Bermudians Attend ‘#JoinTheGreats’ Event

May 12, 2015

On Friday, May 1, the Carlsberg ‘#JoinTheGreats’ event kicked off in Liverpool, with many of the contest’s happy winners in attendance, including Merkel Smith, Jermaine Outerbride, and Tajmal Webb from Bermuda, who joined others from places such as Ireland, Israel, Australia, Canada, and Malta.

Starting out by arriving at their designated hotels, the winners visited one of the biggest landmarks in the area – Anfield, the legendary Liverpool Football Club stadium.

Carlsberg LFC (1)

Here the winners were shown how close the Lady’s room actually is to LFC manager Brendan Rodgers’ office [only one door away], how close the audience actually is to the dugouts, which players still owns a regular box at the Stadium [Sturridge, Flanagan, etc] and much more.

The next stop was the breathtaking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Britain’s largest Cathedral and the fifth largest in the world, where the big LFC legend Q&A event was held.

Carlsberg LFC (2)

The Bishop kindly introduced the 3-course dinner, where the winners were joined by four great and much decorated Liverpool FC legends, including David Johnson, Terry McDermott, Phil Neal, and Alan Kennedy.

Alan Kennedy said, “It wasn’t about the money, it was about the medals.”

Carlsberg LFC (3)

Answering a question related to when was the best time put on that red Liverpool FC shirt and play at Anfield, David Johnson answered, “The first time you do it, is always the best.”

The next day was game day, marking Liverpool’s encounter against Queens Park Rangers. The final score was Liverpool Football Club 2 – Queens Park Rangers 1.

Carlsberg LFC (4)

The most talked about LFC player at the moment, the legend Steven Gerrard, played a major part in the game. First by missing a penalty, and then by making up for it with a last minute header.

All of the guests in the Carlsberg lounge voted for Gerrard as being the games’ Man of the Match.

Carlsberg LFC (5)

The last day of the Carlsberg weekend, our winners finally crowned the #JoinTheGreats experience by playing on Anfields hallowed pitch. A ‘money-can’t-buy’ experience, as one of our winners described it.

Dietmar Hamann, John Barnes, Roy Evans, and John Aldridge joined the winners and gave them a short talk in the official Anfield dressing rooms before they touched the ’This is Anfield’ sign and entered the pitch.

Carlsberg LFC (6)

The winners took the pitch with great enthusiam and were separated into four groups on a mostly sunny Anfield day to take turn on four different exercises, including the crossbar challenge and penalty shoot-out, among others.

After this unique experience, the winners were served with food and cold Carlsberg beer, before the four legends sat down for a Q&A from the audience and awarding the best player on the pitch.

Carlsberg LFC (7)

“My highlight from playing for LFC was the first day, the last day and everything in between,” said John Barnes during the Q&A, stating it an honour to play ten years for the club.

Most of the guests couldn’t even describe the experience with words, and were extremely overwhelmed by the weekends’ many happenings.

Carlsberg LFC (8)

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