BTC Launches Complete Home Internet Service

July 6, 2015

Fullscreen capture 762015 53232 PMBermuda Telephone Company – which was recently acquired by Digicel — announced the launch of Complete Home Internet, including end-to-end connectivity with internet service provision [ISP] to complement existing access and phone services.

“With 127 years of expertise and 148 Bermudian employees, BTC is trusted by thousands of customers in Bermuda for phone and data access provision,” the company said.

“With the addition of internet service, we can now offer new and existing customers a full one-stop-shop for connectivity to homes and businesses across the island.

“Customers taking multiple services from BTC will benefit from discounts of up to $468 per year compared to standalone Internet prices. Further, they will gain the convenience of a single provider and single bill.

“In fact, BTC is the only service provider in Bermuda that sees customers able to talk direct with the ultimate supplier for phone, internet and access. This will be a breath of fresh air to customers that historically might have faced the inconvenience of multiple calls to different companies in the event of technical or service questions.

“The new internet services will align to the existing data access provided by BTC with packages ranging from 2Mbps to 25Mbps. Bundled pricing for both services start as low as $55 per month and phone services, including their unlimited local calls package, can be added to all.”

CEO of BTC, Robin Seale stated “We are delighted to extend the choice everyone in Bermuda has for internet providers today with the launch of Complete Home Internet from BTC.

“This is a company with a history of great service based on the vast expertise of its dedicated employees. That’s why thousands of customers count on BTC already and why we are confident new services like this will be welcomed.”

“Existing BTC customers can choose to upgrade their access and/or phone plan to Complete Home Internet and new customers can gain the savings immediately. More information on Complete Home Internet including a full list of prices can be found online at or by emailing”

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  1. Family Man says:

    I switched to Cable because BTC couldn’t provide more than 4mbps to my location. Although they were happy to charge for 6Mbps and blame the difference on ‘overheads’.

    • Soooo says:

      I feel your pain… Paid BTC for 8Meg… Even their supplied modem Reported top speed of 4 (on a very good day) most of the time 2…

  2. Jeremy Deacon says:

    More competition? Got to be good

  3. Just One says:

    “In fact, BTC is the only service provider in Bermuda that sees customers able to talk direct with the ultimate supplier for phone, internet and access…” – CableVision offers Access, Internet, Phone and CableTV, inna?

  4. Micro says:

    what exactly is this “access” fee for?

    • Just One says:

      The access is the physical Broadband connection to the BTC network, or basically the wires… Wired connections are the fastest way to connect to the internet, especially since there’s no LTE in Bermuda and it’s surely taking its sweet time… Only BTC and CableVision offer broadband wired access, through a phone line or coax cable… They in turn connect to all the other Internet Service Providers, including themselves, via Digicel and Logic respectively…

  5. Sorry Sir says:

    For the low, low price of $55, you can get speeds of 2 Meg!

    -_- Seriously BTC, step it up. Provide some real competition. $55 for 2Meg is rubbish.

  6. YO says:

    What are the rates for the different speeds?

  7. Jupiter says:

    Too bad none of the 148 Bermudian employees include the senior management team….

  8. Expansion of product offerings and services is always good, even in the domain space.