BTA’s Best Fish Sandwich Competition Heats Up

August 12, 2015

With less than three days remaining in the Best Fish Sandwich Competition the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] has released a list of the top vote getters to date.

More than 400 votes have been cast thus far online and by telephone since the competition’s launch on Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Forty local establishments pre-enrolled for the chance to win the local seal of approval for Bermuda’s best fish sandwich. However, the competition also permits the public to vote for an establishment not pre-enrolled.

As of noon today the following list of pre-enrolled restaurants and takeout counters have gathered the largest share of the vote [list appears in alphabetical order]:

  • Bermuda Bistro at the Beach
  • Bermy Cuisine
  • Docksiders Pub & Restaurant
  • Harry’s at the Waterfront
  • Keith’s Kitchen
  • Mama Angie’s
  • Rosa’s
  • Seaside Grill
  • Tribe Road Kitchen
  • Woody’s Restaurant

“Although not pre-enrolled in the competition, Art Mels Spicy Dicey has garnered enough votes at this point in the competition to also be among the leading vote getters,” the BTA said.

“The five eateries with the highest volume of votes will advance to a second round where a panel of judges will crown the winner based on the following equally-weighted criteria: taste, presentation, value and local flair.

“The BTA’s product and experiences team brought Bermuda food culture to the forefront as a way to enhance the experience of visitors who desire locally-endorsed and locally-inspired culinary options when traveling. The winner of the competition – as designated by locals – will be marketed to visitors while they are on-island.”

Locals who want to participate in the contest before it ends on Friday at 11:59pm should visit a local establishment serving fish sandwiches and then cast a vote online or by calling 525.FISH.


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  1. swing voter says:

    Arthur Smith (Art Mel) said it all the other day. His product speaks for itself, no need to enter a competition to prove his sandwich is #1……BTW I’m a chowder buff that can tell when the product lacks local flavor ;-)

    • Terry says:

      “local flavor” meaning what.

      • Well done says:

        Local swai xD

      • Floyd Pitcher says:

        indeed. Are these judges local? Do they understand local cuisine? I can tell you right now any sand which using a wet flour batter will disqualify itself from being of local flavor. Also any sand which that doesn’t use locally caught white fillet IE WHite water, Yellowtail, Hind, Grey snapper, Bonita etc. To my knowledge Rockfish was never traditionally used in fish sandwiches.
        Besides that it really is up to the bread and whatever condiments that are used with tartar sauce and cole slaw being top when it comes to tradition.
        I spent many a day in Clarence Bordens kitchen and Black Horse as well and while not one to brag my name alone makes me imminently qualified to be a judge lol
        Hope the judges get it right. Over the years I have seen some of these fish chowder winners which don’t even come close to being a traditional Bermudian Chowder

        • Floyd Pitcher says:

          Also was at Clydes Cafe in St George’s with Mr Basden, another respected local Chef. He was some guy who really loved to cook. Yeah I know fish sandwiches. Been in my blood since before I was born.

          • L,T & Slaw on Raisin Bread please says:

            Thanks for the memories of Clyde’s… Best cole slaw ever!

          • memories says:

            if we are going back in time, and yes I am biased but Dennis’s Hidwaway also had good food. For some reason it was even a tourist attraction. lol. and conch fritters. no one make fritters like uncle dennis. man I miss dem de most

            • Jus' Wonderin' says:

              That was d shack where he had pitchers for sale inna?

          • sebring says:

            Best chowder ever clyde’s cafe still can not find anything remotely close

    • Woody’s without question

  2. navin johnson says:

    I was always a big Art Mel’s fan but had one the other day and think it has gone back a bit or others have stepped up their game….I also think the Art Mel’s sandwich is too big

    • Terry says:

      Because it is not local caught fish.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      I used to be a big fan of Art Mel’s fish sandwiches until I had one from Keith’s Kitchen. I could taste it now, it has an amazing craving taste…

    • navin johnson says:

      and by the way it does not bother me at all if the fish is not local..hard to depend on getting local fish unless you don’t mind that tastes well bye.

  3. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    This competition is a great idea but after completing the online survey it makes no sense. At the conclusion of the survey its states that the BTA basically did the competition to assist tourist in eating where locals eat. This makes no sense as there is no true way to determine if locals actually took part in his survey. I have never eaten a fish sandwich from tribe road kitchen, Bermuda Bistro at the beach, docksiders pub and restaurant. I really wonder how many locals are actually taking part in this survey competition.

    • L,T & Slaw on Raisin Bread please says:

      What a routine life you must lead (smile). I don’t get out all that often but have eaten at at least 3/4 of the establishments, though not within the contest period. Usually fish chowder, fish sandwich or a burger. A friend travels from a guest house in Warwick to Art Mel’s, Woody’s and Ocean View, etc. and orders fish sandwiches daily on frequent visits to the island. The contest benefits locals and visitors alike. Fun!

      Would love a chowder contest. Have had the best and worst at the same place. A contest to determine where to find consistently great would be interesting.

    • Real talk (original) says:

      Tribe Road Kitchen makes a well fish sammich. Haven’t tried the other two you mention.

      I think the point is to get the locals to choose the best. Then tourists can be told where to get good ones from… They aren’t necessarily the target demographic for this first pass.

    • Come Correct says:

      Well don’t go devils isle. You could buy hook, line, sinker, eggs, flour, **** ****, and whatever seasonings for less. Went today, was completely unimpressed and almost choked reading the $50 rib eye. First and last time there. F***in gourmet buzz.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Dark Knight: I can’t speak for you, but I can assure you, there hasn’t been a restaurant, eatery, lunch cart, side stand, grandma’s kitchen, backyard or wherever food is grill, baked, fried, steamed or freshly killed that a Bermudians hasn’t eaten from.. When it comes to food in these Islands ask a Bermudian, someone is sure to know…

    • Rhonda says:

      Friends and family promotional competition. Nothing to do with the fish.

    • memories says:

      me and my son have picked 4 of them as that is what our budget can afford right now and have been sampling fish sandwiches for the competition

  4. Hurricane says:

    The more I hear about this, the more I can’t believe what BTA are putting into it.

    Find something more productive BTA team!

    • Just a deterrent from their failing tourism plan and to think that ya boy got $100,000 bonus and to think that SpongeBob told the seniors that money dont grow on trees.
      They must found a secret forest.

    • Skink says:

      NOTHING is more important than fish… we gotta eat or u take diesel?

  5. Jurist says:

    What a waste of taxpayers money. BTA, how about promoting Bermuda overseas, we need more air arrivals!

    • PBanks says:

      Didn’t they just send a team to the UK for a women’s golf event?

  6. Peanuts says:

    Seaside Grill…… :)

  7. she taste says:


  8. Ameboa says:

    The real people to ask are the fisherman, cause they have a direct link to whom they sell their fish too. I support any restaurant sit -in or take out who serves a DECENT locally caught fish sandwich. Also Amber Fisheries knows which restaurants that they serve their imported fish too….just wondering if BTA took that into consideration?

  9. nomoremoney says:

    actually, I used to really enjoy Fish hut sandwich, and then somebody(Jamaican Friend)mentioned Fish n tings. They do a good one, not sure they entered.

    • memories says:

      telling you was just telling my son donnys was the place and the best lobster dinner Arabian chicken had a great fishy sandwich and fish boat as well.

  10. Speakers for itself. says:

    Your right, the fishermen know where the best sandwich is… That’s why there down Dockies
    drinking a cold one………

  11. Rhonda says:

    I am not understanding this competition, especially for establishment that don’t have fish sandwiches on their menu to begin with, secondarily if they do, they don’t use Bermuda fish. Is it even possible for all these restaurants to have Bermuda fish all year round . Is this a competition to temporarily boost sales for the local fishermen. And won’t it lead to the BTA, by extension making a factual but misleading advertising claims.

  12. AS YOU ARE says:

    To be honest none of the m looked appertizing. And the batters are to thick to cover up that nasty shwine fish taste.

  13. ron,b says:

    if its not Bermuda fish it shouldn’t be in the contest,

  14. Point proven says:

    I am a TRUE ART MELS fish sandwich fan.. but since they didn’t enter the competition as they truly don’t need to I decided to give some other fish sandwiches a try. Today I tried the fish sandwich at “the beach” (bistro), and I was extremely disappointed; the fish was alright, the bread fell apart from being soggy, and the tartar sauce was horrible. Possibly one of the worst & messiest fish sandwiches I’ve ever had.. but I still love the restaurant though and will return for something they do better like wings and pasta.

  15. Weed wins says:

    If weed was legal it would matter what the sandwich tase like they will all be sold out. you could use dodo fish steal head jacks in it. it will still taste nice.

  16. just may be says:

    Keith’s kitchen

  17. Northshore says:

    The best fish sandwich in my house is mine! Because everyone knows what they are eating. These competitions are fine and fun and good, the winner should be the best taste and price.
    When I say taste I mean the fish, not the slaw, not the tartar sauce, not the hot sauce and not the trimmings ,,,the fish and the bun! Taste that!! And by the way,, no one can hold a candle to Art Mel!

  18. WilT says:

    The problem with a “Bermuda fish” sandwich is that many local fisherman
    will fillet ANYTHING, any white meat fish is flayed bagged and sold as fillet, which may be used for a fish sandwich. . However, different types of fish fillets, when cooked will not have the same texture and taste. It’s possible to have a Bermuda Fish sandwich with many different types of fish fillets that taste different from bite to bite, no matter how much tartar and hot sauce… lol The Best Bermuda Fish Sandwiches should start with all grouper; snappers, coney, yellow tail and the like – So what’s in your sandwich?