47 Recipients Receive Government Scholarships

August 10, 2015

Minister of Education, R. Wayne Scott recently presented the annual Bermuda Government Scholarships and Awards to 47 students. The scholarships and awards include, teacher training, mature student, and further education awards and Bermuda Government Scholarships.

This year eight students received the Bermuda Government Scholars award valued at up to $35,000 for tuition and accommodation. This scholarship is tenable for up to four years.

Bermuda government Scholars: Cara Philip, Amber Farrow, Kristina Grant, Brianna Siddle, Education Minister R. Wayne Scott, Kathleen McBeath, Nicholas Pell and Alida Rattery. Missing from photo Daniel Oatley

Government Scholarships Name Announced 01

At the presentation ceremony Minister Scott stated, “This year the Ministry of Education received close to 230 applications from students seeking financial support to either commence or continue their post secondary studies.

“There was a marked increase in applications this year and the decisions for the Education Board’s scholarship committee were difficult. We are pleased that the Ministry can provide you with financial support, to propel you even further, with your academic pursuits.

“I offer special congratulations to our eight new Bermuda Government Scholars who we recognize for their outstanding academic achievement.”

“To all our award recipients we recognize that you have worked hard to achieve continued academic success. We encourage you to pursue every opportunity presented to further achieve your educational goals.”

Recipients of Further Education Awards

Government Scholarships Name Announced 02

Minister Scott also took the opportunity to thank the Board of Education’s Scholarship Committee, Mrs. Annarita Woolridge-Marion, Mrs. Francis Ann Spurling, Ms Kali Douglas and Ms Darlene Hartley, the Committee’s Scholarship Administrator.

In recent years, the Ministry of Education has assisted students to attend universities located in the USA, Canada and the UK, such as Emory University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], University of California [Berkeley], The New England Institute of Technology, Dalhousie University, The Royal Veterinary College, Loughborough University, University of Kent, Mt. St. Vincent University, Hampton University, Kingston University, Pennsylvania State University, McGill University, and Andrews University, among numerous others.

All Awardees

Government Scholarships Name Announced 03

Areas of study have included primary and early years’ education, child and youth study, theology, law, social work, nursing, medicine, mechanical engineering, biomedical studies, architecture, international business, and many others.

The full list of recipients follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Where are the males? says:

    Congrats to all award winners!

    Where are the males and why is the committee all women?

    Just wondering!

    • Varied says:

      Just goes to show, the young fellas need to step it up. The opportunity is out there. Let’s go guys.

      • Dennis Williams says:

        Males are in the trades. If they handed out scholarships to attend Trade schools you would see more males then females. Not to long ago a local business offered a program to train people to be appliance techs. The room was full of males. No females. Stop the male bashing and get real with how society works.

    • Jr Smith says:

      this was all by design….. need another Robert Crawford….

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Good question! A partial answer is here. Look around Hamilton and you will see a large part of the answer. 8 am and 5pm cars driven by females arrive at IB offices, or cars driven by males drop off and collect females at IB offices. It is the female who is the major breadwinner, and not by luck but by hard work and perseverance. Males by and large do not have the drive and determination of females. They “sit on the wall” and wait for the handouts rather than get out and make things happen. Not all but I’d say a large number.

    • Colourless says:

      Have to agree with you, Ringmaster. Look at the supermarkets, the cashiers are mainly women; bank tellers mainly women. More power to the girls, the majority of whom are not deterred by work; who will strive to succeed in school and are not afraid of what their peers will think or say about their efforts to be achievers. Girl-power at its best! Nevertheless, congratulations to our males who are determined to succeed and do so.

  3. Yes congratulations are due…but where are the males? :-(

  4. impressive. says:

    Nice,, Congrats to all.

  5. pammiedoo says:

    To RINGMASTER: You are unaware of what is going on in certain cultures. Because you see many males ” sitting on walls” you have automatically assumed that many males lack drive and ambition. You have your nerve! Institutional racism is alive and well in Bermuda. Some of those males. RINGMASTER, are more clever than you!!How would you feel if institutionalized racism was directed at your kind? Wake up! All of what you see isn’t the whole truth!!

    • Ringmaster says:

      I stand by my comment. If as you say it is racism, why are there so many females “of color” in the photograph? It is you my friend who is trapped in the belief as a male you are inferior.

      • Going Solo says:

        Ringmaster.. You hit the nail on the head. I see what you see and so does everyone else,but are afraid to speak out about it because it is so prevelant and acceptable in our culture. I do not understand why a woman would desire to have a man who doesn’t work and has no ambition. That sends a message that the woman must have incredibly low self esteem and that these men are losers.
        Look at it this way..if a woman suddenly loses her job and you have a man who doesn’t work..then what happens…who will pay the bills? He wont be able to help you because he has no skills,no money, no health insurance…. I could go on and on..women leave the losers alone..drive your own cars to work,kick them out of your house or your parents house and kick them to the curb! Its about assets, not liabilities!
        I hope these young women who received the scholarships do well and excel in all they set out to do and seek partners who are your equals!

  6. Shi-Vaughn lee says:

    Go Chantae!!!!!!

  7. Jennifer and Anthony says:

    Great job Miss Grant!! We are proud of you.

  8. Ms Lady says:

    Congratulations Crys!!

    I’m very proud of you.

  9. Bryan says:


    and yes I also noticed very few males in this award lineup. But I don’t think it’s the “sit on a wall” mentality. It’s probably a lot more complex then that.

    I’d like to see more men awarded scholarships, but instead of noticing this and remarking negatively on it, maybe we should be investigating this phenomenon and doing something about it.

    I’m sure it’s an issue that can be solved if only we were committed to solving it.

  10. What lol says:

    Someone received a government funded scholarship to study theology?? That’s hilarious but a waste of money.

  11. Dennis Williams says:

    Males are in the trades. If the scholarship awards were to trade schools you would see more males than females. Recently a local company offered a trade program and it was well attended with all males. Stop the male bashing