Top Runner Pleads Guilty: Driving While Impaired

August 15, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court yesterday [Aug 14] 31-year-old Lamont Marshall plead guilty to driving whilst impaired on 3rd August 2015.

He was fined $2,500, and Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo also disqualified Marshall from driving all vehicles for three years.

Before being sentenced, Mr Marshall, who is one of the island’s top runners, told the Magistrate that he apologized and that “this would never happen again”.

The Crown Prosecutor told the Magistrate that on that night, Police had come upon Mr Marshall lying on the centre median on the Crow Lane stretch with his bike and bike keys nearby.

After he was released from KEMH he was taken to the Police Station and breathalyzed. The Crown Prosecutor told the Magistrate that the breath test showed that Mr Marshall was over the 80mgs of alcohol in 100ml of blood level.

The Crown Prosecutor told the Magistrate that Mr Marshall had previously been sentenced by the Supreme Court, to a six month prison sentence for causing grievous bodily harm to another person by driving whilst impaired.

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