Music Video: DemBiez Release “441 Girl”

September 15, 2014

Bermudian musical production team DemBiez have released their latest piece of musical work, a song entitled “441 Girl,” featuring artists Cahlii Smith and Coshaun Evans.

The song’s video includes scenes depicting nightlife activities and sports, with the focus of its lyrics on women from Bermuda, referencing the island’s 441 area code.

The song was produced and directed by DemBiez for their DemBiezMusicGroup record label; the video was filmed by Jacin Lowe and Donryco Alick.

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  1. HappyLocal says:

    First of all let me applaud DemBiez and everyone who encourages these young men and their team.
    Every time they put something out they push the boundaries and showcase the talent that OUR ISLAND has.
    I can not hate on a team who is not asking anything in return for putting up worldwide quality material in exchange for just support. I loved the video. I love you guys. Correction. BIEZ

    #441 #Bermuda

  2. YES! says:

    I rate it.

  3. Lovestruck! says:

    Who is the girl in the library scene?!?