Former BPS Inspector Andy Morgan On US News

October 20, 2015

Former Bermuda Police Service Inspector Andy Morgan has appeared on an American newscast following a deadly shooting over the weekend in Fort Myers, Florida, where Mr. Morgan – who retired from the BPS last year – now owns the United Café Bar and Bistro.

The shooting took place late on October 17 during the city’s Zombicon event, leaving one person dead and injuring four others, with Mr. Morgan “just feet away” from the scene.

Speaking to NBC news, Mr. Morgan said, “My concern was my staff, first and foremost; we got the staff inside and locked the doors.

“People are getting on with their business, they’re not going to let it deter them, and quite right too, because we cannot turn around and hide. We need to stand up and say no.”

A Fox 4 report says, “This year’s Zombicon is one that restaurant owners like Andy Morgan say they will never forget. “Crowds were going this way, police are going that way; EMS are going that way and then the caution tape was going up,” Morgan said.

“He tells Fox 4 he heard gunshots and was just feet away from 2200 block of First Street in downtown Fort Myers leaving one man dead and others injured.”

“It’s not about the event. It’s not about where it took place. It’s the fact that people come down and have that sort of intent and that needs to change.”

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Comments (4)

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  1. Bestboss says:

    Go Andy Morgan ! We miss you ! You’re the best

  2. Kay Noine says:

    Did he call for a kay noine?

  3. I wonder says:

    I wonder if he is use to it yet after being in Bermuda so long. Got to get get readjusted to that action.

  4. Maddog says:

    Zombicon event? Problem is, too many killing zombie video games. Some people can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Real guns shoot real bullets and kill real people. I am not sure why we are so surprised when stuff like this happens.