Survey Show Visitors Satisfied With Transport

April 16, 2015

A new Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] visitor survey reveals recent air visitors to Bermuda are generally satisfied with their experience when using public transportation, with 89% of those who rode the bus saying they were “satisfied” with the experience, while 97% of visitors who used the ferry service said the same.

The BTA said, “Fifty-six percent of respondents rode the bus during their recent visit to Bermuda. Among those visitors, 89% were “satisfied” with their experience, giving a score of 7 or higher on a scale of 1-10. The average score was 8.5 out of 10. Promptness, cleanliness and value for money rated highest amongst respondents.

“Sixty-one percent of respondents rode the ferry during their recent visit to Bermuda. Among those visitors, 97% were “satisfied” with their experience, giving a score of 7 or higher on a scale of 1-10. The average score was 9.3 out of 10. Value for money, cleanliness and operator friendliness rated highest among respondents.

Today the BTA presented the findings of the survey to unionized public transport workers.

“Public transportation is a very important link in the tourism value chain because it touches more than half of all air visitors,” said BTA CEO Bill Hanbury.

“On behalf of the Tourism Authority, and especially during Hospitality Month, we want to congratulate the men and women who work in the public transport sector for the role they’re playing in creating a positive visitor experience. Friendly bus and ferry operators who are good at their jobs are true assets to the Bermuda tourism economy.”

Overall, friendly public transport operators were of supreme importance to visitors.

BIU President Chris Furbert echoed words of gratitude to the members of the Bus Operators & Allied Workers and Marine & Ports Divisions who attended the survey results presentation today and said union leadership is “basically pleased with the results of the survey”.

Mr. Furbert continued: “As President of the BIU, I personally take the time to meet and talk with all of our members, in particular our members who deal with the public, and stress to them the importance of providing optimum service to the public.

“I believe that all of our members are aware of the importance of tourism to our economy.”

The BTA said, “The Tourism Authority’s Research & Business Intelligence unit conducted the transport survey using a new online research panel which debuted at the end of 2014. About 7,000 recent visitors to Bermuda have already joined the online panel, able to provide timely feedback over the internet on a variety of important tourism-related issues. This transport survey of air visitors is the first time the online panel has been questioned for a survey.

“The same survey also examined visitor satisfaction with taxi service. The BTA is working in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport and the Bermuda Hotel Association to present those findings to the local taxi industry groups.

“Meantime, beginning this spring, the BTA will use the visitor exit survey to poll cruise visitors on their satisfaction with public and private transportation options including bus, ferry, taxi and mini bus services.

“While the high satisfaction ratings of air visitors were well received by public transport workers and its union, there was a general consensus that there are areas of improvement to pursue. The BTA looks forward to working with union stakeholders and the government to make progress on those areas of improvement.”

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  1. Raw Onion says:

    Ride the bus 3 times, the ferry twice and Its a great experience. Ride them everyday and bad experiences will even out with the good.

    • Regardless, it’s still “a feather in our cap” to have such comments made for others to read…

      • Take note: So far I see 6 “dislikes” attached to my comment…You all must have a hair across you a– to be so negative when commenting on something that is in actual fact beneficial to everyone :-(

  2. Yawns says:

    BTA Better Try Again.

  3. Marbles says:

    So how many bus drivers actually showed up?

  4. bluebird says:

    Government still cannot afford $90.00 and hour overtimes for someone to drive a bus,besides the excellent vacation benefits 14 weeks sick leave and a pension at the end.
    A lot of US want that job and who is going to pay for this in the future ?? all the young people ????

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      $90 an hour to drive a plus overtimes?! Where do I sign up?!

  5. Betty Boop says:

    Maybe Chris Furbert should read the blogs, cause some tourists say that riding our buses is horrible and the drivers are unfriendly. That’s probably because they are all BIU members and get away with being rude to the tourists, and anyone else who rides the bus. I donlt believe it’s all of them though, some tourists won’t return because of this or certainly won’t ride the bus again, wake up Mr. Furbert, they don’t hear you.