‘Accelerated Warming’ Between Bermuda, USA

June 22, 2015

Unexplained “large scale changes” in the waters off the northeast coast of the United States have lead to additional investigation by oceanographers as they react to a number of data points, many of them collected by the container ship Oleander as it routinely travels between Bermuda and New Jersey.

An article on the website of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution [WHOI] says, “A new study by physical oceanographers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, shows that water temperatures in this continental shelf region have been trending upward, with unprecedented warming occurring over the last 13 years.

“The study also suggests a connection between sea level anomalies and water temperature along the continental shelf.

“The research is based upon a rare collection of temperature data from the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. that were collected in collaborative effort between scientists and the operators of the container ship Oleander, which routinely travels between Bermuda and New Jersey.”

The Oleander delivers Oracle Team USA equipment to Bermuda:

“The bulk of the data were collected by volunteer observers who rode the Oleander at monthly intervals deploying the bathythermographs, a probe that is dropped from a ship to measure the temperature as it falls through the water.

“The researchers underscore the importance of a long, continuous set of measurements, and that they are hard to come by due to the limitations of funding.

“The Oleander program and the newly installed Pioneer Array, a part of a larger NSF-funded network of observatories in the Atlantic and Pacific called the Ocean Observatories Initiative, which is positioned along the shelf break, will collect continuous measurements, so critical in understanding the dynamics of the region.

“Because it’s a productive fishing ground, the warming at lower depths can have a big impact on the distribution and abundance of fish in the area.”

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  1. When nuclear testing was rampant it was first on ground…then below it…then in the atmospere…this has basically broken the planet….and atmosphere….We are not the first to do it either…it is not the first time we did this…many many things indicate this…it seems we are incapable of living in harmony as the Indians did….