Twitter Adds New Video Sharing Functionality

February 20, 2015

Adding new functionality to its popular social media platform, Twitter is now enabling users to capture, edit, and share videos directly on the site, with uploads limited to 30-second clips.

The new feature, enabled late last month, allows users to tweet their videos, with the clips expanding to full-screen mode when users press play.

A story on the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog says, “Twitter users will now be able to capture and share homemade videos directly on the site in what could be a game-changing feature, just as photos helped crystallize the significance of the social-media service.”

Official Twitter video outlining the new feature:

“The videos, which don’t start playing automatically, will expand to to full-screen views when users press play. Giving users the power to share their own videos draws a line under what Twitter does best: Capture the here and now.

“Video has proven popular on Facebook. The social network said the number of video posts per user increased 75% worldwide and 94% in the U.S. in 2014 compared with a year earlier.

“To access the Twitter video tool, users tap the camera icon. From there, they can record, reorder or delete segments, then share the final clip.”

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