Scott: ‘Lack Of Understanding Tourism Product’

April 30, 2015

LAWRENCE SCOTT“The comments from Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell, carried in today’s media, about enticing the private sector to donate into a fund to help continue airlift to Bermuda demonstrates a total lack of understanding of the tourism product by our Tourism Minister,” Shadow Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott said.

“I wish the Minster would have reached out to me before attempting to provide a creative way at problem solving. Minister Crockwell’s statement highlights either his lack of understanding of the aviation industry as a whole or his confusion between Commercial Aviation and that of Corporate Aviation.

“Perhaps this is why Bermuda is currently experiencing our lowest air arrivals in 48 years, and consequently resulting in the country seeing airline service at historic lows.”

“The One Bermuda Alliance’s austerity budgets are obviously weakening our economy, and must be reversed if we are to reestablish tourism as one of our main economic pillars.”

“The formula is not that difficult to understand – increase our investment in tourism, leads to increased awareness of the product, equating to increased tourism arrivals, and increased revenue. However the converse is also true as we are currently seeing.

“The less people ware of our product, results in less people/tourist traveling to Bermuda. Reduced tourism marketing creates reduced tourism arrivals, with dangerous knock ons like the loss of air service, loss of hotels and no hotel development.”

“This proposal is an insult to business persons and the taxpayers and should concern all stakeholders in Tourism.”

“The energy of the BTA and the Bermuda Government should be spent on making Bermuda a more competitive tourism jurisdiction via marketing, and by driving and providing a more authentic and uniquely Bermudian led product that appeals to overseas guests.

“Minister Shawn Crockwell, has my number, I strongly suggest he uses it as I would gladly share ideas that I believe will get our air arrival numbers going in the right direction,” added Mr. Scott.

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  1. Casual Observer says:

    Strange that Mr. Scott didn’t share one of his ‘great and innovative’ ideas in this silly little press release. Just like how the PLP won’t give one idea as to how they think immigration reform should be approached. Why so secret with all your fabulous ideas?

    And more money doesn’t equate to more success. Funneling monies t

    If that was the case education would have been producing much better results years ago.

  2. LOL says:

    NOW–everyone is an expert.

    I kinda think that the BTA is doing what Mr. Scott talks about in his opinion piece. Glad to see that the PLP is embracing the BTA marketing strategy–

    Some advice–working together is great–dictating that someone should seek assistance is not COLLABORATIVE–let’s focus and add this word to our narrative!!!

  3. Trulytruly says:

    I think we should wait and see how the meetings go. I have a feeling IB don’t feel insulted. The relationship is a healthy one and I am sure they will have a productive open discussion. Give it a chance before sounding so high and mighty.

  4. C James says:

    Because PLP did so much better with Dave Allen’s 100 day plan back in 1998.


    • stunned... says:

      the PLP turned Tourism around in 100 days per Mr. Allen.

  5. jt says:

    Why not share those ideas with us right now? Let’s have them.

    • Zevon says:

      I’m they’re ideas to turn around tourism by 2025.

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Shallow Min Scott, and I strongly recommend you Call a school that offers economics classes?? If your plp had not, through sheer incompetence lost $800 million our TAX payers money, the present government would not have to ask anyone at all for help!!!

  7. BT CHECKER says:

    I am not being difficult (promise) but I have no idea what point is being made here.

  8. North Rock says:

    “….reached out to me ” ?????????? Tell us, Mr Scott, first, why and then what would you have advised ?

    Shawn, you definitely need to get his direct # ….consulting and obtaining advice from the PLP is a great idea…its worked well at some point…maybe ask them when ?

  9. aceboy says:

    Your explanation as to why Crockwell’s suggestion shows a lack of understanding is lacking mate.

    It simply reads as a “He should have asked me” statement.

    “The formula is not that difficult to understand – increase our investment in tourism, leads to increased awareness of the product, equating to increased tourism arrivals, and increased revenue. However the converse is also true as we are currently seeing.”

    How is Crockwell’s suggestion diverging from this???? It isn’t.

    My goodness me.

    Investment in tourism HAS increased. Hotels are being actually built, not just promised. To fill them we have to subsidize airlines. Starting a fund to pay for that makes sense to me.

    Nothing this joker said makes sense.

  10. Wonder Why says:

    Wrong again. He shouldn’t even be Shadow. He would run the island into the ground.

  11. serengeti says:

    What “austerity budgets”? Another PLP myth.

  12. just the facts says:

    Actually Mr. Scott, it is you who has not a clue! Demand is up! But people can’t get here or the price is too high to travel to Bermuda. 16k seats were lost in the first 3 months of this year. Why? Because the airlines wanted guarantees that they didn’t get, and those that did have guarantees could care less about whether or not they fill the planes: ticket prices remain sky high to get here. Why do you think it’s so expensive for Bermudian’s to leave the Island? Planes fly both ways – locals pay a fortune just to get off de’ Rock. This is an issue that impacts locals, businesses, and visitors. To say it’s all about tourism shows just how little you know or care. It’s a issue for everyone on the Island as well as visitors. And all need to be onboard to solve it.

  13. Terry says:

    I told you they would be out making statements on many things.

    PLP;- Please Leave Plane.

    Rum all around.

  14. Happy says:

    Most ministers seem to know very little about their ministries and just fill a position to get paid. Patirice Minors comes to mind when the plp gave her the tourism job.

    • Jack straw says:

      Like Wayne Scott is master educator!! Lay down @Happy.

  15. Zevon says:

    I guess he forgot about the subsidies paid to airlines under the PLP.
    Or maybe that’s “history” now and we’re not allowed to bring that up.

    • Jack straw says:

      Most if not all airlines that come here get subsidies. Especially new routes.

      • Trulytruly says:

        Two get subsidies. As it’s not publicly disclosed, picking through the bones it seems to be the AA Miami route and Westgate Toronto flight.

  16. scorpio says:

    Exactly what does Bermuda offer that the average traveller can’t get in competing neighboring islands for much cheaper? Its fine to invest money in marketing, but do we offer a product worth the asking price? Thats an honest question we should be asking ourselves, because thats what the modern tourist is asking when deciding whether to come here or elsewhere.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Unlimited Fun, Exciting Adventures and Local Interaction, of which is Non-existent in this Boring Island.

      • C James says:

        This island which is made all the more boring by your all to frequent and completely pointless rants.

      • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

        It does exist, you don`t know where or how to find it ! Your blowing PLP smoke as always! You are boring and unhelpful, and lack Bermudian spirit!!

  17. somuchless says:

    I thought hanbury said that tourism was on the rise. If this is the case good if not someone ain’t doing their job and must go. And if United can’t fill their flights obviously someone isn’t doing to sharp. Points fingers at the bta.

    • Mockingjay says:

      For $1,000.00 a day you would say anything.

      • C James says:

        At least this Premier didn’t hire his best mate’s company for $27 mill.

  18. BDA Friend says:

    I guess aged old-fashioned hotels, ridiculous prices, difficulty getting around, inconsistent public transport, a lack of current entertainment and retail options, inflated green fees and hostility to foreigners has nothing to do with the down turn.

  19. On de Hill says:

    The OBA Government continues to try and find solutions to these difficult problems that they didn’t create and all the PLP do is conjure up ridiculous criticism. I have yet to hear an intelligent statement from Lawrence Scott since he was elected. He surely doesn’t take after his ol man! Keep pressing forward OBA, please!!

  20. campervan says:

    IB already massively props up the airlift to Bermuda in the form of purchasing full price, short notice tickets for their frequently travelling staff.
    If a core of IB move off the Rock, airlift will be slashed massively.
    This would then result in the remaining IB moving out as well due to lack of airlift.

  21. Enough says:

    Another clueless PLP Minister. Every time one of them opens their mouth to complain they make themselves look even more foolish, which I though was an impossible thing to do….

  22. Do the Math says:

    As long as his brilliant idea does NOT include Wayne Furbert singing the American national athem at a baseball game… I’m all ears!

  23. Delano Ingham says:

    D. Ingham.
    For all tourists who are here or intend to come to Bermuda, let me assure you not all Bermudians display the nastiness that is displayed daily on the blogs. You like me, can and no doubt you do, read the comments made on these sites. Be aware that there are those who claim to be in favor of tourism and may even ask the rest of us to be friendly, but continue to make comments about each other like this.
    Should you decide to come or, are already in Bermuda; I pray you don’t have an encounter with these people.
    I would like to see or tourism industry turn around. Most Bermudians do. I am concerned about our reported friendly nature. How can we smile and be so bitter toward each other on the inside?

    Delano Ingham

  24. Cow Polly says:

    So Lawrence you want to discuss with Shaun your Party’s ‘Platinium Period’?

  25. Not again !!! says:

    Am I the only person who’s noticed that the PLP dance around lovely words, but offer no true resolution. Where are the ideas, and statistics shadow minister??? Stop feeding us hogwash PLP !!!

  26. stunned... says:

    the general consensus irrespective of ideologies, party preferences, etc is that our Tourism product is broken despite monies that have been spent on it.

    since our tourism heyday, our Tourism product for Bermuda continues to be misunderstood or not understood at all. we have failed to evolve or adapt to our changing environment while still relying on what previously worked. we keep doing the same things, thinking the same way getting the same or worsening results and then blaming external factors. when money doesn’t solve a problem, then you have to concede that you have a problem and without a doubt we have thrown money at tourism in a myriad of ways with and without obtaining value.

    what’s the solution?
    firstly, like in those AA meetings – you have to recognize and own the problem: Our Tourism activity is not working/dead

    secondly, define the problem – list out all the activities that are being performed so as not to repeat them in the new world of thinking

    thirdly, define what, who Bermuda is and get a multitude of responses not from some thinktank but from the people of Bermuda – this represents the core product.

    fourthly, initiate a SAGE for Tourism Renewal – gathering ideas from school children right the way through to senior citizens.

    this is just a start, but ultimately all political parties will need to sign off on the Tourism Revival plan to guarantee the continuity of the plan to insure its success irrespective of General Elections.

    i might add that a similar approach has to be taken for Education.

    • stunned... says:

      the way i see is when i read these posts is that when it comes to Tourism we are at the bottom of a deep hole. instead of trying to figure out how to get out, we are arguing amongst ourselves as to who put us in the hole…how about we use our ingenuity to find a way out or to get help? when we get out we can vow never to vote for the party that put us in that hole…