOP. The negative political comments are getting old, tired and your negativity is counterproductive to the islands success.

  3. WhistleBlowet says:

    The Fact is that this was not undertaken, encouraged nor implemented while the citizens were crying over their needs not being met under the PlLP Government. Also if minds can so easily be divided based on facts then their are deeper issues!!!

  4. Judge & Jury says:

    The GED Testing program is a U.S based Company that offers a high school; equivalency diploma to people from many countries. The Bermuda College is the official testing site for its program in Bermuda.
    People can also go to the GED website and do the free GED get ready testing that is now being offered.

    Nothing to do with Bermuda politics.