Man Fined $500 For Possessing Counterfeit Bills

March 18, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Mar 18], a 23-year-old man admitted possessing five counterfeit bills

Jah-fari Flood pleaded guilty to possessing five counterfeit US dollar $50 bills on 4th March 2015.

Prosecutor Garrett Byrne told Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo that in the course a police search of Mr Flood, police discovered five US $50 bills on which the ink had run, on which there were smudges, and all five $50 bills had the same serial number.

Mr. Flood told the Magistrate that he had found the money while walking and had no idea that the money was fake.

Mr. Flood was fined $500.

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  1. Who'd a thunk says:

    I hope they checked the money they received for the fine carefully before accepting it!

  2. Longtaill says:

    I don’t understand… people getting sentenced for 7 grams of weed…

    Weed needs to be legalized. People say its a gate way drug, it is only a gateway drug because you make it a gateway drug. People try the illegal weed and say, “oh its not bad no wonder half the people I know smoke it”… couple years later “I’m still ok weed is fine, maybe i’ll try something else can’t be that bad” they try other **** and than its all over.

    If you legalize weed you can focus all your energy onto the unnatural and processed drugs which are dangerous because of the **** people mix it with. drugs are no joke, the first step to fighting them is to make weed legal and differentiate it with the real killer drugs crack cocaine heroin ecstasy meth etc.