Have You Lost A Parrot? One Found Today

November 7, 2014

If your parrot happens to have gone missing, please contact the Bermuda Museum, Aquarium and Zoo’s Dr. Ian Walker [via 333-6062] to arrange collection.

The parrot was found by a member of the public in the Jubilee Road, Devonshire area and is now in the care of the Bermuda Museum, Aquarium and Zoo, who said it appears to be someone’s pet, are they hoping to reunite the parrot with its owner.

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  1. Sandinthehourglass says:

    Drew lost a baby macaw in the Orange Valley, Devonshire area. It was being broadcasted on the radio. Drew has the mom and dad parrot! Hopefully he has seen this article??

  2. Sandinthehourglass says:

    so happy the baby was found, Drew :)

  3. Warwick West says:

    Post this on Facebook as someone was looking for a missing bird.

  4. Puma says:

    huh…that’s what i said….you said it the same way…where are we going with this……?