Unions Served With Legal Process By The Govt

March 27, 2015

The Bermuda Trade Union Congress [BTUC] confirmed that they have “been served with legal process by the Bermuda Government in which a permanent injunction is sought further to the events of January this year.”

A statement from the BTUC said, “The Bermuda Trade Union Congress by the Bermuda Industrial Union, Bermuda Public Service Union, Bermuda Union of Teachers, Bermuda Prison Officers Association and the Bermuda Fire Services Association have been served with legal process by the Bermuda Government in which a permanent injunction is sought further to the events of January this year.”

“The BTUC has secured legal advice and will respond to the government’s application in due course. In response to the assertions made by Minister Fahy yesterday in the local media the BTUC has a responsibility on behalf of its membership to ensure that one of the issues raised for determination before the Supreme Court is the lawfulness of the conduct of the government of Bermuda in this whole process of dealing with furlough days and cuts to the public service.”

Bernews asked the Government about this matter earlier this week, and will update with their response if able.

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  1. What went wrong says:

    It’s clear the OBA are trying to cause civil unrest. This is not good, this may be the longest and hottest summer since 1965.

    • serengeti says:

      I didn’t see you make that comment when Holdipp filed his BS suit yesterday.

    • swing voter says:

      Civil unrest? So the government simply wants to enforce the rules that were agreed upon, while some people think its okay to ignore them? No credibility.

      • Facts people says:

        that is incorrect the government is trying to break the contract that was in place and that will come to an end on Wednesday. They haven’t held up their end of this whole process.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          What contract? The unions agreed to a hiring freeze, so all contracts that are due to finish and are not essential will not be renewed because the unions have agreed for them not to be. The government has been holding up their end entirely, all the way along. They came in saying they were going to fire anyone, and they have done just that. They were simply left with no choice by the unions to not renew contracts. It has been the union leadership that has mislead both their membership and the public. They agreed to not hold wildcat strikes in exchange for the bond they owe, not being called… agreement broken by the unions repeatedly since then. They have agreed to and signed countless CBA’s and are subject to the labour act that prohibits them from any sort of industrial action without any due process and notice… continually ignored, while they demand everytime that employers abide by them. They said they were going put the letter on furrow days to the membership in a meeting, instead, they held a rally and an illegal strike for 3 days objecting to something the government could not enforce on them anyway… to this day, they have never held a discussion or a vote with their membership on any option of furlough days.

          All the government has done, has put in place a measure to ensure the unions abide by the labour act and the contracts/CBA they sign… the very thing the unions expect employers to do. It would be hypocrisy for them to contest this, as it is their own actions that have lead to them getting this. They have no one to blame but themselves… course that won’t stop them, because they are never in the wrong and don’t deserve this injustice.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Should be ‘weren’t going to fire anyone’

    • Lois Frederick says:

      No. Just trying to avoid a repeat of what happened in January where we had an sudden stoppage for days of Govt workers, that inconvenienced the whole island without proper notice. Both sides need to follow agreed to rules.

      • Jo Blo says:

        Do you think this is the most tactful approach one how understands the dynamics should take?

        • hmmm says:

          Next the Unions are going to be in trouble for not filing audited financials, yet paying themselves handsomly

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          It is the only approach left to the government, the union leadership has shown that it has no respect for the rules they agreed to. The unions have shown they can’t be trusted to abide on their own by the labour act and CBA’s they sign, so now there is an injuction that will bring them before the courts if they don’t. Only fair, after all, the unions aren’t above the law, or the contracts they sign, even if they they think they should be.

          • JD says:

            I’m confused. Back in 2011 didn’t the government agree to forgive the $6.8m pro-active bond that the Union put up, in exchange for the Union not conducting wildcat strikes?

            Can the government call that money in if the Union conducts a strike without the appropriate notice?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      This actually doesn’t impact the unions day to day, they still have the right to industrial action within the law, except that they can no longer pull wild cat strikes without being dragged directly to court, with potential for financial penalties. The unions will now have to follow their CBA’s, and due process, before they can even down tools, as it should be with responsible unions. For too long have we heard the unions complain about employers not respecting CBA’s, while they themselves treat them like toilet paper. What happened in January, was so far out of legal and pointless for what could have and should have happened, the unions leadership only have themselves to blame for this injunction, they have taken the p!$$ out their CBA’s too many times.

      • Concerned says:

        they should do one for walk outs from the H A

    • Worked out says:

      you have got to be on some substance to make such a stupid statement, unless the president of Iran is your hero

    • Concerned says:

      Isten closely to theHow many remember a certain lawyer who after giving the thumbs down signal and all hell broke out and riot started who was to blame for that – you need to stand still with your mouth shut and observe people and who their associates are and listen closely to whispers, private meetings and so on. Observe n learn yupppp

  2. C James says:

    Finally it would seem there might be someone on Government who actually has his manhood intact. This is way passed due.

    The unions certainly expect governmnet to stick to their collective bargaining agreement – and government expects no less from the unions.

    This will be interesting. How long until we hear the tired old race card being pulled?

    Any minute I’d say.

    • Ian says:

      This islands (recent) history does a pretty good job of making the case for teh “tired old race card”..

      • C James says:

        Yes in fact the whole of the PLP’s 14 years was run on the ‘tired old race card’ and at the end only those of least intellect were still falling for it.

        Today, even if they was a legit case for ‘the tired old race card’ – nobody would buy it anymore. PLP killed that golden goose.

        • Serious Though says:

          What about the 30 years of UBP?? what do we call them??

          • swing voter says:

            ah the good ole’ days of over-employment perhaps?

            • Ian says:

              Is that all you remember about the good ole days. Pretty sure thats how you folks come to terms with that legacy… There was full employment under the PLP btw.. you know before a global recession kicked in…

              • hmmm says:

                and we had debt and borrowed more under the PLP. If they hadn’t spent like wild bandits then we would have had money available to smooth the impact of the recession. Instead we have a sizable hole in the bucket (Bermuda) that we are carrying water in.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                That over employment was a legacy of the UBP and those before, from ground work laid as far back as the 20′s/30′s. That prosperitiety was well underway befor the PLP came to power in ’98. The PLP’s legacy is what they did during their time then and now to make it difficult to make our recovery so difficult, and it will overshadow any good they have done before.

              • NAI ? says:

                Ian , are you serious? We have fewer jobs in part because companies LEFT Bermuda in part or in whole. They are still in business, just doing that business elsewhere. They did not close their doors due to lack of business- THEY LEFT because of the way they were treated!

                If you move into an apartment, pay top rent but your landlord treats you like crap would you stay if you had other similar options for the same money?! Some might pay more just to get away.

                THAT MY FRIEND IS WHAT HAPPENED HERE! Our economy did not collapse due to exports going down, disease, price of oil, war or anything other than the bullying and asinine treatment by a few in the PLP. Until you and the rest of the PLP admit your wrongs, you will never be respected.

                • Think again says:

                  One thing about it you sheep spin and spin lies. The companies didn’t leave because of the plp. It was all about the money. The only thing the PLP did wrong under Paula time was over spend the last few years when we should have saved. Funny thing is the same Government employees are employed there giving the oba bad advice.

                  • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                    OK, let’s look at a couple of issues with your comment, the glaringly first is that PLP policies played no part in companies leaving. Their policies and hostile immigration stance to IB was one of the main reasons for them leaving, of course it was all abou the money, because of the PLP policies, we were no longer a competitive place to shore business. We became a place were it was more difficult for IB to access and employ the intellectual capital they wanted, and other juristictions were offering better tax breaks and incentives. The PLP took the path that IB would always come to us, no matter what… failed.
                    Now, as for the government employees giving the same bad advice, if this is the case, why do the PLP have such an issue that the OBA is taking an entirely different path from the PLP’s failed direction, surely if the OBA was listening to and taking the same bad advice that the PLP were doing, we would be on the same path. It was a nice try by you to deflect the failure of the PLP policy path on the civil service though… no it really wasn’t, it is glaringly obvious that you will try and blame everyone but the PLP for the financial failure of their government, ignoring the fact that they set us on a course that would have eventually led us to selling the country to the IMF.

              • Kangoocar says:

                Seriously Ian??? You were still wearing diapers when the the UBP were in power!!! You have no right to be discussing what went on in the good old days of the UBP!!! I can tell you that you have no idea how good it really was?? Anyone could get a job before the day was finished!! You are absolutely clueless on issues such as this and should always remember the old saying, ( it is better to stay quite and let us all assume you are ignorant as opposed to you opening your mouth and removing all doubt!!) Money in the bank, 110% employment and very little debt!!! Oh the UBP were terrible?????? After you wipe the mucus from behind your ears, do some objective reading of how it really was under the UBP!!!

                • Concerned says:

                  Proves he been listening to disgruntled people he needs to separate himself from them and soon.

                • Think again says:

                  @ Kangoocar

                  If the UBP was so good why change the name?

                  • Kangoocar says:

                    Because of simpletons such as yourself and the plp, that created this totally false stigma that continuously preached they were only looking out for the white man for nothing else than political advantages?? Look what happened after a few short years of plp control!!! Massive unemployment to mostly their own supporters, $800 million unaccounted for and more racial divisiveness than I have ever seen in my 53 years of living!!!! The funny thing is , the majority of all right thinking Bermudians elected the OBA and we somehow have to keep listening to the minority’s opinions that we should continue to do it the plp way??? Sorry but 14 yrs of that disaster was more than enough!!!!

                  • Hmmm says:

                    Because they wanted to shift out the old structure and constitution and have a more open and all inclusive to all Bermudians party.

  3. enough says:

    what a total waste of money

  4. TonyC says:

    Whilst I agree that Government should follow the correct procedure, it should also be the case that the Unions do also. Too many times, January being just one of them, the Unions call wildcats strikes. They call them meetings or marches, but anyone downing tools to protest is on strike. There is a procedure to follow, and penalties if those procedures are not followed.

    • Coffee says:

      Mass sick outs sans unions will be the next recourse ! I see it coming . Good luck OBA , the unions outlasted the UBP , what chance do you stand , the OBA will be but a small footnote in Bermudas history .

      • hmmm says:

        If that happened many of them would not have jobs to come backs to. Needed services would have to be privatized. No Choice then.

      • NAI ? says:

        I say go for it. Call in sick, go ahead cry wolf – I just hope one day you really are not sick, and you wonder why nobody is sympathetic towards you.

        • outkasted says:

          Once again you fools do not use history as a benchmark. We are all going to feel this. When will we learn.

  5. It’s about time the O.B.A. Government, “put the shoe on the right foot.” Far too often we’ve seen the Unions drop tools and picketed without consideration for the public on a whole

  6. agatha christie says:

    gonna be a long hot summer ……………

  7. Casual Observer says:

    Wildcat strikes do nothing but interrupt and irritate the public and tarnish our reputation as being a stable jurisdiction to visit and/or do business.

    I believe in organized labor’s inalienable right to strike when genuinely aggrieved.

    But there is a process within each CBA that states 21 days notice must be given before downing tools. This provides a window of opportunity to resolve any grievances, if possible, before the last resort of striking.

    Both sides (employers and unions) must abide by the agreed upon CBA or else it is a worthless piece of paper that can be duly ignored by either side if one does not follow it as required.

  8. clearasmud says:

    This is a very shortsighted action by a very shortsighted Minister that will not have they effect intended just like having speeding laws does not stop people from speeding! What this Minister needs to do is accept his shortcommings and learn to be a better communicator! I believe that if the Government team had met with the Unions when they said they would then that March would never have happened but by his actions the minister is not taking any responsibility for that outcome!

    • Trulytruly says:

      Thing is the union will face big fines if stoppages occur without notice as agreed in the CBA.

    • Ringmaster says:

      An interesting insight. So having laws against speeding doesn’t stop speeding? So in your view there should not be a law for speeding and everyone can drive at whatever speed they like? One of the “laws don’t apply to me” set rather like the BIU and BTUC’s actions. Probably a Union member. The Government has not changed the laws allowing legal labor stoppages, just illegal. You and many posters here seem to have a problem with that. Well, the silent majority are more likely to be pleased to see the Government’s stance. Many more than the few hundred “rent a mob” who turn up at these meetings, not even knowing what they are demonstrating against most of the time. The other evening Walton Brown thought he had rented an “opposition to immigration” crowd but others thought it was “anti the new airport”. Sums it up really.

    • NAI ? says:

      Speeding laws stop MOST right thinking people from speeding or at least speeding excessively. Why because they understand we must all work within certain rules if we are to move forward. Agreed, that not everyone listens but those that don’t usually pay for it by being fined first, having their license revoked, learning through the pain of an accident or unfortunately for a few disfigurement, permanent damage, paralysis or death.

      By the way , you do remember that the PLP – THE LABOUR GOVERNMENT, also had problems with strikes and ALSO threatened to take the BIU to court. So are you saving that they too were shortsighted. Just wondering?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      So by your arguement we should have labour laws to protect the right of employees, human rights laws, property laws… and so on and so on. Whether the unions abide by this or not isn’t the matter, what this does is simply set out actual legal ramifications and recourse should the unions continue to break their agreements, and allows for the potential for an employer, (primarily in this case the government) to collect compensation from the offending party/ies (in this case the mentioned unions in the injuction) when they do break their agreements again.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Should read ‘we shouldn’t have labour’

  9. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Ace bwoy…it’s been a long 7 years. Never mind about the summer! It’s about time people worked there way out of all this fussin’ and a fightin’. Work together people instead of downin’ tools at the one drop of a hat!

  10. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    ~Waits to see what the next move will be~

  11. Ian says:

    Do the UBP/OBA cheerleaders here really think this will go over well. Not asking those who were born yesterday btw, that wouldnt be fair.

    • Casual Observer says:

      What is wrong with expecting all parties subject to the CBA to abide by the agreed upon procedures?

      As I noted I strongly agree with the workers’ right to strike, but it must be conducted as agreed upon by the CBA.

      In several of the more recent labor disputes the relevant Union has stated the need for the employer to follow the CBA.

      Is it too much to ask for all parties to adhere to the agreed upon procedures?

      The employers nor the Unions should be able break the legal contract into which they entered voluntarily IMO.

      The Government should not be immune from criticism of their actions, especially if they contravene labor agreements, and neither should the Unions.

      • Franklin Jr says:

        Because it’s oppressive to follow what you’ve agreed to… that’s for the other guy! Government has to follow the CBA in addition to any other crap the unions decide to invent on the spot, and the unions get to follow Chris Furbert et al’s whims, simple!

    • C James says:

      Of course it won’t go over well Ian. The union doesn’t think it has to follow the rules.

      I sincerely hope the next time the BIU calls an illegal strike, that are fined something like $10,000 a day.

      There’s every opportunity for the union to call a legal strike. That’s just not how they play. They prefer to throw their toys out of the pram and call the ‘tired old race card’.


      • Ian says:

        C James I really dont have time for you as you’re not one even capable of seeing the UBP/OBA as anything other than benevolent. I suspect youre not even Bermudian or maybe youre just one of the sell-outs who are too blind to see the UBA/OBA is executing the wishes of foreign interests through a strategy that was reduced to writing (and proven to exist) a few years ago. This tool of a Government serves one Master and it isnt the average Bermudian. Everything they do over the next few years will be predictibly focused on empowering foreigners with everything from land ownership rights (NAMELY 2500 ACRES OF BERMUDA’s BEST REAL ESTATE NOT EVEN RESTRICTED BY PARISH) to voting rights. Christ theyre cranking out new PRCs like its a friggin assembly line. You dont even have to be someone that has contributed here for years now and you will have access to PRC status ALL of the property ownership opportunities locals do, and most of these guys will have ridiculously fat compensation packages to go out into the market and compete with us for OUR birthright. Yeah well done OBA, good looking out for the People… For guys like Fahy, Dunkley, Crockwell and Richards it all amounts to more high fives at cocktail parties smiling in the faces of foreign fat cats who play them like puppets.

        • C James says:

          You are truly pathetic Ian.

        • Ringmaster says:

          Some corrections and requests for facts.
          The PLP increased the land available for non Bermudians from 2,000 acres to 2,500 acres. Why didn’t you complain then?
          New PRC’s on an assembly line? Remember it was Paula Cox who created the PRC. It was that legislation that allowed certain PRC to obtain status. Why didn’t you complain then?
          It was Paula Cox who first raised the matter of selling PRCs to people with money. Why didn’t you complain then?
          Foreign masters? I’d have to agree with you on this. They are called banks and own Bermuda’s debt. Until the debt is paid off they call the shots. It was the PLP who created the vast debt and imbalance between revenue and expenses. Why didn’t you complain then?

          • Ian says:

            If you actually read what i said you would see the emphasis was on the removal of the parish-level caps which essentially gives a bunch of foreigners who have thrived here on everything from housing to tuition allowances the right to essentially get first dibs on 2500 acres of the BEST real estate in OUR COUNTRY. And you sell-out OBA supporters (half of which are probably PRC holders) think people are too stupid to process the particulars of legislative changes the OBA rams down our throats and implications. As I said, brace yourselves for whats coming. And to your question of why I didnt complain about Paulas creation of PRC status, the obvious response is because she did it with good and clear intent, not for the purpose of exploiting it for the sake of giving our birthrights as Bermudians to foreigners that came here got comfortable and decided the island owes them something. But go ahead and keep presuming the people that share my views are just a bunch of idiots that dont see whats going on. On your last question, show me your theory or proof Bermuda would have been better under the UBP/OBA over thier 14 years (especially post 2008) and I will complain about the PLP

          • Thanks Ringmaster, for enlightening them who obviously didn’t know or are sooooo naïve :-(

          • hmmm says:

            Ian argues from a position where the facts are not important, but unicorns and fairies are.

        • jt says:

          Who authorized 2500 acres Ian? Used to be 2,000 think.

        • Greeny says:

          Crankin out PRC like it’s an assembly line…OMG that is so funny. The PLP create the legislation and now its an OBA assembly line? Nice way to refer to fellow human beings who have contributed to Bermuda for over 20 years and already have, thanks to ythe PLP permission to reside. Children should not have access to the internet

          • Ian says:

            Ugh don’t know if you been keeping up to speed but your beloved unelected minister Fahy now wants to make it possible for new company heads to be eligible for PRC. So much for 20 years of being part of Bermuda before having just as much right to owning it as generational locals aka real bermudians.

        • NAI ? says:

          Ian , you do realize that the reason the whole PRC loophole exists is because of the PLP NOT the OBA! If the PLP done their job properly this wouldn’t even be an issue!

          You need to redirect your BS.

          • Ian says:

            Is that your justification for why the OBA had taken no measures to amend legislation and return it fully in line with its clear intent – which includes not exploiting it as a path to a voting right in our country perhaps?? Your “justification” insults everyone’s intelligence, including yours.

        • Hmmm says:

          Birthright? So why did plp let the banks be sold off? Why did PLP introduce PRC, so why did PLP put us in a dire financial position.

          Who sold our birthright? THE PLP sold our birthright and they did it whilst making us think they were looking out for us.

    • serengeti says:

      Why would getting the court to make sure the unions follow the law not ‘go over well’? Doesn’t everyone expect everyone to follow the law? Or do the unions think the law doesn’t apply to them?

      • Ian says:

        I would say because the more you take away from people, the less they have to lose.

        • C James says:

          I think I hear violins….

          • Ian says:

            You can joke all you want. Watch what it turns into.

            • C James says:

              No joke Ian. Your pathetic rants of how badly union members are treated is quite pathetic. They are being asked to stick to their agreement that’s all.

              • Ian says:

                My “rants” speak to the arrogance and abuse of the OBAs powers at the moment to serve outsiders first and foremost. This union stuff just further speaks to the disconnect between them and the larger segment of REAL generational Bermudians here. And you can be offended by that term all you want. Its true!

                • Hmmm says:

                  The OBA are serving all Bermudians, when will you understand that all our money we earn in Bermuda comes from overseas.

                  Take that away and we have an empty rock.

            • Creamy says:

              No ones taking anything away from anyne Ian. If anything this keeps them at work earning money.

            • hmmm says:

              Ian what will it turn into…lay it out, tell us what you are going to do…or rather, ask others to do.

              C’mon waiting !!!

        • jt says:

          Nothing is being taken away.

          • Ian says:

            Maybe not per your rose tinted shades. All the OBA has done to date is give give give to foreigners. Limited resources so that obviously has to come at a cost to the rest of us ultimately doesnt it? Brace yourself for an unprecedentedly divided Bermuda under this government.

            • C James says:

              Pathetic as above. I suppose you think that if you tell a lie enough times it will become the truth.


              • Ian says:

                You just recite the same dumb mantras over and over.

                • C James says:

                  Look in the mirror Ian. The union is being asked to stick to the agreement they made – nothing more or less. This is not about putting down grassroots Bermudians – it is about sticking to what was agreed to. Your lies will never ever become the truth.

                • Hmmm says:

                  Ian hates Bermuda and Bermudians, he is desperate to see it destroyed, because he wants to cut off money supply and foreigners who bring in that money supply and jobs in the economy.

            • jt says:

              Nothing is being taken away.

            • hmmm says:

              What are you on about ? Unbelievable. Were you feed ing from the taxpayer …. I think I know exactly who you are !

            • Creamy says:

              What Ian do you think this “takes away” from anyone? As long as no one breaks the law it makes no difference to anyone.

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              ‘give give give to foreigners’… At what point will you admit that the PLP set this country on course to being sold to the IMF, and that it is the OBA who are actually trying to prevent that. Even this year, the PLP suggestion for reasonable budgeting is to spend more money we no longer have because they set the train down the track while they got off for a glass of champagne. Hands down, no doubt, the PLP are responsible for giving more of this country away to foreigners, than the OBA have. Oh, and the vast maroity of PRC’s are Bermudian, certainly more so than someone who thinks they should have job security and land ownership, just because of the geography of their birth

            • NAI ? says:

              And we were so united under the PLP -14 year plan. I miss those days don’t we all.

              The greatest number of UNemployment in modern history if not ever.
              Worst Tourism figures ever.
              Worst Education system ever.
              Largest exodus in International business ever.
              Lowest construction figures ever.
              More people lost their homes due to unpaid mortgages than ever before.
              Most murders ever.
              Worst serious crime figures ever.
              $800 million unaccounted for under PLP rule.
              We went from surplus to massive debt.
              WE had more tourist accommodations , hotels and guest houses, close their doors in those 14 years than ever before.

              What is it exactly Ian that you wish to see repeated. Go to NY if you want to see Beyoncé. We cant afford a 4 million dollar concert. What did the PLP do for anyone outside of their close circle of family and friends…aside from the Quigars.

              I have to ask, did you benefit from one of their construction projects that went way over budget that nobody was able to fairly bid on like Berkely, DLBE Bldg, TCD, Port Royal, Bda Emissions? Or did you benefit from the taking of the Bda Cemenet Co from one person, only to be handed to others? Or did you benefit from the Coco Reef, Whites Island or City of Hamilton deal? Or are you related to someone that holds a key position within the PLP?

              • Ian says:

                Yeah… Recessions suck huh? Ohhhh that’s right the UBP/OBA are immune to those! I forgot!

                • Jus Wonderin' says:

                  You can’t even respond to him lol. You’re a puppet too!

        • Thelma Foster says:

          the game that the OBA is playing iam watching things minister FAHY is trying to do maybe this is not BERMUDA maybe when he came here there was not one BERMUDIAN here

    • Onion says:

      The PLP/UBP couldn’t seem to work with the Unions either.

  12. Chris says:

    Oh no there goes the rest of the BIU savings!

  13. Jo Blo says:

    oh dear…

  14. Jo Blo says:

    Any guesses on how this will play out?

  15. HOTDOG says:

    Just another way of saying do as I say (OBA)

    • C James says:

      HOTDOG: Not true – it is more like “Do what you agreed to and stay within the law as we do”.

      This is new for Bermuda and no the unions won’t like it. They will have to stay within the law or pay the penalty – like everyone else.

      Tough I’d say. But the union ruined it for themselves. If they’d behaved this wouldn’t be necessary.

      This should have been doen years ago but nobody had the testicular fortitude. They were also subjected to the ‘tired old race card’.

      • hmmm says:

        Looks like Fahy is sticking up for the people of Bermuda to ensure fairness. That’s a good thing.

        that’s why govt is there.

  16. bluebird says:

    It is going to be a long hot summer as the GOVERMENT has run out of money,we KEEP borrowing
    100′s of millions to keep paying the BTUC,AND HOW LONG WILL IT CONTINUE.
    Eventually the BTUC will have to stop living on othet peoples money that we have to borrow from other people.
    The BTUC think they have the BULL by the horns but infact the are holding the tail.

  17. Terry says:

    About time someone (inclusive) did something.
    Years ago it was all about Front Street and Banks and hotels and Triminghams.

    Now it is about saving the country from being third world (to use a quote/s).

    You can loose it all within a year or two. Then again, the loquats and cherries and breams will run out.


  18. Unbelievable says:

    Oh jeez…..The Govt is right to stand up to the Unions but lordy lordy lordy….I do not want to seesaw this potentially could pan out.

  19. Coffee says:

    What we have in Bermuda , unfortunately , is rotten governance !

    • Huh says:

      We have Ian Coffee, just waiting for Mockingay guy

      • Creamy says:

        And the Kunta guy, who goes overseas to get women, so he says.

      • Unbelievable says:

        same person

      • Kangoocar says:

        Ian seems to have the Alaska hall Friday night shift for commenting?? It seems he only shows up on Friday nights here unless he occasional does a someone else’s shift!!! One can only assume the plp gave him the Friday night shift because they assume it would be lowest readership that night????
        Ian’s biggest problem is, he can only see things from a racial view??? Ian, are they serving anything else to go with the special plp tea tonight??? Brownies etc…..

    • jt says:

      Right thought. Wrong tense.

    • hmmm says:

      How is this rotten governance. The government is ensuring all parties abide by the law so that there are not illegal disruptions to the lives of all Bermudians.

      Doesn’t suit your selfish agenda coffee does it.

  20. swing voter says:

    the injunction will ensure that Wildcats are seen for what they are… an immediate act of willful and abrupt resignation! c ya!

  21. Vote for Me says:

    What happens if there is a spontaneous walkout, without union leadership?

    The reality is that we will have lots of union unrest and a lot less cooperation. In instances where the union can exercise restraint, they will probably choose not to do so and move more swiftly to 21 day notices.

    Another example is that the union proposed overtime at 1.5 to ease the buse scheduling issues. We will not see cooperative actions like that in the future.

    The ultimate problem is that the lack of trust on both sides has been diminished and we will have more caustic relations from all unions as we move forward. The strength of the BTUC will certainly come to the fore.

    … the best way to cause enemies to become friends is to give them a common enemy!!

    • Toughchit says:

      The problem is that the Union heads proposed the reduction to 1.5x, but now their members (in this case some bus drivers)refuse to accept it.

      That shows some seriously bad faith on the BTUC’s part to renege on a proposal less than two months ago that was put forward as a means to avoid furloughs.

    • Concerned says:

      does the Union still assist members when they are laid off
      Does the union have the loan facility available to members and if so how many unemployed members each week are not able to pay what action does the union take

  22. Robert says:

    Union busting, thats all this is.

  23. Alvin Williams says:

    When the people are enraged no government or contrive law or legal system will deter them. That is a lesson that has had to be taught over and over again and it is one that this government will also learn.

  24. Ace girl says:

    Well done OBA. Great to see some testicular fortitude on your behalf. The BTUC is holding the country to ransom. The government is there to govern, not react to every little whim of Chris et al. It is apparent the country is economically challenged can the BTUC not realize there has to be solutions and that means cut backs? Possibly the furlough days could have been a better option. However, we will never know and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Why is it we only highlight problems and almost never come up with solutions?

  25. Triangle Drifter says:

    both sides are required to abide by the terms of the CBA. What is the problem with that?

    Thousands of people are fed up being inconvenienced by wildcat, sorry meetings, strikes. The unions are quick to jump at the employers, Government especially, if the letter of the CBA is not followed regarding an issue in their favour. The unions have no interest in following the CBA if it does not suit them.

    Lets see if Government has any teeth behind its roar. Will we see a President Reagan vs air traffic controllers?

  26. cromwell says:

    Most of the members of the union want to work and get paid well for their labour and find when they join collectively with other skilled workers that they have strength in numbers. Workers normally don’t want to go on strike unless they are scared.

    If their elected union leaders politically manipulate them (ie The Progressive Labor Party)and make them do illegal things its the leaders fault not the members who rely on what their leaders tell them as true.

    If the Union exercised its strike actions in specific ways without hurting the public, such as not servicing or putting gas in GP cars they would be more effective in influencing those with power, rather than shutting down the buses which hurt old people and our school children.

    Let the workers work and the leaders use smart work stoppages not stoppages that destroy the quality of life for their fellow Bermudians.

    • will not go back says:

      Union people do not fear because they know where they come from. Nothing to fear compared to those times

  27. say it aint so says:

    Get rid of the unions!!! There should be a clause stating “NO STRIKING AGAINST GOVERNMENT” Other countries have it.

    • Concerned says:

      Was it ever decided to make the bus service an essential service like police, fire an so on

    • outkasted says:

      Union busting …. Yeah they tried. But unions are growing.

  28. will not go back says:

    Union Stand strong in the face of the devil.

  29. Rasta says:

    Who runs Bermuda, the Govt or the unions?

  30. shutthemdown says:

    you can never stop the workers from protesting…….


  31. Coffee says:

    Now that the unions can’t speak for government workers , 3000 individual doctors notes will ! LOL , I told you this OBA government is manned by amateurs . When will they learn that organized labor is more powerful than any weak political party ?

    • Creamy says:

      3,000 liar employees, paid for by the rest of us.

    • Barracuda says:

      You need to do better , deep inside you know this to be true.