Collision Involving Police Car & Water Truck

November 18, 2014

A police car responding to an incident with its emergency equipment activated was involved in a collision with a water truck yesterday morning, the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 9:15am on Monday, November 17th a two vehicle collision occurred on Somerset Road in Sandys parish, near the junction with West Side Road.

“Initial information suggested that a police car, a water truck and a bus were involved; however it has since been confirmed that only the police car and water truck collided as both vehicles were being driven along Somerset Road. There were no reported injuries but both vehicles were damaged.

“The police car was apparently responding to an incident at the time with its emergency equipment activated. Inquiries are ongoing and any witnesses should contact Acting Sergeant Jodi Eve at the Somerset Police Station on telephone number 234-1010.

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  1. Watcher55 says:

    Having the emergency equipment activated doesn’t make these clowns better drivers, they need to be more aware and responsible, they drive as if there is no one else on the road and unfortunately it’s only a question of time before we have another tragedy.

  2. Andrew Carmichael says:

    Watcher55, you are missing some parts of the sum. Drivers are not switched on like they used to be, others don’t care. The siren used, is nowhere as noticeable as the old two-tone air horns. Changing it was a bone head idea. If you play music in your vehicle at a healthy level (low), you will not notice the siren until the car is right up on you. Heaven forbid you close your windows. Yes, the police drivers should be more aware of this, but as we deal with a new breed of driver, we also have a new breed of police driver who is not taught the short comings of their equipment. Blame all around. Remember the accident in Bailey’s bay, between a fire truck and car. Fire trucks ended up with a second siren fitted, because the man claimed he didn’t hear it!