Photos: Bermuda Heroes Weekend Launch

November 21, 2015

The launch weekend for the 2016 Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] got underway last night [Nov 20] at the Hamilton Princess, with guests given the opportunity to view the actual costumes for next year’s Parade of Bands, with models showcasing the glamorous attire.

The bands set to participate in next year’s event include returning bands Party People, Passion Bermuda, RealFrenz and Caribbean Massive; as well as new bands Nova Mas International, Code Red, Intense, X-Plosive and Band Addiction.

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The different groups had tables set up around the room offering the opportunity for those interested in partaking in next year’s event to sign up, and DJs introduced the different groups, with soca music playing as the models walked the catwalk. At the end of the fashion show, the night continued with the latest soca hits entertaining the crowd.

The launch weekend will continue this evening [Nov 21] with a black tie gala titled “Our Time – Celebrating Unity, Rhythm & Culture”, which will feature historian Corey Butterfield as guest speaker for the evening.

The night will begin at 6pm with cocktails in the Trudeau Room featuring steel pan entertainment. A four-course Caribbean inspired dinner will follow in the Harbourview Ballroom at 7pm. Guests will be entertained by DJs Barrie Hype, DJ Stephen and Titan VCD, along with additional entertainment.


The inaugural BHW event was held in June of this year, with the 4-day event kicking off on with a stage show in Hamilton, which was followed by the early morning J’Ouvert celebrations in Dockyard , the Parade of Bands in Dockyard, the Pan In The Park in Victoria Park, and the Raft-Up off Admiralty House.

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  1. planeasday says:

    Not sure what this has to do with Bermuda or heroes… but looks like a good excuse to party…I am in. Costumes look great!

    • National Heroes Day is a day that is set aside in Caribbean islands to reflect, honor and celebrate those who have committed acts of bravery or offered exemplary service to their nation.
      Unlike the Caribbean, our Heroes in Bermuda were not recognized due to the fact that the powers that be labeled them to be antagonist and trouble makers. Being that most islands in the Caribbean are Independent it gave more credence to those who fought against Colonial rule which solidified their status as Heroes, while here in Bermuda the powers that be solidified the colony mentality, therefore numbing the people into submission of not recognizing those who fought against the Oligarchy.
      So when we finally woke up and recognized that we have Heroes in Bermuda and refused to look at them as antagonist and trouble makers (well all depends who you ask in Bermuda), we now acknowledge them, but for some reason someone feels having a carnival atmosphere (which is celebrated in the Caribbean during their Holiday) will enhance the occasion , but hopefully it will not over shadow our Heroes, which one will have to wonder. Mmmmm

      • Anbu says:

        Aaahhhhh see it. But we r not carribean

        • Walk in their shoes says:

          Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be a Caribbean country to have an occasion to honour designated ‘heroes’ and hold events around that occasion.

  2. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    I will watch from my yacht. Vice Commodore 779er will be in charge of bringing the ladies to my yacht.

  3. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    I need a hero! sans bikini!

  4. Yes I says:

    Great energy for the island. We are very much influenced by our Caribbean heritage so let’s show it. If this is the way we choose to celebrate Heroes Weekend by having a great time sharing laughs, music, and various forms of comradery then I must say that our Heroes would probably give a closed mouth smile knowing that their fight has allowed us to express ourselves in any way we want!!!

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