C.A.R.E. Learning Centre 14th Annual Tag Day

November 25, 2014

C.A.R.E. Learning Centre will be holding their 14th Annual Tag Day on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday 27th November 2013 to raise funds towards the school’s scholarship fund.

A spokesperson said, “Our theme is “Thank You for Caring” as we celebrate 32 years of educating the community. Taggers and students will be located throughout the City of Hamilton.

“C.A.R.E. continues to meet the needs of senior secondary school students with both academic and social challenges, non-traditional students continue to show an interest in attending day and evening classes to upgrade their skills and to obtain their high school diploma.

“The students have shown tremendous progress this year and we are pleased to note that they are settling down and getting on with their academic development.

“The Director, Hon. D. Neletha Butterfield, MBE, JP, of the learning centre is looking forward to the community’s support during these economic times and states that, “we cannot always build the future for our young, but we can build our youth for the future.”

“Youth are the future of the island and are essential to its long-term sustainability. The current reality is that every year as many as 100 students drop out of senior secondary school or are dismissed due to behavioural problems. This is an unsustainable trend which does not bode well in regard to future levels of anti-social behaviour in Bermuda and also Bermudianization of the workforce.

“Without alternative learning options, how can these students gain the skills needed to integrate and contribute positively in society?

“At C.A.R.E. students are encouraged to upgrade their skills to obtain their high school diploma; are provided learning opportunities and work experience through work release programmes; and take part in a life-skills programme, which teaches specific skills such as budgeting and interviewing. The greater goal of all C.A.R.E.’s programmes is to promote a sense of self-esteem and dignity in all students.

“Last year our Tag Day was very successful and we were able to offer more scholarships to senior secondary students, young adults and adults. Some of our scholarship recipients graduated this year and are now attending the Bermuda College. We will be raising funds this year for New GED 2014 computerized programmes, GED Testing fees, scientific calculators and new computers

“We are grateful for the support of both volunteers and the general public for their generous support to the tag day and look forward to the same response this year. Donations can be made to the Bank of Butterfield – C.A.R.E. Computer Services 20006-060-220230100 or mail to C.A.R.E. Learning Centre, P O Box HM 2806, Hamilton HM LX.”

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