Gyptian & RDX Replace Beenie Man At SvR

July 13, 2015

Due to travel restrictions in the US and Canada, Beenie Man will not be able to travel to Bermuda to perform at the Soca versus Reggae event, however the SVR organisers have secured reggae stars Gyptian and RDX to represent the Reggae Team at this year’s event.

Saying that they do understand some patrons were very much looking forward to seeing Beenie Man, they are offering anyone who has purchased early bird tickets a full refund.

The organisers said, “The SVR Organizing Committee regrets to announce that, due to unforeseen travel restrictions in the US and Canada, and despite the assiduous efforts of the SVR Team, Beenie Man will not be able to travel to Bermuda and perform for Soca versus Reggae: The Cloud 9 Edition.

“This is a setback, as Beenie Man is a very popular artist amongst Reggae fans in Bermuda, but SVR is a celebration of all things Caribbean and spectacular; as such, we guarantee that the SVR experience will not be dampened in any way by this unfortunate development.

“To ensure that our valued patrons and supporters are thoroughly satisfied when they end their Cup Match revelry, the SVR Team has secured singing sensation Gyptian and reggae energy merchants RDX to represent the Reggae Team at this year’s essential summer event.

“With international super hits like ‘Bring It On [Beautiful Lady]‘ and ‘Hold You’ [Gyptian], and ‘Kotch’ [RDX] in their collective catalogue, we are confident that this lineup will bring every ounce of star power necessary to defend the SVR crown for the Reggae Team; and defend it well.

Gyptian’s hit song “Hold You”

“International DJ Coppershot has also been removed from the Reggae roster in order to keep the teams evenly matched. Local sound system King Jyrus will handle the DJ battle for the Reggae Team, while D’General, DJ Rusty G, and Giselle will team up to deliver the energy for Soca. The Soca Team will be led by international artists Shal Marshall and 5 Star Akil.

“We feel that this new line-up promises an extremely dynamic, entertaining, and exciting show. We do, however, understand that many of our patrons and supporters were very much looking forward to seeing Beenie Man [as were we], so we’d like to offer anyone who has purchased Early Bird tickets with hopes of seeing him live on stage a full refund. If a patron requires a refund due to these developments, then he or she should contact us directly on

“Finally,  the focus this year is the Cloud Nine VIP, which will be even better than last year, and features an open bar and catered cuisine. If you’ve been to an SVR event in the past, expect that level of sheer delight and more.”

The Soca Versus Reggae Cup Match After Party will take place at Tiger Bay in St. George’s on Friday, July 31st. For more information please see their website.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Bait and switch…been going on in BDA for years!

    • Duh... says:

      How is it “Bait and switch” if you are offered a full refund? Baits are used for traps, and traps are (in most cases) inescapable. The team has offered a way out to those who want it. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. When I mentioned the new lineup to several females, they were extremely excited. So you can stay there and complain about being baited and switched. I’ll be in the mix with the ladies!

      By the way, did you even purchase an early bird ticket? Didn’t think so…

  2. Bermyboy says:

    REALLY? From Beenieman to this? What a joke!

    • They Call me Payback says:

      Are you serious, do you even know who RDX are!!! clearly you are old school, This will surely pull the younger crowd! DAGGA MASTA!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SHOCKER says:

    Well I think we all saw this coming… disappointing. Don’t advertise for an artist if you don’t even know how you’re going to get him here. ONLY in Bermuda.

    • Harmony says:

      Shut the heck up. It is not only in Bermuda. They had him secured it’s the visa that was the issue for one. Two it happens all the time with the best of the best concert in Miami along with others so shut up.
      you don’t like it don’t go point blank.

    • Get it right ... says:

      Actually, several shows were advertised and subsequently cancelled throughout North Ametuca due to these same developments … So … NOT only in Bermuda … I guess ….

      • Loser says:

        And before that he had shows cancelled in the UK, NZ, and Belgium. He was also removed from the MTV VMAs for songs inciting the murder of homosexuals. What a loser. Good riddance.

      • Baldr says:

        North Ametuca? Gotta visit this mysterious place you speak of!

  4. Crazy says:

    I think this went from being a potentially great show to mediocre at best.

  5. Truth be told says:

    Gyption is played way out he ant made anything since a decade ago lol

  6. Vote for Me says:

    SVR should check with some of our high end residents to see if Beenie Man can ‘bum a ride’ and come direct – via private jet!!

    • Go says:

      If he’s not welcome in the US and Canada, he ought not be welcomed here either.

  7. hush your mouth says:

    If anyone knows anything about Soca Vs Reggae, it is never about the artist it is about the raw organic competition and the community love of both art forms. The local organizers are very committed in bringing Bermuda the best in entertainment period and they have some of the best marketing campaigns we have seen in years.

    Soca vs Reggae is now a staple on the Cup Match Weekend scene and it draws thousands yearly to their events both local and overseas for the last 10 years.

    Those who are making unfounded comments have no idea about Bermuda’s landscape and I challenge you to find any organization that has been committed to providing quality entertainment for Bermudians and their guest for the last 10 years consistantly.

    • Next says:

      Who the hell is coming from overseas to see this bummy lineup and mediocre shows they put on in Bermuda? If people didn’t come to see Beyonce and Alicia Keys, you know, people with actual talent and fame, what makes you think they care to come see Gypyian and whoever the other one is? Puhlease. You clearly work for the promoters.

      I would have gone to see Beenie Man as he is somewhat of a household name and has hits but Gyptian? No thanks. Low rank talent that probably only get paid $5,000 a show. Bring in some actual stars for once.

  8. Hush it You went off the path if that’s the case bring in artist that people want to see and hear li

  9. Bermy Realist says:

    its cool, im still going..its Cupmatch, but I wish a promoter would bring in Jah Cure!

    • john silvester says:

      Not much of a realist. Beenie might be a homosexual basher but ge is notva convicted rapist like Jah Cure. Please….

  10. Wayne says:

    Can’t even catch a flight from Europe to here huh? Bummer

  11. soldierpride 16 says:

    well well I would like to see Jah Cure come here to bermy but that’s not gonna happin no time soon as he has serious conviction just goggle him, & b man is not one of my favorite’s… i dont support him & that’s my choice. read up about b man

  12. D says:

    GYPTION is better i like his songs and he a nice voice

    • john silvester says:

      Played out. Latest hit? Never mind. Barely got 1000 mm people last time he came. Not current.

  13. ron,b says:

    you only replace beenie with bounty, every one knows that

  14. Jus Wonderin' says:

    gyptian been played out…still got nice tune tho. gonna get that refund lmfao…

  15. I heart 441 says:

    I got soca running through my blood as I type this but with Beenie on de reggae side, soca had lil chance of winning this year if it came down to artist vs artist. Beenie a great entertainer, Machel one of the few soca artist that can compete with Beenie, entertainment wise. The soca artist that are coming down many Bermudians I bet can’t tell you 5 of his hits top of their head. This show is now only worth $40 tops. Regardless, for those that go I’m sure they will have a blast. Team Soca!

    • john says:

      Not a real competition. Just a pary and thats OK.