Teen Pleads Guilty: Causing GBH While Driving

September 9, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court today [Sept 9], 18-year-old Pembroke resident Anthony Cherrington pleaded guilty to giving a false statement to police and causing grievous bodily harm to another person by dangerous driving whilst the level of alcohol in his blood exceeded the legal limit.

All the offences stemmed from a collision on Harbour Road in Paget in July 2015, in which the victim sustained an injury to his upper body and other lacerations and bruises.

The Crown Prosecutor told the Magistrate that Mr Cherrington’s cycle was on the wrong side of the road when it smashed into the victim’s cycle.

On the police questioning him, he gave  a name that was not his with a 1996 birthdate. Later, after being breathalyzed at the Hamilton Police Station, he gave his correct name and showed to have 162mg of alcohol in 100ml blood.

For the most serious offence, the Magistrate disqualified Mr Cherrington from driving all vehicles for three years, as well as fining him $2,000. Cherrington was also fined $500 for making a false statement.

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