Bermuda Airport Geotechnical Study Underway

November 16, 2015

The “Development Phase” of the airport redevelopment project is now underway with a topographical survey ongoing and a geotechnical study that began on Friday [Nov 13].

The Government previously said, “Aecon is directing this work which is being performed by Bermudian companies Atlantic Water Development, Onsite Engineering, and Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd.”

Crews work near the airport’s North Ramp today

Bermuda Airport ground testing, November 16 2015

“A necessary initial step in the new terminal design process, the geotechnical and topographical work involves assessing the rock elevations, soil condition and strata of the airport site, using both backhoe and drill rigs.

“In areas outside the site of the new terminal location, a backhoe will be used to excavate test pits, while for areas both in and around the new terminal site, drill rigs will be used to drill holes deep enough to indicate rock elevations.

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