Video: Medal Winning Sanshou Athletes Return

July 15, 2015

Members from the Bermuda Sanshou Association — who attended the  International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Florida this past weekend — returned home last night [July 14] arriving at LF Wade International Airport proudly sporting medals and belts won at the event.

Competitors traveled from all over the continental United States and from Puerto Rico, Germany, Poland, China, Panama, Bermuda, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, and the Bahamas to take part in the event.


Sanshou Association participants included Sentwali Woolridge, Samir Furqan and Reyel Bowen. Match stats provided by a spokesperson said, “Samir Furqan faced Borneliov Jimenez of Azerbaijan and won two rounds to 0. In his final match Furqan defeated Rostam Mammabov of Uzbekistan 2 rounds to 0. Sentwali Woolridge faced Ankam Rasnitov and won in the second round via TKO.

“Reyel Bowen fought Will Brown of US and won by TKO in the third round. Sentwali defeated his first fight when his corner threw in the towel. In his final match Sentwali defeated Husner Sherboev of Uzbekistan with a knee to midsection in the second round. Reyel won 2 rounds to 0 against Zachary Wilks of US.”

Speaking at the airport last night Samir Furqan said, “I just won the gold medal from the Chinese International Wushu Competition. It was a very good match, I was very confident in it and hopefully I can do the same thing next year, next competition.”

“This was a great experience, this time I trained a lot more than I did before… I train everyday so I was a lot more confident. I just when in there and did what I had to do and came back with good results.”

Making his second appearance at the event Sentwali Woolridge said, “Expectation was to go there and execute clean technique and I wanted to really dominate my opponents and I think I did that. My division was the Super Middle Weight Division. I placed first in the division and the belt is the International Chinese Martial Arts Championships Super Middle Weight Belt.

“The expert division, they actually made a new division for me because I had so much experience, I had a lot of fights so they created a new division in my honor.

Reyel Bowen said, “I’m the light heavy weight champion for the International Martial Arts Championship. After coming off from the loss in April, I wanted to get right back into, it took a week off and I just decided to get right back to training, work on the few games that I didn’t do in the ring in April.

“There was a lot of techniques, a lot of missed opportunities that I had in April that I didn’t want to miss those same opportunities in this particular competition and it was pretty much like I was afforded the opportunity to actually use those techniques. I’m still learning and I am still growing so there is still a lot more things that I can do better but I guess this is a start.”


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  1. Patty-Ann Trott says:

    Congratulations Reyel, Sentwali and Samir…Job well done!

  2. Meh wheres the gold says:

    I can take them all at once. hold me back… hold me back.

  3. JCB All Day. says:

    Well done guys…awesome job!!

    Congratulations Shaft!

  4. Yes I says:

    Yes you guys! Well done for BSA and well done for Bermuda as a whole! Homegrown

  5. bless says:

    I Wana learn a Lil something myself