Green Family Donate $15,000 To 2016 Ag Show

November 17, 2015

The Green Family will be donating $15,000 towards next year’s Bermuda Agricultural Show, saying that “Bermuda would not be the same without the Ag Show” and they are “very pleased to be able to sponsor this event.”

The sponsorship will aid in financing the show, which has been restructured following its cancellation this year.

The AG Show Ltd, a registered charity, was established this past February, and its mandate is to ensure there is an operational framework to oversee volunteers and issues relating to planning, strategy, budgeting and financing.

AG Show Ltd will rely on sponsorships, such as the one made by the Green Family, as well as donations, ticket sales, vendor permit fees and volunteer contributions to fund the show. AG Show Ltd will not receive funding from the government.

Alexander and Andrew Green

Alexander Green, Andrew Green Bermuda Nov 2015

Andrew Green, on behalf of the Green Family, says: “The Ag Show has been an institution in Bermuda for generations and almost all Bermudians have fond memories of it.

“It offers an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get together, share stories and experiences, and participate in friendly competition.

“Bermuda would not be the same without the Ag Show, and we are very pleased to be able to sponsor this event. We look forward to the show’s return in 2016.”

Antwan Albuoy, President of the Executive Committee of AG Show Ltd, says: “The Ag Show welcomes as many as 25,000 attendees over three days and features up to 4,000 exhibitors.

“Participation in the event includes a large portion of the Island’s population, from seniors who have been attending it since the show’s early days, to school children and toddlers who get an introduction to things they might not see in their everyday lives.

Slideshow showing some of the exhibits, attendees and events from past Ag Shows


Mr Albuoy added, “This is an important event that showcases Bermuda’s history and culture and it is with the assistance of generous sponsors like the Green Family that we will be able to carry on this tradition. We thank the Green Family and all of our supporters for their contribution, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2016 show in April.”

The Ag Show 2016 will run from April 14 to 16, 2016 at the Botanical Gardens in Paget. For information on donations and sponsorships for the show, email

The Ag Show has traditionally been hosted by the Government of Bermuda, but was cancelled this year due to financial issues.

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Comments (21)

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  1. Onion Juicer says:

    This is great news! Thanks Green family….wait until you see the large maintenance yard Government had planned to go in there….you might be asking for your money back.

  2. Mello says:

    This is great. Thanks once again Green Family!

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Many, many thanks to the Green family for continuing to support Bermuda and her people. We all have fond childhood memories of the Ag Show and I’m so glad that future generations will also get to enjoy this event.

  4. Solution says:

    Green family is amazing. Soo much commitment to Bermuda. If only everyone cared this much and stopped complaining about everything.

    • Smith says:

      We should put the Greens in charge of running the Country. Lord knows the Dunkey and his team have no clue on what my people want.

      • Faulk says:

        I’m with you there, they probably have just about enough to pay off the Government debt.

  5. N says:

    Awesome!! Thank you

  6. bluebird says:

    The Ag show will be very successful now that the government is NOT involved and will save us money that we don’t have.
    This will be an example for other Government USELESS spending of money that we don’t have and are still spending other peoples money to live on.Private enterprize is much more efficient.

    • Onion Juicer says:

      Sadly, taxpayers seem to be fed up with the performance of the civil servants and don’t feel like they are getting their money’s worth

      • impressive. says:

        Which taxpayers? The ones that have a opinion of the civil service based on generalizations?? So you choose to use this platform to make assertions with regard to the civil service, but conveniently fail to direct any comments to the persons who manage the civil service, i.e. The Government of the day. got you..

        What can be done to make these persons “feel” like they are getting their moneys worth??

  7. Terry says:

    200 rooms per day.
    $300 +
    $15,000 is about same.


    • Faulk says:

      Terry, assuming full occupancy that would be $60,000.00 a day – rates are in fact around $450.00 per day and let’s guess 60% year round, and I think there are more than 200 rooms – so my figure is closer to correct, and that does not even include revenue from food and beverage, spas, etc. Still, a very nice gesture from the boys, Good For Them.

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    They always seem to have difficulty coming up with candidates for the Heroes Award..look no further than the Green Family

  9. Kennette 'Island Empress' says:

    I am glad we are on the same page regarding “AG Show Ltd will rely on sponsorships, such as the one made by the Green Family, as well as donations, ticket sales, vendor permit fees and volunteer contributions to fund the show. AG Show Ltd will not receive funding from the government.”

    The AG SHOW is always a well attended event, so there is no way this event should have ever been cancelled. It has such a huge revenue potential due to supply and demand. Bermudians just need to learn to leverage more sponsorship and other revenue streams vs relying on government funding.

  10. Eyes wide ''OPEN'' says:

    My hat comes off to the Greens for their generous donation, not only to the Ag show but for Bermuda on a hold, remembering the show is for all Bermudian and visitors to enjoy, the world needs more generous people like them, on behalf of the people of Bermuda I thank you.

  11. Coffee says:

    Actually , the Green family should be thanking the people of Bermuda for the five years of tax concessions that we’ve extended to them ! If this is a way of saying thanks , then they’re literally giving back pennies on the dollar . This isn’t a question of gratefullness or being ungrateful . It is an example of the unequal yoking of public private enterprise ….. Like the airport deal .

    • Onion Juicer says:

      How predictably narrow minded of you. Too bad you don’t understand how concessions work.

    • Kavan says:

      Coffee probably shouldn’t type w/out caffeine……….

    • Ann says:

      Coffee, why not ask some of the folk from the previous goverment to Donate some funds to the AG show? They took enough and gave nothing in return? The Greens have employed so many Bermudians, how can you be so ignorant?