Wednesday: East Enders To Host Kite Giveaway

March 31, 2015

The East Enders will be hosting their annual kite giveaway tomorrow afternoon [April 1st] on Kindley Field Road in St. George’s.

There will be free kites for kids as well as a fun castle, and anyone in need of a kite for the upcoming Good Friday holiday is welcome to stop by. The event begins at 4.30pm, and will last until the supplies run out.


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  1. LMAO says:

    Get your free kite and vote PLP

    • Redhind says:

      The question is – are the wealthy folks of the OBA going to give some out also ?
      I’m sure that Premier Dunkley can afford to give a few away.— lol’
      or could it be – buy a Kite and vote OBA — its the people Choice who they vote for – but if the PLP is behind this I say
      that there campaign to regain power.
      @LAMO you must know somthing I don’t know.-like who is behind this.

  2. godson says:

    actually OBA gives them out…

  3. C says:

    who cares who is giving out kites. Everything has got to turn into politics. It’s the kidness that counts.