Photos: “Save The Shelter” Supporters Gather

September 30, 2014

Supporters of the Centre Against Abuse gathered this morning [Sept 30] in a mini demonstration on East Broadway to “Save the Shelter”.

Juliana Snelling organized the event to support the Centre Against Abuse, and about thirty people attended with many commuters waving, flashing their lights and tooting their horns in support.

Mark Anderson – who recently completed a charity walk to raise funds for the Centre — was amongst the crowd, along with a group of four women named “Jennifer” who wore t-shirts that said “Jens Say Save the Shelter”. The four “Jens” were Jennifer Attride-Stirling, Jen Kempe, Jen Doe and Jenni Estis.

Minister of Community, Culture and Sports Wayne Scott yesterday announced that the Government has “located a secure facility which will be used immediately as a temporary shelter for those who find themselves in need of emergency support due to domestic violence”.

Save the Shelter Group Shot 2014




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  1. sebring says:

    wow! this a a great turn out! good for you! now! there is a least ten you if you? which there is! share the responsabilities the centre can be efficiently run on voluntares alone! if Belco and telco can sponsor part of their services and government forgiv¿es the yearly land tax ! boom centre can reopen with out too much hassle and the need for the Gov’s 75,000 . problema solved this kind of protesting does nothing good for the tourist as it leaves a bad impression!

  2. Support says:

    Support is not standing on the side of the road waving signs at honking cars. Real support would be donating your time and/or money to the shelter.

    • Sorry, what? says:

      Looks to me like they are donating their time to the shelter by advocating for it to stay open, and soliciting people to donate to the cause.

      • Support says:

        Donating their time would be volunteering to help run it, so it wouldn’t need $400,000 in salaries.

  3. hayward says:

    Why are some people so negative when people try to do some good, help in some small way to make the public aware, donating their time and, believe me, these people WILL be there to help their ‘sisters’ anytime, any place! I know what it’s like to be in an abusive situation with no one to turn to and no place to go and the bully is home just waiting to beat you to make themselves feel good. There are a lot of women out there who definitely need this place to go to be safe and a place to bring their children to temporarily at least!