Police Seek Suspect Who Fled Scene On Foot

September 1, 2015

Traffic is currently being diverted in Paget this evening [Sept 1] as the police are seeking a suspect who failed to stop for police, was subsequently involved in a collision with another motorcyclist and then fled the scene on foot.

Accident Bermuda, September 1 2015

A police spokesperson said, “Around 8:16pm police were conducting inquiries in the area of Middle Road and Ord Road in Paget when they attempted to stop a male suspect.

“The suspect failed to stop for police and was subsequently involved in a collision with another motorcyclist. The suspect fled the scene on foot and police are actively seeking this man. No one involved in the collision was injured.

“Traffic is currently being diverted between S Hill and Valley Road Paget. No further details surrounding this incident will be given as this is an active investigation.”

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  1. justice for all says:

    This guy must be a wanted man for the roads to be diverted

  2. Carrot Top says:

    I hope the other motorcyclist innocently involved in the collision is doing okay.

  3. serioulsy..... says:

    Can they not just run the bike plate and issue the idiot’s name?

    • Edwin says:

      If the bike is stolen then that’s no help.

      • serioulsy..... says:

        And just what are the chances of that? Well probably HIGH now that this has happened. How much would you like to wager that if the bike is reported stolen it was reported conveniently around the time of this incident?

  4. Did they catch him? says:

    Did they catch the suspect? A bit scary having a fugitive on the loose running about the neighborhood.

    • serioulsy..... says:

      Likely not a fugitive, more likely someone one who had too much to drink.

      • webster says:

        The definition of fugitive is anyone running from the law for any reason. Not just convicts.

  5. Benjammin says:

    Cops were sitting off down the road when I passed by the are around 7. Like they were waiting.
    Rode by a few hours later and they were diverting traffic. Thought it was a speed trap or something