80 Representatives To Attend Tripartite Retreat

October 3, 2014

On Monday October 6th 2014, the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy, will oversee the 2nd Economic Tripartite Retreat at the Elbow Beach Hotel and Resort. This year’s theme will be entitled, “Encouraging Inward Investment”. The Minister will be joined by over 80 representatives from the Island’s business, hospitality and union sectors.

A spokesperson said, “Last year the Ministry held a similar two-day tripartite retreat aimed at finding solutions to ease the economic hardship faced by Bermudians during tough economic times. This year Minister Fahy, who is also the Chairman of the Economic Tripartite Committee, will facilitate a meeting agenda that will focus on how to stimulate growth in Bermuda.

“In the first session of the day, The Ministry of Economic Development will be discussing efforts to enhance investor interest in Bermuda through the Bermuda Business Development Agency as well as Telecoms, Energy and E-Commerce.

“Minister Fahy, who has responsibility for the Ministry of Home Affairs will be addressing the positive economic indicators he has seen in his Ministry over the past nine months as well as speak to the recently released Work Permit Policy document.

“The Minister of Community, Culture and Sports, Wayne Scott, will address the Social Programmes and Government Initiatives within his Ministry, whilst the Minister of Finance will be touching on the economy and SAGE. All sessions will focus on the theme of stimulating economic growth.

“It is anticipated that representatives from the following organizations will be in attendance; the Bermuda Trade Union Congress, the Bermuda Hotel Association, the Bermuda Construction Association, the Bankers Association, the Chamber of Commerce, members of the Opposition, the Bermuda Employers Council, ABIC, ABIR, the local insurance companies, to the representatives of the Municipalities among others.”

“We want to have an open and frank conversation about where we are economically and what we can reasonably expect to achieve in the months ahead,” Minister Fahy said. “So it’s hoped that this retreat will enhance our communication and the critical working relationships among the Unions, Government and Business as we all work together to move the country forward.”

Minister Fahy concluded by saying, “I am quite pleased at the varied cross section of those who have confirmed their attendance and I look forward to a fruitful day of dialogue regarding the way forward for Bermuda”.

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Comments (10)

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  1. mj says:

    boy, he sure is the busiest non-elected official….always being headlined….hmmmm, what were the results of last years meeting? Bob?Bob?Bob?

    • Starting point says:

      I agree with your statement that the Minister is working hard for Bermuda.

  2. Joseph George says:

    I think that any-one attending this Tripartite Retreat at the Elbow Beach Hotel and Resort, shouldtakethisopportunity to ask the Minister of Finance, how the OBA itends to pay for the America’s Cup if Bermuda wins the bid?

    I had to dig up the information on 2012′s spending costs to host the event by the City of San Fransico – $325.58 million dollars.

    Dr Grant Gibbons, Bob Richards and the OBA government are willing to commit more than quarter of a billion dollars on a single sporting event?

    Is this the same government that tells us that there is NO money in our public purse for social programmes?

    Is this the same government that jeers, ridicules and releases an unending statements, responses and counter-respones that the PLP has bankrupt the economy?

    So, Messrs Gibbons and Richards, is Bermuda printing its own curreny now. Or put in plain english, how will the OBA government pay for this event?

    The OBA should take advantage of the Tripartite to reveal their intentions, or now is the time that Bermuda should say no to their grand design.

  3. sage says:

    Mini Bilderbergers.

  4. Coffee says:

    BTUC , it is in incumbent upon you to keep those other two rascals honest !

  5. Rhonda says:

    No wonder Elbow has rejuvenated confidence, starting with a government purse retreat.

  6. cucumbah says:

    in order to make a world cup work, you have to have marketting sales understanding of how to not just cover expenses,but make a profit for Bermuda .Has anyone bothered to look at how other hosts have done it,notate pitfalls and no win situations, ?!Other host countries hold all the truths offit!

  7. cucumbah says:

    fistly…fighr for and hold onto advertising rights or percentages of worlwide and rezidual future same,

  8. cucumbah says:

    brand it Bermuda Americas cup and sell the brand offer percentages..