Tina Duke, Keisha Douglas Appointed Principals

July 6, 2015

The Department of Education announced the appointment of two new principals: Mrs. Tina Duke to Dellwood Middle School and Ms. Keisha Douglas to Clearwater Middle School.

Acting Commissioner of Education Dr. Freddie Evans said, “We are delighted to announce the appointment of these two exceptional and experienced professionals. Mrs. Duke and Ms Douglas have both served as deputy and acting principals in both senior and middle schools.

“They are dedicated educators who are very passionate about ensuring our students receive a quality education. In highlighting their appointment, it should be noted that both have worked in our public schools since returning to Bermuda with teaching degrees. They have demonstrated their commitment as educators in the public school system.

“Tina Duke is a graduate of Leslie University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood [with a minor in English] and a Master’s of Education in Special Education with a concentration in Moderate to Severe Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders.

“She began her professional career in special education at Woodlands Primary and St. George’s Secondary. Although she is a certified English teacher, she has also co-taught Mathematics. Most of her professional growth was gained during her time at CedarBridge Academy where she served as a Learning Support Teacher and the Instructional Leader for Learning Support.

“For the past seven years, Ms Duke has been an adjunct lecturer at the Bermuda College, instructing specialized courses — Exceptional Children and CYS 2205 and Individual Differences in Learning.

“Keisha Douglas is a graduate of Kean University in New Jersey where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Mathematics Science teacher education and a Master of Arts Degree with Distinction in Instruction and Curriculum specializing in Mathematics, Science and computer education.

“Ms Douglas began her teaching career at The Berkeley Institute were she has served as deputy principal since 2002 and acting principal 2013-2014. During her tenure at The Berkeley institute she served as S2Year Head and Instructions Team leader for Mathematics.

“Ms Douglas has served as an adjunct professor for Wheelock College and at present is the Deputy Director and teacher with the Center for Talented Youth, in addition to holding a position with Cambridge International as a certified teacher trainer.

“Ms Douglas was the President of the Bermuda Union of Teachers [BUT] from 2007-2013 and served on their Executive Board during this same period.”

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Comments (13)

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  1. Awesome! says:

    This is some of the BEST news that has come out of the Bermuda Education system for a LONG TIME! CONGRATULATION MS. DOUGLAS! No one deserves this position or is more qualified to lead Clearwater in a positive direction then you! You where AWESOME at Berkeley (should have been given the Principle position full time) and I know you will be AWESOME at Clearwater. Parents should feel very privileged to have you on board!

  2. Anthony Outerbridge says:

    These are two fine, hard working and intelligent educators. Congratulations to the both of you. I am confident that you both will do a good job in your respective posts.

  3. Home grown says:

    This is wonderful news to read about two home grown educators being appointed as principals.

    Job well done and best of luck!

  4. Penny says:

    Very experienced educators who undoubtedly will leave an indelible impression on our youth. They are passionate about what they do and I am extremely proud of their latest achievement.

    Shernette Wolffe

  5. Ladeej says:

    Congrats to the two new principals and I wish you much success. I am happy to see that the ladies each have varied experiences to bring to the table unlike many other previous principal appointees who, in my opinion, were not experienced enough or prepared well enough for the job.

    I believe that the Ministry of Education should have career ladders for aspiring principals and that they should be groomed and supported each step of the way. Sadly this does not always happen.

    Again, congratulations to Ms Douglas and Ms Duke. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in your respective schools.

  6. barbie says:

    Maybe now I will reconsider sending my daughter to Clearwater!!! Congrats Douglas!!!!

  7. St. D says:

    Congratulations Ms. Duke. Fantastic news for Dellwood.

  8. Dangel says:

    Congratulations Keisha on a promotion well deserved!!
    You have the requisite skills to ensure that the children receive the best education possible and gain the respect of teachers and parents.

  9. Cole says:

    Congratulations Dame Keisha Douglas……destiny awaits….

  10. kam says:

    congrats Tina Duke you was the best choice for Dellwood as you have already put your hard work, dedication and love into that school and our children and no one deserves that position more then you. you are going to be an awesome principle as you have already been an awesome deputy principle. Thanks for all that you have done so far. gonna miss seeing you :) Parents should be very glad to have a woman like you leading our children.

  11. PAMMIE says:

    I am delighted with the two appointments made by The Ministry for the new principals! I worked with Mrs. Duke at Dellwood Middle, as a sub. counsellor. I would describe Mrs. Duke as AWESOME – committed to getting the best out of her pupils. Ms.Douglas, I have encountered her on occasion, at Berkeley Institute. She is a true professional and will bring a wealth of knowledge to her new staff and to Clearwater’s pupils. The two educators will serve their schools WELL!!

  12. smh says:

    Congrats Douglas! Always thought you should have gotten BERKELEY!

    Respice Finem

  13. Yvonne says:

    Right on Keisha and Tina you both deserve your new appointment. No doubt Keisha you will miss Berkeley, I know you will be a great asset to Clearwater. A no nonsense teacher, you were born to be a teacher from the age of 5 years, I have watch you grow. Good luck niece.