BTA Bean Bags Raise $6,200 In Under One Day

October 28, 2015

The BTA’s promotion — which offered pink bean bags in exchange for a donation to the youth sailing programme — ended shortly after it began at noon today [Oct 28], with all 30 bean bags claimed, and over $6,000 raised for the Endeavour Programme.

The BTA said, “A Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] fundraising promotion has created a surge of donations into the Endeavour Community Sailing Programme.

“The BTA offered Bermuda tourism-branded Fat Boy Bean Bag Chairs to encourage the public to donate to the America’s Cup-inspired youth sailing effort.

“There was a limited supply of 30 bean bags available to any individual or company that donated a minimum of $200 via the Bermuda Community Foundation’s website.

“The full inventory of bean bags was claimed in less than a day. The promotion has now ended. The total amount raised for the Endeavour Programme is $6,227.

Fat Boy Bean Bag

“The promotion was slated to run for one week, but instead ended shortly after it began at noon today. The bean bags became very popular during the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series. The BTA was inundated with requests to buy them once the event was over.

“The BTA requested to have the cost of the bean bags’ Customs duty waived by the government so that the Endeavour Programme would receive the maximum benefit of the fundraising drive. However, Customs officials said they could not honour the request because the law did not allow for it.

“Ultimately, the BTA decided to pay the cost of Customs duty separately so that 100% of the funds raised today will go to the Endeavour Programme.”

“We’re proud to have played a role in helping this America’s Cup legacy programme serve our community of young people with the benefits of science, technology, engineering, arts, maths and sailing,” said Victoria Isley, BTA’s chief sales and marketing officer.

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  1. paperboy says:

    Great news – a wonderful and creative way to raise additional funds for this legacy gift from Americas Cup.

  2. rhonda says:

    Functional Unity

  3. hotcrossbuns says:

    The 2014 Government report says tourism generated $194,000,000 in tax revenue and they are giving BTA $23 million. BTA is funded by tourist not taxpayers.

    • I stopped believing this Government since Jet Gate. Now um gonna wait for de 14 years world disaster.

      • True Onion says:

        You are programed not to believe anything unless it originates from Alaska hole.

      • True Onion says:

        “….de 14 year world disaster” as you say is thankfully over you were easily deceived during those terrible years. Gee I wonder how they fooled you of all people…

  4. Common Sense says:

    Why this continual harping about Jetgate. Agreed it was not the OBA’s greatest hour, but I would compare it to the scandal concerning Faith Based Tourism, when a similar amount of TAXPAYERS”S money was given with no firm instuctions as to how it was to be spent: I repeat that this money belonged to the Bermuda People. So if these two cancel each out we are left with—–. BHC scandal, Port royal, TCD, Heritage Wharf, The Court/Police Building, and the unaccounted for $800 million. What do they say about people in glass houses?