Cup Match Day #1: Scorecard & Results

July 30, 2015

At the close of the first day of the 2015 Cup Match Classic, Somerset — the defending champions — lead by 41 runs.

Somerset captain Jekon Edness won the toss and elected to send the challengers to bat. St. George’s Cricket Club were bowled out for 113 in 49.1 overs, an hour after lunch, with Treadwell Gibbons the top scorer with 32, captain OJ Pitcher added 16, while colt Macai Simmons scored 16.

Janeiro Tucker and Jordan DeSilva grabbed 2 wickets for 9 runs to lead the Somerset bowling attack.


St. George’s Cricket Club 1st Inning

  • ..32 [91] Treadwell Gibbons LBW Janeiro Tucker
  • ..00 [01] Fiqre Crockwell c Jekon Edness b Malachi Jones
  • ..05 [31] Christian Burgess c Jacobi Robinson b Jordan DeSilva
  • ..12 [15] Jason Anderson c Janeiro Tucker b Greg Maybury
  • ..20 [64] OJ Pitcher c Derrick Brangman b Janeiro Tucker
  • ..12 [24] Onias Bascome c Jekon Edness b Malachi Jones
  • ..16 [31] Macai Simmons c Malachi Jonesb Derrick Brangman
  • ..04 [20] Damali Bell c Malachi Jones b Jacobi Robinson
  • ..01 [03] George O’Brien c Tre Manders b Derrick Brangman
  • ..05 [14] Stefan Kelly Not Out
  • ..03 [08] Kyle Hodsoll c Jacobi Robinson b Jordan DeSilva
  • ..03 Extras [1w-2lb]
  • 113 Total All Out after 49.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-1 [Crockwell], 2-10 [Burgess], 33-3 [Anderson], 4-65 [Gibbons], 5-78 [Bascome], 6-88 [Pitcher], 7- 96 [Bell] 8- 105 [O’Brien], 9-106 [Simmons], 10-113 [Hodsoll]

Somerset Cricket Club Bowlers

  • 8.0-2-20-2 Malachi Jones
  • 10.-2-25-1 Greg Maybury
  • 3.1-1-09-2 Jordan DeSilva
  • 7.0-3-23-1 Jacobi Robinson
  • 11.-4-09-2 Janeiro Tucker
  • 10.-1-21-2 Derrick Brangman

Somerset Cricket Club Inning

  • ..11 [17] Chris Douglas b Kyle Hodsoll
  • ..00 [04] Terryn Fray b Kyle Hodsoll
  • ..39 [73] Tre Manders Run Out
  • ..23 [47] Stephen Outerbridge b Stefan Kelly
  • ..02 [18] Janeiro Tucker c Treadwell Gibbons b George O’Brien
  • ..08 [11] Jekon Edness b Kyle Hodsoll
  • ..03 [11] Malachi Jones c Nzari Paynter b Kyle Hodsoll
  • ..09 [18] Jordan DeSilva LBW George O’Brien
  • ..09 [05] Jacobi Robinson c Christian Burgess b Stefan Kelly
  • ..35 [27] Derrick Brangman Not Out
  • ..08 [14] Greg Maybury b Damali Bell
  • ..07 Extras [2nb-4lb-1w]
  • 154 Total All Out after 40.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-4 [Fray], 2-15 [Douglas], 3-56 [Outerbridge], 4-63 [Tucker], 5-75 [Edness], 6-79 [Jones], 7-96 [Manders], 8-110 [Robinson], 9-120 [DeSilva], 10-154 [Maybury]

St. George’s Cricket Club Bowlers

  • 11.-1-58-2 George O’Brien
  • 9.0-1-20-4 Kyle Hodsoll
  • 6.4-0-13-1 Damali Bell
  • 13.3-2-54-2 Stefan Kelly

You can follow the action on our live blog, which will be updated throughout the entire holiday. For photos of the first day of Cup Match cricket action, click here and here.

For strictly cricket updates, you can also follow our dedicated sports Twitter account @BernewsSports where we are live tweeting the match, and you can see all our Cup Match coverage here.


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  1. Jovon says:

    Thanks Bernews, great job.

  2. Coco Thompson says:

    Bernews, Thank you for the excellent coverage of Cup Match. Unfortunately I couldn’t be in BDA this year. I really miss it, but appreciate your news of the day’s events. Coco Thompson, Bayside, NY

  3. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    The game was nail biting. Tomorrow should bring a victor, S C C hopefully. St.George can keep making rash shots, We need not follow their batting example tomorrow .

  4. Anthony Anderson says:

    Like so other situations in life its not over until its over. This start for St. Georges only means. Harder work in the second innings, need to keep Somersets runs down and get it over quickly, first chance is shot, all that can be done is a strong finish. I would like to mention I see Jason Anderson (different Anderson) in the line up,, appreciate that man’s abilities, pull it together blue and blue!

  5. James Rego says:

    Better on Bernews than the confusion you have to wade through elsewhere

  6. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    Thank you Bernews Watched the game on my cell phone here in Ohio.
    So exciting to experience it so far away. Miss being home for this
    great celebration of our Emancipation/Somer’s Day/Cup Match.