Convoy Display Of Over 28 Police Vehicles

September 30, 2014

The Bermuda Police Service is celebrating 135 years of policing in our community and for the last nine months they have been highlighting this milestone with a number of community events throughout the year.

A spokesperson said, “On Wednesday, October 1st 2014, we will be hosting a police convoy display which will consist of over 28 vehicles representing a cross section of vehicles in the police fleet. This will be a dynamic visual display and we believe it is the first of its kind for Bermuda.”

The convoy will depart from the former PTB Bus Depot on Beacon Hill at 10am and continue as follows:

  • Right turn onto Somerset Road
  • Somerset Road/Mangrove Bay
  • Right turn onto East Shore Road
  • Continue onto Scotts Hill Road
  • Scotts Hill Road
  • Left onto Somerset Road
  • Continue onto Middle Road
  • Middle Road
  • Middle Road [Barnes Corner] Eta…10:25AM
  • Middle Road [Port Royal Primary] Eta… 10:30AM
  • Middle Road [Heron Bay Primary] Eta… 10:40AM
  • Middle Road [Bermuda Institute] Eta… 10:45AM
  • Middle Road [TN Tatem Middle School and Adventureland Eta… 10:50AM
  • Middle Road [Warwick Preschool and Purvis Primary] Eta… 10:55AM
  • Middle Road [Warwick Academy] Eta… 11:00AM
  • Middle Road [St. Paul’s Preschool] Eta… 11:05AM
  • Continue onto South Road [Paget Lights]
  • South Road [Tree Tops] Eta… 11:10AM
  • Left onto Tee Street
  • Right onto Middle Road
  • Middle Road [Saltus Cavendish] Eta…11:20Am
  • Middle Road [Somersfield Academy and Elliott Primary] Eta… 11:25AM
  • Middle Road [Whitney Institute] Eta… 11:30AM
  • Continue onto North Shore Road
  • North Shore Road/Aquarium [Harrington Sound Primary] Eta…11:35AM
  • North Shore Road [Francis Patton Primary and Lyceum Preschool] Eta… 11:45AM
  • Continue onto the Causeway
  • Left onto Kindley Field Road
  • Kindley Field Road/St David’s Road [Clearwater Middle School, St David’s Primary and St. David’s Pre school] Eta… 12:00PM
  • Left onto Mullet Bay Road
  • Continue onto York Street
  • Right into Kings Square/Ordnance Island [East End Primary, St. George’s Prep., St. George’s Pre-school] Eta…12:10PM
  • Left onto York Street
  • Continue onto Mullet Bay Road
  • Mullet Bay Road/St David’s Road [Clearwater Middle School, St David’s Primary and St. David’s Pre-school] Eta… 12:30PM
  • Right onto Kindley Field Road
  • Right onto Causeway
  • Continue onto North Shore Road
  • North Shore Road [Francis Patton Primary and Lyceum Preschool] Eta…12:45PM
  • North Shore Road/Aquarium [Harrington Sound Primary] Eta…12:55PM
  • Continue onto Palmetto Road
  • Palmetto Road/Parsons Lane [Prospect Primary/Devon Lane/Cedarbridge Academy/ Prospect Preschool/ Dame Majorie Bean Hope Academy] Eta…1:10PM
  • Palmetto Road/ Bishop Spencer Road [Victor Scott Primary] Eta…1:13PM
  • Continue onto Marsh Folly Road
  • Right onto Black Watch Pass [St. John’s Preschool] Eta…1:15PM
  • Left onto North Shore Road
  • North Shore Road/Berkeley Road [Berkeley/Northlands] Eta…1:20PM
  • North Shore Road [West Pembroke Primary] Eta…1:25PM
  • North Shore Road [PCC] Eta…1:30PM
  • Left onto St Johns Road
  • Right onto Pitts Bay Road
  • Continue onto Front Street
  • Left onto Court Street
  • Court Street [Verita’s Place, Teeter Tots Nursery and Onion Patch Academy] Eta…1:45PM
  • Left onto Victoria Street
  • Left onto Wesley Street
  • Left onto Church Street
  • Enter City Hall grounds Eta…2:00PM

The convoy will end at City Hall where the Police vehicles will be on display for the viewing public until 3:30pm.

The  spokesperson added, “It is our hope that all schools will come out to a main viewing vantage point along the main route 5 minutes prior to the stated estimated time of arrival and allow 10-15 minutes grace for the Police Vehicle Convoy to arrive.

“Every effort was made to have the convoy pass every school on the island but some were unavoidably missed. In an effort to showcase the Police fleet to all schools, suggested vantage points were listed above. For the schools that are not listed above we invite you to attend the City Hall at 2pm to get an up close view of our grand fleet.

“Thank you in advance for supporting the Bermuda Police Service. We look forward to seeing you.”

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