Premier, Minister Complete Meetings Overseas

February 4, 2015

This evening [Feb. 4] the Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley and the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Grant Gibbons wrapped up a full day of meetings with ‎Congressional Members in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Today’s Capitol Hill meetings included visits with Congressman Jim Clyburn [D-SC], Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, ‎Congressman Charles Rangel [D-NY]‎, Congressman G.K. Butterfield [D-NC] and Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus [CBC]‎, Sen. Ed Markey, [D - Mass], South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan [‎R], and ‎newly elected New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker.

Premier and Minister with Congressman G.K. Butterfield:


A spokesperson said, “Prior to the Capitol Hill visits, the day began with a courtesy meeting with the UK Ambassador in Washington, ‎Sir Peter Westmacott KCMG, LVO‎. The Premier and the Minister took the opportunity to update the ‎UK Ambassador about Bermuda and to discuss common areas of interest.

“‎Following ‎the UK Ambassador’s meeting, the Premier and Minister met with Congressman Clyburn. Specific matters of discussion centred around tax reform and criminal justice reform – the latter of which, Congressman Clyburn is a staunch proponent.

Premier and Minister with Congressman Charles Rangel:


“While meeting with Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Premier Dunkley took the opportunity to formally congratulate him on being elected as the Chair of the CBC, and the two had a robust exchange on current matters regarding Bermuda. Minister Gibbons raised the Government’s ‎exploration of renewable energy initiatives and the Government’s efforts to strengthen Bermuda’s economy.

“With Congressman Rangel, Bermuda’s insurance, reinsurance and tourism product were topics of discussion, and the long serving Congressman, who is a member of the Tax Writing Committee, House Ways and Means, shared his appreciation for Bermuda, and expressed his support for the Island.

Premier and Minister with UK Ambassador ‎Sir Peter Westmacott:

UK Ambassador

“Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Sen. Booker, Sen. Markey and Congressman Duncan, who is the Chairman of the Western Hemisphere Sub-committee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, all warmly received Premier Dunkley and Minister Gibbons and welcomed the opportunity to hear first hand about Bermuda.”

This evening Premier Dunkley said, “‎We had a full day on the Hill. We had an opportunity to have key discussions with some very influential members of the US House and Senate. We discussed a wide range of issues related to Bermuda such as our international business reputation, tourism, environmental matters and tackling crime.

Premier and Minister with Congressman Jim Clyburn:

_Con. Clyburn

“Minister Gibbons and I also used the opportunity to highlight the fact that Bermuda will host the 2017 America’s Cup and the representatives were very interested to hear that.

“So we believe it was a very productive day, a day where we reaffirmed our friendship and built relationships, and I was very encouraged by the expressed support for Bermuda by the House and Senate representatives.”

Premier Dunkley and Minister Gibbons continue another full day of meetings on Capitol Hill tomorrow.

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Comments (30)

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  1. somuchless says:

    Dunk is outta uniform. What happened to the Bda shorts? In other news, chrck Dunk’s socks. You go boi.

  2. Sky Pilot says:

    was there any bodyguards and limo escorts involved

    • flikel says:

      I need to understand something. Former Premier EB was frequently accused of having unnecessary bodyguards, who were actually members of the Police force.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but the Special Branch of the Police is responsible for the Premier’s security. The Police is under the control and remit of the Governor.

      So, if bodyguards were used, the Police recommended it and the Governor had to consent to it. Even if the former Premier flexed his muscles and ‘forced’ the Police to assign bodyguards, against their recommendation, the Governor still had to consent and agree to it. Given the sometimes tenuous relationship between this former Premier and the Governor, I would doubt the Governor would blindly agree to the whims of this former Premier.

      So, why the constant reference to these ‘unnecessary’ bodyguards?

      • Creamy says:

        Ah. The rewriting of history.

      • Joonya says:

        Why did EB want them in the first place?

      • Concerned says:

        I was on a flight recently coming from Boston MA the Premier was returning from Boston only guard he had was a Massachusetts Policeman who stood not to far away and the Premier was walking about conversing with passengers who were waiting to board the flight.

  3. Bill Duggan says:

    BDA needs to contact the Travel Channel and replicate their 2015 Sweepstakes of a trip to Hawaii for 2016. They did a 1 hour show showcasing the islands that I have seen 3 times in the last week.

  4. frank says:

    Looks like another photo opp for dunkley

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Yes it is. The difference is that they went for business. The formal photos are only that, pictures. Doubt that any will be displayed on any walls.

  5. SOS says:

    He’s creating more photo opps then jobs. :(

  6. jt says:

    Hasn’t been to Cuba….China….Dubai…Turks n Caicos you know….

  7. De Winna says:

    What most Bermudians must realize that it is of our outmost importance that we as a very small Self Governed Island Colony
    that we have a good relationship with the United States — this trip was to make sure that re assure that.
    It was also a good opportunity to explain what our position that we are not the Tax heaven that the US wants to clamp down on.
    It would be somthing else – and a show of good faith if we find out that these two wealthy Bussinesman paid there own way.
    Well you know ‘ Bermudians want to know the cost and what was achieved from this trip in extreme detail.
    Did somone give the Premier those Hip Hop socks for Christmas or somthing ‘ he looked pertty trendy there’

  8. Tolerate says:

    Hahaha, listen to the haters. Morning all; have a good helping of you hater-aid today?
    Hell, guys representing our interest….. Love the socks by the way.

    • Tolerate says:

      What baffles me is the PLP faithful ALWAYS say the OBA faithful continue to bring up the past and blame everything today on what the PLP did yesterday.
      But the PLP take pop shots at the current Premier, justifying it by what they say the OBA faithful did when the Premier was from their Party? Can’t make this garbage up.
      Hilarious reading…. Come to Bernews for your morning laugh. Can’t wait for the expense report to be released. There was close to 100 arm-chair travel Agents dissecting Minister Crockwells trip to London; I’m sure the regulars ALREADY have their blogs ready to challenge or defend this one.
      But in other news, more important matters are happening on or Island and by the blogs; only seven people seemed to care.
      Wait; it was not a political topic.


      • De Winna says:

        Were all living in the past – to some people it’s all about the past.
        The saying “just get over it ” doesn’t work for and on Bermudians – and thats of all walks of life.
        Be it the PLP, UBP, BIU, BTU, Slavery, Slave ownership, Sport, Business, Judicial or anything else it is all
        part of the past. – it is also the biggest reason why Bermuda is so divided.
        The past is one of the reasons why we can’t move forward.
        The words ” Get over it” – lol not here!

        • Mockingjay says:

          You cant move forward without dealing with the past, even though it hurts but that’s when the healing will start.

  9. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    THIS whole idea of bodyguard is pomp and circumstance…….a valet or baggage handler at most is all that they need.A door opener or a coat hanger…!A gopher…..go for messages and run errands …….step…..and ….fetchit…..!Put some of that wasted money in the economy ….for more useful activity…!

  10. Concerned says:

    Curious is Glen you know the guy dressed all bright always under the BIU President is he Chris’s body guard or was he also taking advantage of the press for foto ops just vundrin

  11. bluebird says:

    They are not living in the past,
    They just love being “VICTIMS” and want others to be the same.

  12. bluebird says:

    Well done OBA,doing a good job of representing all of Bermuda and all Bermudians.
    Some just cant stand or want to understand what has to be done.
    Or we will end up being the Atlantic Argentina or another Haiti

    • Mockingjay says:

      Haiti is in the situation they’re in because of when the Africans chased the French out, France were awarded $90Million compensation in 1838 and they haven’t caught themselves yet, ( because Haiti was the largest producer of sugar) after the only nation in the world to be established as a result of a successful slave revolt.

      • Moojun says:

        I think you mean 90 million Francs (that’s a big difference to $). Haiti paid off all of that debt in full by 1947 (to their immense credit, given the oppressive nature of the claim by France). So actually they did catch themselves, and impressively so.

        But you must acknowledge that 40% of the current balance of Haitian national debt was incurred by the Duvalier regime (1957-1986). It should also be acknowledged that in 2009 Haiti had a huge portion of its external debt forgiven by the lenders.

      • Creamy says:

        That would be the equivalent of having taken on a couple of billion of debt to pay for groceries, which is what the PLP did. Nobody forced us into this position. We’re in it because the PLP put us here.