Truck Driver Arrested After Crashing Into Wall

February 23, 2015

A 24-year-old truck driver was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving after crashing his truck into the wall of the Squash Club in Devonshire, which resulted in multiple people — including bystanders — being injured.

collision-on-feb-21-2015 (3)

A police spokesperson said, “Around 1:30pm on Saturday, February 21st first responders attended a reported collision on Middle Road in Devonshire near the junction with Hermitage Road.

“Details remain limited at this time; however it appears that a truck and possibly two or three other vehicles were involved. The truck ended up colliding with a wall outside the Bermuda Squash Racquets Association.

“Apparently the truck‚Äôs driver and passenger were injured, as well as a few bystanders in the immediate area.

collision-on-feb-21-2015 (2)

“Some of those hurt were taken to hospital via ambulance for medical treatment; however initial information suggests that none of their injuries were considered to be serious.

“The truck driver, believed to be a 24 year old Pembroke man, was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving and a court appearance is anticipated in due course.

“Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses should contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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Comments (14)

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  1. somuchless says:

    Apparently the driver has now been, SQUASHED.

  2. Terry says:

    Let justice take it’s course.

  3. Just sayin says:

    Drunk driving could hv turned into manslaughter. You hv been given a second chance Mr 24 yr old. U better pay attention

  4. just wondering says:

    if he was arrested at the scene then why didn’t the police say so in their initial reports? Why does it take until Monday for them to tell us this basic fact? there may be a very good reason and I am open to hearing it but this strikes me as odd.

    • _ardon says:

      Are you assuming the Police gave the initial report? Maybe they did, I assumed the story was reported on by Bernews? They are not obliged to provide the public with every little bit of info for every situation. Don’t they have to take the individual to the station or hospital for a test to prove it, especially when unsure. Can you imagine the outrage from the public if he had been accused first and the Police had said so – only to find out later they were wrong?

  5. Longtaill says:

    Yeah…. Luckily no one got seriously injured or it could’ve been really bad for the driver. He still needs 2 years off the road and enrolled into a dui program. This cannot repeat itself.

    Also drinking in the company work truck? Should be saving all that for happy hour.

    • Bermuda says:

      It’s a shame the door was ripped off in the accident so the public can’t tell from the photos which company this truck driver worked for. I hope whoever it is cracks down on their employees’ driving habits. The sad thing is that if they are the sole driver for the business and their livelihood depends on it, then they can’t/won’t be taken off the road. Scary thought for the rest of the public. This could have ended much worse.

  6. Terry says:

    If you rely on a Police statement all your life your gonna be behind for a long time.

    His arrest means nothing except afford you an answer to your thoughts or reason.
    Get real “just wondering”.

  7. swing voter says:

    umum but I need my license for my job your worship.