16 New Buses Equipped With Security Cameras

September 15, 2015

The government has purchased 16 new buses which are all equipped with security cameras however it is “cost prohibitive to install security cameras in the older buses that are not equipped for them,” Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell said today.

The Minister’s statement follows after Shadow Transport Minister Lawrence Scott said that it may be time to “consider the cost and benefits of retrofitting the buses and ferries with security cameras, in addition to provide a monitoring service for them, in the interest of keeping all modes of public transportation safe.”

In response, Minister Crockwell said: “I am always concerned and disturbed by incidents of violence on our public buses, they are unacceptable and measures to improve safety and security have been taken.

“The safety of our bus operators and our passengers is a priority at the Department of Public Transportation and we will continue to take measures to improve their safety and security.”

“The OBA government has purchased 16 new buses which are all equipped with security cameras and the Department of Public Transportation is expecting delivery of four additional new buses in 2016.

“However, we have been advised that it is simply to cost prohibitive to install security cameras in the older buses that are not equipped for them.”

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  1. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    as usual Bermuda’s leaders are a day late and a dollar short,in other words,too little too late!

    • You sound like the P.L.P. Shadow Minister of Transport Minister Lawrence Scott…The One Bermuda Alliance have already purchased 16 new buses all equipped with security cameras however, it’s “cost prohibitive to install security cameras in the older buses that are not equipped for them,” Minister of Tourism Development & Transport Shawn Crockwell has said today. So who is a dollar short and a day too late Vulcan Trash Cleaner?

      • Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

        you are,had you have read it the way it should have been read instead of you adding you usual spin to things,you would have figured it out,but then sarcasm never really was your strong point old man!

    • um just saying says:

      Another error, was telling the misbehaved which buses will have the cameras. Duh!

    • Pequat1609 says:

      You talk about a day short and a dollar late then what of the buses the PLP bought in that were suppossed to assist wheel chair users, I was told that technical officers told them they would not work as out curbs are too low yet Dr EWB brought them in anyway. You like most other PLP hacks suffer from selective memory,

  2. Tony C says:

    haha. OBA – always one step ahead! Keep up the good work!

    When do we get to hear the story which prompted Shadow Minister Scott’s remarks?

    • Coffee says:

      Please ! Dr.Brown had 15 new busses come in with cameras and other security measures way back in 2009 .

      • kangoocar says:

        I hope your not LYING again?? I never heard of that??? If I am wrong can you tell us were these phantom buses are being your present shallow min Scott is requesting we have busses with cameras in them???

      • Tea says:

        So why didn’t you correct Vulcan Trash Cleaner when he said to little to late. Maybe someone should have told the Shadow Minister too?

      • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

        Why weren’t they ever put in service?

      • Family Man says:

        I think you’re mistaken. As so often happened in that era, what was paid for was rarely what was delivered.

      • serengeti says:

        Were they the same buses that had much-publicized wheelchair ramps that no one could actually ever use?

      • aceboy says:

        Really, then why was the shadow MP calling for them to be installed if they were already there and why is the OBA now saying it is cost prohibitive to ADD the feature to existing buses. Just more lies from you I guess….gotta keep up with your mates or something?

      • Earth watch police says:

        Yes we paid for them but I’ve never seen them.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        So what are the PLP harping on about then… probably cause it never happened or they never worked

  3. watching says:

    Great to know they have the feature.
    Will it be turned on and monitored?

    • really says:

      I doubt it will be monitored. It is just there as an evidence record when an incident occurs. Hopefully it will be a deterrent as well.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They will most likely be recorded locally on bus and that cen be referenced as required. Monitoring is a whole separate headache, as it would require fitting the buses to so,escort of mobile network for streaming the video back to a monitoring station. The data required to do that for one bus wouldn’t be too bad, except that you can’t garantee consistent network coverage… then you multiply that by 16, for just those new buses and eventually the whole fleet… Very cost prohibitively impractical, to monitor.

  4. really says:

    That was fast!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Because they obviously had planned it since the last budget… in fact I think there was announcement about it sometime in the last year.

      • Coffee says:

        CCTV since 2009 people . Cameras and wheelchair ramps since 2009 ! All the OBA is doing is following the template laid by the PLP . Nothing new to see here people … Nothing new !

        • Varied says:

          Unfortunately, the wheelchair access wound up being a waste because nobody at either Transport or W&E thought about setting up the bus stops to accomodate these buses & passengers. A right shame.

          There’s very little to be proud of with respect to the bus service in Bermuda over the past two decades.

          • frank says:

            I ride the bus. 5 days. A week and sometimes. On the. Weekend
            Some. Of the. Drivers. Don’t belong in. That. Job.
            And I think it is time for school children to start to pay to. Ride
            If a parent can afford a smart phone they can afford to get a bus pass

        • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

          Template laid.
          Action never taken.

        • serengeti says:

          You’ve gotta be kidding.
          Wheelchair ramps in 2009 that nobody could use. A promise broken.
          CCTV in 2009 that was never working and had to be replaced by a new system 5 years later. A promise broken.

        • Lois Frederick says:

          If the buses have had cameras since 2009 what is Lawrence Scott talking about? At least we know that the 16 new buses have cameras and the 4 additional new ones coming next year will also have cameras. The OBA are responsible for those. As for the wheelchair ramps, that was a real cock up and as such they have never been used. Yet another waste of money by the former plp govt.

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ Coffee,

          If the OBA followed any PLP template then we would see another 15 new buses that couldn’t do the job they where brought in to do as the curbing & lay-by issues still exist. Must be nice making it up as you go along. FAIL!! LOL

          We would also be climbing on boats & rafts trying to row to the US by now as the economy would have tanked completely by now.

        • Earth watch police says:

          That’s where the 800 million went.

  5. Micro says:

    Sounds like they’re overcomplicating the requirements. Doubt it’d be that expensive to retrofit current busses. New bus is $100k+, surely $100k would outfit a few buses with a camera or two.

    Heck, take $100k, buy some GoPros and suction cup mounts, done. Less than $500 per bus.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Not so simple, first GoPros don’t have sufficient recording capacity. Secondly, they are spending money on new buses, not to get cameras on the buses, but to get new buses to replace old ones. Next, putting a camera in a bus isn’t as simple as putting a camera in a bus, you will need recording equipment, power supplies for the camera and recording equipment, somewhere secure to put the recording hardware…

  6. who cares most says:

    I hope these cameras work better than the cameras and monitors at the Sparky Lightbourne terminal. Everything works when its new. As usual they want a pat on the back for being behind in technology. Can ypu tell us how much the monitoring system will cost and who is responsible for monitoring these buses. I truly hope its not the same joker company thats got the cctv cameras around the island.

  7. bermy says:

    SMH!!!! What is needed is 12 trash trucks

  8. kangoocar says:

    I would like to once again thank the OBA for correcting the plp!!!! Shallow min Scott’s time would be better spent trying to locate the $800 million unaccounted for under their watch??? After he finds it, costs concerns probably would be a lot less???

    • Coffee says:

      Well , Bob Richards had a look under the hood and found every penny ,AND THEN PROCEEDED TO BORROW 800million . It’s time to ask him how he disbursed 600million without oversight !

      • Jahmani says:

        You aint seen nothin yet. I see you have resorted to yelling, things must be gettin a little twitchy in your camp.

      • kangoocar says:

        Min Richards is simply borrowing to pay for the commitments your incompetent plp put us ALL on the hook for!!! I totally DISSAGREE with what he is doing!!! If I was in politics and happened to be Fin Minister, the first thing I would have done is CUT all expenses to a level we could pay for, and that also means reducing our debt by at least 15% each year as well until your plp incompetence was paid off!!! We do not have a revenue problem, we have a SPENDING problem, and I would never for political reasons sell us out to the foreighners the plp and now the OBA are doing!!! Thankfully I have made my money, to the rest that haven’t, I say good luck!!!!

      • 32n64w says:

        Wrong. When the hood was popped the engine was missing.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Yes he looked under the hood only to find that the engine is missing.

  9. ImJustSayin says:

    They are not security cameras they are surveillance cameras. Cameras cannot guarantee anyone or anything any security. Perpetrators will still do dumb s… Don’t get it twisted.

  10. Smiths says:

    I bet these new buses won’t have the side doors that technically don’t serve any purpose at Bermuda bus stops and shelters.

  11. somuchless says:

    While they’re at it. Fix the TV monitors at the Hamilton bus terminal. Such an nightmare.

    • Yes sir’e that was / is a joke and a dame waste of money! While on the subject of improvements etc. why not have all busses come equipped with an exit door on the right-hand side of the bus for an option as well as an easier exit in time of need?

  12. Clarke l Jones says:

    Will it cost $70 million dollars to install cameras in the fleet we already have? Just asking. Where is the logic of such a statement that it is to costly.

    • serengeti says:

      Why did you pick $70m? Because that is the amount spent by the PLP on building empty ugly condos that no one wants and returfing a golf course?

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    Bermuda society has reached a new low with the necessity of placing cameras on public buses to keep an eye on passengers who can’t behave.

  14. blessed says:

    Guess thats why cutbacks were made in financial assistance and schools…. smh this government is full of s*** serz. They will sacrifice peoples everyday needs and education for some damn buses. buses do not need cameras people just need to chill the hell out.SIMPLE