Police: Saturday’s Incident Started In St David’s

September 29, 2014

Saturday’s incident started back in St. David’s as the bike was following the car, which took detours around various roads, before eventually crashing in Southampton, Superintendent Martin Weekes said today [Sept 29].

The car crashed into a wall in Southampton at around 5.40pm following gunshots being fired into the car, and at that time, the police said the incident began in the Tee Street, Devonshire area, and said the two suspects on the bike were wearing white clothes.

Mr. Weekes said the suspects were not shooting at the car all the way from St. David’s, and the shooting actually took place around the Warwick Lane and Fairmont Southampton area.

The car crashed into a wall after being shot at:


Speaking at today’s press conference about the fight on Front Street, Mr. Weeks said, “There was a lot of talk after I spoke on Saturday night about the distance between where it started and where it finished. Well inquiries have revealed is that this, in fact, started way back in St. David’s.

“But what I need to address is the misconception that there was a high speed chase with shots being fired all the way from Tee Street in Devonshire to the Southampton Princess. Clearly, that is not the case.

“This bike was following this car over a distance, and at some points, the driver of the car took detours around various roads to see if he was being followed. He was not being followed with people in a chasing mode, they were not shooting at him all the way from St. David’s.

“The shooting, as I talked about on Saturday night, actually took place around the Warwick Lane and Southampton Princess area, and not all the way back from St. David’s, where the following of the car actually happened.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Right for once.
    Stay safe and I hope they catch the Bas&^%$

  2. smh says:

    Passed 8 of 9 parishes….Let’s just reflect on that for a moment.

    Then, we must demand answers from our police, government, premier, and governor *who by the way is constitutionally responsible for internal and external security.*

    And please don’t go on about how “There’s nothing the Premier (OBA/Police/Govt. etc) can do” because there is. Pre-2012 we were holding the government responsible for both the long term AND short term causes of violent crime – we must continue to do so.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Perhaps if the driver had called the police to let them know he was being followed as far back as St. David’s, they could have intervened, as it is now coming to light, the actual gun fire and chase didn’t start until Warwick Lane… barely 2 parishes. So that makes it even more difficult for the police to intervene, intercept and apprehend in them assailants in the act. The question that should be asked is why the driver didn’t alert the police for action as soon as he knew he was being followed. Essentially, you are trying to blame the police for not being psychic enough to predict this precise event and have police positioned where they would have no clue that they would need to be.
      Previously I estimated public alerting police and police response and catch up to this incident as being from T Street with a roughly 10min window from start to finish, however given the release of new information and that actual violent incident occurring even further from the police’s actionable start point with a public/police response window at best half that, the chance the police could have done anything about it at the time would have required a monumental amount of luck and chance in favour for the police. The only thing that can now be done is review any and all surveillance available and relay on anybody in the public who could provide relevant information to this incident.

      • amazing grace says:

        Why weren’t the police contacted earlier? Perhaps because of the ‘no driving and using cell phones’ law?

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Would have gotten the police attention, which is what the driver should have done if he thought he was in danger. St. David’s to Warwick without letting the police know. It’s not the polices fault that they don’t act on a crime they are not aware of. St. David’s to Warwick with no high speed chase or gun fight… just a bike following a car, what are the police supposed to notice, what are they supposed to act on?

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Also, it is a ‘no driving and using cell phones’, it’s no driving while on a cell phone unless a hands free device is being employed. You ever think that the reason he was avoiding alerting the police was because he didn’t want their attention?

      • smh says:

        The point is someone should not have to CALL POLICE to catch an inside that is occurring island wide. You’re telling me it’s not reasonable to expect that at least ONE police car caught this? ONE CCTV Camera?
        400+ police officers, 100+ cameras, and we are going to use the phone call as an excuse. K. Get real.

        • smh says:


        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          If there was no high speed chase until Warwick Lane, how would the police know. Are you saying that you expect the police to pull over every bike they see following a car. Unless they had been informed, there was no/zero/nada indication that there was anything out of the norm until Warwick Lane. Even with CCTV spotting a bike following a car, where is the crime??? Seriously, the police are not psychic, the driver of the car had from St. David’s to Warwick to alert the police that he thought he was being followed and no point did he, then finally at Warwick Lane a crime occurred a pursuit took place and it ended at Southampton Princess. Where do you think they would have gotten to by the time the first call got to the police??

    • Jeremy Deacon says:

      Not really, If there were no shots or reported crimes why should the police have known? The police say the black BMW was not being followed by people ‘in a chasing mode’ ie right behind him at high speed etc

    • Melba says:

      My thought on this as a single old parent.. If they know persons that have guns, have used guns, Brag on using guns n have been in prison for violent crime n is free. And not doing better in this society. We need the police to have a knock n search on their Homes, Friends,( remember show me ur company and it will tell u what u r and what u r all about.) Parents Homes, etc. And the Vehicle may have to b pulled apart to make sure. We don’t want them getting away from police by running through our homes to get away. They must b taught to respect our little Island n lives n them selves. when they do come out of prison embrace them n give them jobs.

      STOP N SEARCH. KNOCK N SEARCH friends would not like it. Parents. Would not, but live in fear n not want this done. Something has to give. Lets take back our island.
      It was for the grace of God that some one was not killed. N that it was on a Saturday not a worked day when their is so much more traffic.. Bars should be closed for a week put very body on alert, that we need to take Back our Island. Have a curfew for a week, a, month. The police can only do so much, hats of to them n their families.
      I know u may say that person has lost their mind, well we r slowly losing our island very fast.

  3. True Bermudian says:

    so is this a case of road rage?

  4. Raw Onion says:

    So if the car was being followed from St. Davids and the occupants took different routes to avoid the cycle, then why didn’t they call the police?? SMH…clearly these guys were not all that concerned about their own well being. I’m glad no one else was injured in this shooting.

    • Raw Onion says:

      Since I got more dislikes than likes, let me clarify what my point is. If you are associated in any way with someone or some group that may be out to kill you then I would think activity such as being followed on a public street would cause me to be concerned enough to call the police. This could not only save my life but the lives of innocent people.

      Bermuda, we are very close to there being a shoot out somewhere where there will be innocent victims. It frightens me to say that but I know we are all thinking it. We need to defeat this before it happens.

      • Jeremy Deacon says:

        If you are involved in this kind of activity, the last thing you want is the police involved …

        • Longtail says:

          Exactly Jeremy.
          Clearly smh has not bothered to read the police statement before dissing the police….. don’t let facts get in the way of an opinion!

  5. more than enough says:

    To ascertain whether they were bieng followed, allegedly.

  6. Hurricane says:

    @Raw Onion……….that car driver wanted nothing to do with the police. Go figure!

  7. Impressive says:

    hmmm,,, two guys on a motor cycle wearing ALL WHITE, following a car from St. Davids, where a cricket match was being held.. The next day a cricket match in Somerset is cancelled/postponed..

  8. Detour says:

    Should have detoured to the police station…..they won’t follow you into that kitchen

  9. N/A says:

    Is this CCTV going to take effect and be of value any time soon or are they just playing with us?? Honestly, the island is not that big..

  10. Coffee says:

    So basically what the BPS is telling us is this ;that on any given day thugs are riding around Bermuda armed with deadly weapons without fear of apprehension !

    We need to change our national and internal security arrangements .

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      What would you suggest, mandatory check points on the roads with vehicle searches. You think the morning commute from the west is bad now, you might as well head back to work as soon as you get home from it in order to get there in time.

    • Jeremy Deacon says:

      No, we need to think about what it means for Bermuda and how it has got to this stage that people think they can do this kind of thing

      • Coffee says:

        We could use our isolation from the rest of the world to our advantage . Draft legislation to confiscate or outright deny access to passports to known or convicted gang members . Same goes for TCD issued drivers and or vehicle licenses . These are all privileges given to every citizen , not rights , privileges .

        Of course these privileges could be reinstated for valuable intelligence .
        Start a covert operation targeting single woman of all shapes , sizes and colours on Thursday evenings as they enter the central parishes . Target males on Tuesdays . Make it uncomfortable for everybody everywhere at all times until the message is driven home .

        • Longtail says:

          Quite the police state then Coffee? Brilliant idea….. a bit like North Korea then?

        • jt says:

          I can hear CURB now.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Haven’t you accused the OBA of trying to trample our rights, trashing our democracy, having no concern for the freedoms/rights/privileges of Bermudians. And now you are calling on them to essentially impose an impossible police state, just to create an illusion of security, trample all over the innocent just to try and put some sort of pressure on the guilty. Make everyone guilty until proven innocent… I don’t even think I can describe just how you obliterated any and all credibility your past and future opinions/arguments might have had or have. You don’t like democracy, go some where else, because it is here to stay in Bermuda, whether you like it or not.

          • Coffee says:

            Actually I stole the idea from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . Felons convicted of gun crimes are automatically excluded from obtaining a passport . As part of the gang reduction campaign , many gang members cannot apply for passports especially in the southern states were Mexican /American or Chicano’s operate . It is used as a deterrent to those who seek to commit crimes and flee unchallenged across borders .
            I’ll admit the TCD component was my idea and I make no apologies . Also the police must do something to upset the way these fools do business … In the end the innocent will always suffer for the guilty either by lose of life or lose of privileges .. You choose !

  11. Socrates is quoted as saying: “The unexamined life is not worth leading.”
    I would add that the unexamined leader is not worth following. Leaders who never take time to ask what they are doing and why they doing it are unlikely to stay off track. they lead at their best, and reach their potential.(That is why we need to keep asking ourselves tough questions)
    I do have confidence in our One Bermuda Alliance Government and believe (given time) they’ll solve many of the wrongs facing all of us today… if only given time.

  12. Facts first fools says:

    Think realistically people it’s pretty obvious they were seen leaving st David’s by the bike which stayed behind them placed a call to the other members of their gang which brought the gun into play sum wur in Warwick n that’s when the shooting started how do we know the same two on the bike are the same two who did the shooting?! Intelligence is a big part of fighting crime you gotta think like a gangster in order to understand street justice!

  13. Grand Theft Auto - Wice City says:

    The demise of Bermuda reaches another level. We are already on the brink, the edge. If this garbage isn’t stopped – we will sink to depths you cannot even imagine. Very sad for Bermuda.

    Ignorance of these people is unmeasurable.

  14. JONO says:

    CCTV installed near Admiralty House about two weeks ago…There has been an interesting event there caught on CCTV

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I understand the Collector Hill ones are running, wonder if he went through there on his round about tour. There would also be the Trimingham Hill roundabouts and the Paget Lights. I would think those should be online too, given how long they have been up for.

    • Samcro says:

      How interesting?

  15. PRAY says:

    We as a country need to come together collectively to agree on some kind of resolution…the police,governments did not raise our children…WE DID,…SO NOW ITS UP TO ALL OF US TO DIG DEEP..AND STOP PUTTING ALL THE BLAME ON THE GOVERNMENTS THAT BE….

    • Naminé says:

      The problem is everyone’s which includes the government, police, AND residents. Everyone needs to speak out when they see things or know something is going on. The government and police have a responsibility but so do anyone residing here. People need to speak out when shady things are going on and be proactive. Government and police need to be proactive too, it has to be an effort from everyone.

  16. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Well, lets get the cameras up n running THEN put em on line! yah..so that WE can watch for crimes being committed for free…i don’t like people watching me when i can’t watch them.

  17. Uncle Bob says:

    The police are too slow off the mark for me…if they remembered the Somerset motorcade has issues driving into St. Davids…did the police think the Willowcuts team wouldn’t have any issues playing cricket in St. Davids?!?

    The Police are too busy partying at their officers mess when they should be out watching the streets and gathering intelligence….turn off the soca music and get to work.

  18. stil KMT says:

    So how many cameras did they pass? Gas stations? TCD monitor points? Paget stoplights,gric stores, resturants etc that ALLLL have cameras? And are stilll NOT arrested.

  19. jaybird says:

    Sorry to pile on, but I agree with smh and others – there is not an effective enough police presence on our roads, which is evidenced by traffic chaos that we witness every single day. The fact that this Government and our Premier do not feel that National Security is even worthy of a dedicated Minister really says it all….

  20. cucumbah says:

    these fellows were weaaring white…this means they were out…this means they spent time in or around clubs drinkin…these clubs have cameras inside and out…you tellin me the cctv cameras in paget wrren’t working?does monies spent on them contradict that?

  21. Mr. Happy says:

    When seconds count….the police are just minutes away.

  22. nana says:

    When people are in situations they don’t always think quickly. I bet now that the chase is over they wished that they should have called the police. This chase started from St. Davids and they detoured on all different roads. It was also gunshots in different parishes. God had an ANGEL watching over them. My prayers is that they got on there knees and thank God and even better accepted Jesus into there hearts.

  23. more than enough says:


  24. #HelloHi says:

    You cannot blame the government for all of this. We as a community need to come together as one. There are pure people out there that know what happened, why it happened and who done it. It is up to them to come forward and say something. END THE SILENCE to STOP THE VIOLENCE.

  25. cucumbah says:

    so dey had either painting coveralls (paper),or abatement paper suits,these were used to prevent gunpowder residue from tainting de clothes.Are you kidding me, a smart crime?pre planned and meditated?Let me guess …dark face shield visors…again…transport minister aiding and abetting crime through not having dark visors made unlawfull like the masks they are…bps should pull over every dark visor…all the time.. it can’t be deemed profiling if all this type of crime have this one thing in common.

    • Come Correct says:

      Umm considering this started at a cricket field, maybe they were wearing cricket gear.

  26. Young Observer says:

    Still waiting on the (picture) of the bike n riders if bps cant provide the public with info. What type bike color how can one say hey thats so n so bike