May Declared Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

May 6, 2015

[Updated with video] May has been designated Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, and today [May 6] Teen Services hosted a proclamation ceremony which was attended by Premier Michael Dunkley, Minister of Community, Culture and Sports Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, and the Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment Jeanne Atherden.

Attendees at the event were addressed by motivational speaker and radio host Kristy “Miss Thang” Burgess.

The event opened with a welcome from Teen Services Board Member Olga Scott, followed by a prayer by Pastor Eldridge Burrows of the West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly. The proclamation itself was delivered by Minister Gordon-Pamplin, with Ms. Shacolbi Basden and Dr. John Duncan providing a musical selection afterward.

may 6 2015

Ms. Burgess followed that selection with her motivational speech, before the event closed with a vote of thanks from Ms. Michelle Wade, Teen Services Executive Director.

The proclamation, delivered by Minister Gordon-Pamplin, stated, “Whereas, May is recognized as Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month and Teen Services has for 17 years hosted this awareness campaign.

“Whereas, teen pregnancy remains a major problem on the island of Bermuda. The economic, social and personal cost to teen parents, their families, and society is great. Teen Pregnancy impacts every parish, school and household.

“Thus, the responsibility to solve this problem lies with all of us; families, communities and young people.”


“Whereas, the basic goal of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign is to reduce Bermuda’s rate of teen pregnancy. This includes raising awareness of teen pregnancy prevention and providing young people and their families with the tools to identify at-risk scenarios.

“Whereas, five principles have been identified that are essential to promoting community involvement. To increase public awareness and commitment to teen pregnancy prevention. To encourage young people to avoid at-risk behaviours and situations, which result in early pregnancy.

“To provide information and practical behavioural skills that promotes abstinence and empowers one to be responsible for one’s actions. To encourage young people and guide them to remain in school and further their education.”


“To build public and private sector partnerships with all stakeholders; which includes parents, schools, businesses, media, health, and human service providers.

“Whereas, Teen Services continues to honour its commitment to ensuring that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign is the foundation of the agency’s programmes. The agency will continue to interact with students in the middle and senior schools, using various mediums. The social work staff will also provide follow up intervention.

“Now, therefore, I, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, proclaim the month of May 2015 as Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. I call upon all citizens to express their commitment to join forces with Teen Services, families, schools, churches and social organizations to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy in Bermuda.”

Update 10.31pm: 40 minute video of today’s ceremony added below.

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Comments (11)

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  1. The Bean Family... says:

    AWESOME and AMAZING Speech!! I am still in awe.

    Well done Ms. Burgess! You need to be in our education system!!

  2. umum says:

    Isn’t teen pregnancy the national sport of Bermuda?

  3. Bermy says:

    “To provide information and practical behavioural skills that promotes abstinence…”
    When will Bermuda realize that this doesn’t work! It’s frustrating that we still push abstinence over basic sex education; easier access to condoms and birth control can have drastic effects on teen pregnancy rates, and don’t chastise them if they ask for these things.

    • Real Deal says:

      Abstinence does work……..however, people make choices wether to have sex, smoke, drugs, etc….educate educate educate……

  4. Sony says:

    But I thought we needed our population to grow

    • Mockingjay says:

      Actually it’s worldwide and being that it’s been noted that Birthrates are down all I can say is, keep popping them out girls.

  5. Mrs. Sousa says:

    I had the pleasure to witness your motivating and encouraging speech and I am amazed but happy that someone had like yourself can be real with the young people.

    Ms. Burgess, I wish all the BEST in your life coaching and I hope your gift and talent does not go unnoticed.


  6. Coffee says:

    With a falling birth rate in Bermuda , we should be encouraging families to have more children . Women who reach the age of majority should be given incentives to start families immediately .

  7. Be Realistic says:

    Let’s be realistic. In this day and age, teenagers are more inquisitive and open about sex and their own sexuality.Rather than pretending that it is something to be ashamed of, and should only be within marriage, how about we teach the importance of birth control and responsible sexual activity. Clearly stressing abstinence has not been an effective method to prevent teen pregnancy to date…..

  8. rhonda says:

    Last year there was 9 teen births no distinction made between the 13 year old child and the 18/19 year old adult. Why the government never puts out stats. Are teen pregnancies on the raise, oh well last year they were soliciting funds a pleasant change this yey.