Photos & Video: St. George’s New Bathrooms

June 22, 2015

Mayor of St. George’s Quinell Francis officially opened the King’s Square Restrooms in a ceremony held last week, saying that while they have retained the historic aspects of the building’s exterior the interior is “very modern and first class.”

Mayor Francis said, “This is a very special occasion, where we get to open our first class facility. On behalf of the Corporation of St. George’s, the members, myself, all of our councilours, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who assisted in ensuring this project was carried to fruition.”


Senator Renee Ming said, “It has been a long time coming; this is something that our town needs. We look forward to not just our visitors enjoying our facilities, but also our local residents as well.”

Mayor Francis was quite enthused to cut the ribbon, noting that the building is blue and the ribbon is red, with Mayor Francis pointing out this is “too close to Cup Match” and they want to “make sure they take this red ribbon off their blue building.”

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Comments (22)

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  1. feel the love says:

    nice but did someone forget the mirrors?

  2. Very nice…very nice indeed.

  3. It’s really …so nice…I honestly don’t want to poop innit!

  4. St.Georgian says:

    Looks awesome! Hopefully people can keep them looking this way.

  5. St. D says:

    Wow, 21st century bathrooms in our 400 year old Towne. :)

  6. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” I thank everyone for,(finally)bringing this to fruition, especially with us having this years Marion – Bermuda race only a few hour from completion…The many people who’ll be flocking into St. George’s to admire the many boats that will be making Port soon the new rest rooms certainly will be appreciated :-)

    • Tania Stafford says:

      The Marion race boats dock at RHADC in Hamilton, but we still hope people will come to St. George’s for the Olde Town market this weekend

  7. K says:

    Very nice bathrooms, however, I only see a changing table in the women’s bathroom. What if baby is with daddy?

  8. C says:

    Beautiful Now wedco I needs to do something with the bathrooms up there in the craft market

  9. Quid pro quo says:

    Yes,hopefully the mirrors are still going to be put up?! One thing that is very refreshing to see is a change table. The number of restaurants and other public washrooms which do not have change tables is appalling!

    • Karma says:

      True…and they need to be in the men’s rooms as well as the ladies’ rooms!!

  10. BullDog says:

    Looking plush!!

  11. Well Done! says:

    Congratulations!! looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see it with some added decor (pics., flowers, etc.)

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I think some historic pictures of the Olde Towne in the theme would be a good idea too. Mirrors and a changing table in the Men’s would be good as well

    • Huh? says:

      … And a couple guys should stand outside playing steel pan and singing. That would be nice.

  12. Sid says:

    Great job! Maybe someday Parks Department might replace the rusty, broken Horseshoe Bay washrooms at Bermuda’s top tourist attraction.

  13. ABC says:

    its wheel chair friendly it a gr8t job well done 2 de st geo peeps

  14. somuchless says:

    So they have a press event for flipping toilets. Hahahahahahah

    Imagine if and when they get a hotel.

    Only in Bermuda.

  15. Alafiyah says:

    These are nice. Just hope 6 months from now they look the same and not like those at the Hamilton Bus Depot? At least some Bermudian (s) will have a job up-keeping them. Are they open 24/7?

  16. weight loss says:

    Get it together people ease up on de rum.

  17. Bye darn de rerd says:

    Lovely, but where are the baths?