BTA: “Calling All Explorers, Partners & Believers”

November 2, 2015

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is inviting all tourism industry stakeholders to attend its second annual one-day summit on November 16, 2015, at the Fairmont Southampton. The theme of the summit is: Calling All Explorers, Partners & Believers.

The event gets underway at 8am with a keynote address from visiting economist Adam Sacks, founder and president of Tourism Economics and ends at 6pm with a networking reception.

The schedule for the Bermuda Tourism Summit [PDF here]

BTA TOURISM SUMMIT_Schedule_November 16 2015_v2

The BTA said, “Premier Michael Dunkley, Tourism Development & Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell and BTA CEO Bill Hanbury will also address the summit.

“Local tourism industry experts and some from overseas will fill out the agenda serving as panellists and moderators in a diverse listing of breakout sessions.

“The 2015 summit is designed to prepare the industry for the 2016 calendar year of tourism business and set the table for productive partnerships.

“Advance registration is required and the cost to attend the summit is $25. The registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, refreshments and a networking cocktail reception. Registration and payment can be submitted online. The deadline for registration is November 9, 2015.

“At the inaugural tourism industry summit hundreds from the tourism industry attended along with partners in Government, the Opposition and Bermuda’s unions.”

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  1. I’m a Believer,I believe in the Bull S!@#

  2. Bermy Realist says:

    Actually you can learn a lot from the BTA…cause at least they are teaching us to create our own jobs and to stop waiting on jobs. Tourists want a very local experience, so go and find out whats going on before criticizing. Tourists want to eat with locals and be with locals and many Bermudians can create jobs from this experience. If you know how to make fishcakes, get a license and sell some to the tourists. If you know how to make swizzle, get a license and sell some to the tourist. Even better team up with other people and create an experience for the tourist. As Bermudians we need to relearn and get in the habit of creating our own jobs. The opportunities are here now. Pay attention people.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      These moana lisas that belch nothing but phlegm everyday are not able to give an employer a good days work let alone starting up and running a business of their own…They don’t have the nuggets to get to the meat of the matter…bunch of f#@king donuts.

      Some times I become afraid that I’m agreeing with the 1% elitist on world depopulation…Too many people have their hand out with out first trying to get wat they need…Bermuda needs a lottery…just think If every one put $1 into it…then on Friday somebody could end up with at least 50 grand…every Friday somebody gets a big paycheck.

      I wonder who would b!t@# and moan about this.

  3. just wondering says:

    instead of simply slagging off the efforts that are being made wouldn’t it not help to try to assist? lets have some constructive comments – yes??

    • Yellowtail says:

      never happen from onion anti pro negative disenfranchised plp blind mouse juice. only has 2 brain cells and one of them is lost. I agree lets get on with the ideas and plus factor. Gaming etc

  4. somuchless says:

    Bta. Better try again.