Cup Match: “No Major Incidents Of Note”

August 3, 2015

The Cup Match holiday “was a very busy period with a variety of calls for service, however there were no major incidents of note,” the police said today, adding that 12 people were arrested over the period for suspicion of DUI, and there was an incident at Non Mariners in which a woman hit another woman in the head with a bottle.

A police spokesperson “The Cup Match Holiday Period was a very busy period with a variety of calls for service; however there were no major incidents of note. This is particularly encouraging as there were 15 major events at various venues that saw crowds of thousands over land and water.

“We would like to thank our community partners, as well as every member of the public who acted in a responsible manner. Whilst we are encouraged by the actions of most, it was not incident free.

“12 people were arrested over the period for suspicion of driving whilst impaired, also at approximately 5:30pm on Sunday at the Non Mariners Race Celebrations in Mangrove Bay; a 24 year old female was approached by another 30 year female who was known to her. A verbal altercation ensued followed by the 30 year old suspect throwing a bottle hitting the victim in the head.

“Victim was taken to the shore the water and taken to the hospital where she was treated and for a laceration to the head. Police would like to speak with anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact 2950011.

“Again despite these incidents, we would like to thank the community at large for their compliance over the Cup Match holiday weekend and our community partners for working together for a safe Cup Match Holiday.”


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  1. Terry says:

    The last sentence speaks volumes.

    Busy. Very busy weekend and a majority chilled and enjoyed.

    Too bad this does not overflow for the other 362 days of the year.


  2. bermyguy says:

    how can you have some get stabbed multiple fights and a sex tape made and say no incidents of note there was much to note.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      The Police are saying there were no major incidents. To them no major incidents means no “gunplay” or homicides. To you a major incident might mean getting caught with your drawers down in public. Capish?

      • VixyVJ says:

        I think a child bring involved in a sexual act rates far more serious than just “getting caught with your drawers down”.
        Paedophilia & Statutory rape are SERIOUS problems and yes, it is a MAJOR incident.

  3. bluebird says:

    Thank you OBA as our society has definitely changed over the last two years.
    The majority of Bermudians do enjoy the way we are headed in the area
    of crime prevention

    • Varied says:

      If this doesn’t come off as a paid political campaign message, what does?

  4. Ameboa says:

    bluebird you must be smoking camel wax. Thank the govt when they provide the 2000 jobs lost in them two years

  5. Rick Olson says:

    CCTV must be out of order again ?

  6. Shpanky says:

    Hey stupid people the OBA has gotten us MORE than the promised number of jobs if you paid any attention, in fact the number of jobs available to Bermudians has increased in the last few years contrary to what the blind uneducated and dumb people of PLP have to say as usual.

    Also I want to add, no major incidents at cupmatch?

    What about the public pedophilia that everyone got to watch up close and film and distribute like there is no law on earth?

  7. bluebird says:

    to AMEBOA,
    Government is unable to HIRE another two thousand people to give them a JOB..
    Government is going to have to “FIRE” four thousand people to balance the Budget as we are still borrowing $220Million per year to pay the Government workers.
    The country is going broke/kaput/bankrupt you know “NO MONAY”
    We are going to have to stand on our own two feet and not live OFF other peoples money.
    GREECE is the Canary in the Mine and just look at Puerto-Rico or even the Bahamas they went from $2Billion debt to $5Billion debt in less than two years under that PLP Government.
    Let me give you the heads up on the 4000 to be fired.
    2200 to be fire to save us $220Million
    1800 to be fire to save us $180Million
    The $220Million is to cover the $220Million we borrow each year.
    The $180Million is to cove the $180Million in interest at this time,
    as you must know interest rates will be going up in the future.

    NOW THAT IS JUST TO BALANCE THE BUDGET TODAY,not in the future as it will get worser.

  8. bluebird says:

    to AMEBOA,
    Manny years ago when I was in Egypt I tried Camel Wax but did not like it.
    But I am not in that river in Egypt about the ECCONOMY.