Ministry Of Transport On Bus Service Disruption

September 23, 2015

The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport today [Sept 23] explained the current bus service technical and maintenance issues.

A Ministry spokesperson said, “Up until two weeks ago the number of buses out of service was manageable. However, over the past week the Department of Public Transportation [DPT] experienced an unusual huge spike that has taken this number as high as 53.

“Several buses unexpectedly went out of service for electrical issues, overheating and accidents and this had an immediate impact on the bus schedule.

“It is important to highlight that some of the technical and maintenance issues that the DPT currently has to cope with are legacy issues.

“The Ministry continues to take necessary steps to address these issues and progress is being made to remedy. However, this will take time and a committed sustained effort to attain and maintain the service levels that are required and expected.

“Currently, the following steps are being taken to reduce the out of service.

  • We have authorized overtime for technicians to undertake targeted repairs that will have the greatest impact on returning vehicles to service.
  • We will reinstate a second shift that will commence work at 2 pm until 10 pm starting October 5th. This is the earliest date we can implement this with the current resources available.
  • A manufacturer technician will be arriving to assist with specialized repairs.

“The DPT technical team is focused on addressing the current issues with the high number of buses out of service. They are working diligently to return the buses to service as quickly as possible and they are working very closely with the Ministry to ensure the appropriate resources are provided.

“The public can be assured that the Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport is committed to resolving the current services issues that have resulted in several cancellations over the past seven days.

“The number of buses out of service is far from normal, was not anticipated and very perplexing considering the efforts that have been made to reduce the number of out of service buses and cancellations.

“The Ministry acknowledges the dedicated service of the DPT staff including the operators. Bermuda has some of the best bus operators in the world who are able to competently maneuver our buses on very challenging, narrow and windy roads.

“The Ministry is very cognizant of the impacts that cancellations have on the travelling public and are fully committed to improving the service. This is evidenced by the fact that the Government purchased 16 new buses in 2014 and has four more on order for delivery in 2016.

“These additional new buses will help to lower the weighted average age of the fleet. Prior to the recent deliveries it was in 2009 when the department last received new buses.

“The Fort Langton depot is currently being renovated to repair issues that are over 10 years old including the upgrades to the operators changing rooms, toilets and rest areas. Upgrades to the garage and essential mechanical equipment are also planned.

“Playing the blame game will not do very much to resolve the current issues. Quite frankly, we must work together.

“It will take a collective effort by DPT management and staff, especially those tasked with maintaining our fleet, with the continued support of the Ministry and by extension, the government, to have a public transportation service with minimal disruption and one that addresses the needs of all of our citizens.”

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    16 electric buses better be on the way in 2016 ;-)

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I’m confused there, they said they ordered 16 buses in 2014 and that there will be a delivery of a further 4 in 2016… when will the 16 be here, we know the 4 will be here in 2016, but has those 16 been delivered, are they on their way or will they only be delivered in 2016. I would hope that going forward that they would set up an order to see that a certain number of new busses would arrive each year, thus spread out fleet age to avoid too many buses hitting end of life at the same time?

  2. Common Cents says:

    Inexplicable spike in breakdowns … sabotage?

  3. Terry says:


    “We have authorized”.

    THAT is not an answer.

    That is not an answer.


    • Terry says:

      Silly me.

      “Ministry Spokesperson.”

      Another scape goat.

      • Oh I see now says:

        Why is the OBA Minister of Tourism Development & Transport Crockwell not speaking about this. Always hiding behind a Union Government worker.

        Same way he hides behind Bermuda Tourism Authority Bill Hanbury. Someone has to take the blame for all the screw ups.

  4. Thanks for the up-date but, “We will reinstate a second shift that will commence work at 2 pm until 10 pm starting October 5th. This is the earliest date we can implement this with the current resources available.”
    This seems to be quite sometime yet :-( In the meantime are we, the public to condone this ignorance? Hire mini buses to do short runs…them that don’t carry many passengers and use the larger buses for the routes that are / have been canceled…It a win-win opportunity to grab the bull by the horns.

  5. Jus' Askin' says:

    You Start with:-
    “It is important to highlight that some of the technical and maintenance issues that the DPT currently has to cope with are legacy issues.”

    You finish with :-
    “Playing the blame game will not do very much to resolve the current issues. Quite frankly, we must work together.


  6. Onion Juicer says:

    Unions throw their toys out of the crib and now get overtime. Taxpayers are shafted again. Time to PRIVATIZE!!!!!!!!!!!! !

    • So you spend over $100 million on a sail boat race and the BTA gift club but neglect the very fiber of our Public Transportation, I think your juicer needs to be upgraded.

      • Onion Juicer says:

        ..and the Olympics are just a bunch of potato sac races, right? Time to make transportation an essential service and privatize to take it out of the unions hands.

        • You Union busters are really trying, and being that in Bermuda most Black people are ACTIVE in the Union movement, Ill save my race card.

      • Betty Boop says:

        It’s not just a sail boat race, dummy. Why don’t you speak the truth, do you know how this can benefit Bermuda? Maybe you should speak to one of your PLP members to see what they have planned for lifting up our economy.

    • Anon Ymous says:

      Maybe the overtime for mechanics can be covered by the operator wages saved while they’re laid off for the afternoon…..

      Give some incentive for the operator to keep their vehicles on the road and a contingency to pay overtime when it’s not.

      Obviously this wouldn’t work for the union though as I’m certain the drivers are paid regardless. Another world!

      • Self says:

        It isn’t the operator’s responsibility to keep their vehicle on the road.

  7. kangoocar says:

    I don’t believe this latest statement of BS for one second??? We the tax payers demand an honest and truthful answer from those that derive their income from us!!! I can tell you straight up, the TWO things that are going to remedy this fictitious problem is, firstly, the reinstating the 2pm to 10 pm shift, ( why would that be needed if the buses truly have mechanical issues??) what buses are they going to be driving, remember they are broken down??? And secondly, the overtime now going to be paid??? I am sick and tired of being lied too, from those we actually pay through our taxes!!! If the OBA believe that nonsense, then their really is no hope for us??? Once again the union members win and we the tax payers lose!!! Grow a pair for petes sake OBA!!!

    • kangoocar says:

      Very strange??? Just heard that miraculously the buses worked just fine today and there was NO mechanical issues??? Did this just happen by accident or did it happen because the union members got their way over a spineless OBA government??? My money is on they got their way!!! Bermuda is at the point of no return, I feel for all those that can’t financially leave when the stern of the already sinking ship disappears underwater!!! Good luck to ya all!!!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Check your statement, the reinstatement of the 2 – 10 shift is for the mechanics, not the drivers

  8. Sneakers says:

    something just doesn’t add up here. it just isn’t logical for a sudden spike. we have had buses for many years before this. plus with newer vehicles just plug in a computer and it tells you what the error code is. it harkens back to the broken fast ferry issue.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I think they need to create a page on the website with a list of buses broken down, what their issues are and what the status on them is.

  9. drunkenUrsula says:

    Raymond Ray you so full of it…take a brake please ,I’m tired of you…Can a ministry spoke person answer 1 question for me …why only certain drivers always have an A/c I catch the bus every day same time I can tell you what driver is coming I know for sure the every Monday Wednesday and Thursday I’m guaranteed a A/C bus those girls show their colours..????

    • @ drunkenUrsula: Anyone that attempts to insult me without printing their name is like, “water off of my back” By the way, when you see my “opinions” just roll on…

  10. Legalgal says:

    FIFTY THREE out of service? How big is this island?

  11. ImJustSayin says:

    I don’t believe a word the ministry or minister says. Those problems have been in existence for a very long time. The problem is they don’t wanna pay the overtime required to repair most of the buses and now it has come back and bit them. Minimal disruption? There should be no disruption there’s no excuse for incompetence from the ministry or PTB..

  12. ImJustSayin says:

    Sugar coated lies. Nothing new there.

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    The One Bermuda Alliance (“OBA”) was founded on the overriding principle of putting Bermuda first.

    We will make decisions and take actions that will uphold the standards and fairness that Bermudians are known for.

    We do not believe that Bermudians want to be divided on the basis of race or class and we reject that approach.

    We will strive to achieve social and economic equity for all Bermudians through abiding by the following values when making policy and in everyday governance:

    Opportunity. We will build a strong economy, provide safety and security and deliver a quality public education system to give every Bermudian the best opportunity to succeed.
    Inclusiveness. We will push for a society that is inclusive, embraces diversity and protects the human rights of all Bermudians. We will be open minded and respectful of the views of other organizations and be collaborative in the best interests of Bermuda.
    Fairness. Fairness to all Bermudians will form the basis of our actions as a government. We will be guided by the principle of non-discrimination and equal rights, and the overriding principle that all people are equal before the law.
    Transparency We are committed to transparency, open government and reform. We will hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards and always act in the manner that provides the greatest good for all Bermudians.
    Responsibility. We will pursue policies and programmes that will bring social and economic equity to all Bermudians and we will encourage Bermudians to take responsibility for their own actions and the care of their families. We will be committed stewards ofBermuda’s assets and resources in a responsible and prudent manner.
    Integrity. We will have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse of public office. We will ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between our public duties and our private interests, financial or otherwise.
    Service. We will put Bermuda first, above the OBA and individuals with ties to the OBA. We will work for the benefit of all Bermuda’s people. Our job is to fulfil the expectations of those who have honoured us with their trust.

    Massive sigh……(whilst shaking head)

    • Coffee says:

      I’m sorry , but the OBA was founded on LIES ! No redeemable values … Lies !

      • And just to think a lot of FOOLS fell for that statement.
        It’s like one of those FINE women you see out with long hair and 5 gear parts and after the fire water leaves your system you wake up to a nightmare.

        • Earth watch police says:

          Bermudians are the fools for not demanding our 800million back.

    • Terry says:

      Good one Yetbb ?

  14. Jr Smith says:

    create the problem offer the solution…

  15. Coffee says:

    Say ….. Any word from the Minister ?

  16. STOP THE BS. says:

    Privatize the ****!

  17. Sickofantz says:

    I don’t believe this! Earlier in the summer the cancellations were blamed on lack of healthy drivers?

    • Maggie May says:

      It’s all about time and a half! The bus drivers and numerous others in the civil service have been racking it in for years while the rest of us have had to suck it up. The gravy train has now come to a complete stop and they don’t want to get off! They don’t care about us or our children. Shame, shame on all of them!

  18. Onion Juicer says:

    This is ALL about overtime. Time to privatize the lot

    • Just listened to a statement from the Minister of Transportation, and that wasn’t listed, sorry you didn’t get the memo, maybe you will get updated at the next meeting.

  19. Global perspective says:

    Bus servive and operation in Bermuda is run like in a communist/sicialist country. Due to race card played so wrecklessly by the PLP the country is stuck in a political dilemma that will ultimately lead to its downfall. Privitazation and cutting all red tape on business (and live in general) in BDA is the only chance for the countries future prosperity. BDA lives in such a twisted and distorted reality that is beyond believe.